The Duck’s ARSE- THE TRUTH about Sandwell’s fake “avian flu confirmation”

The first thing to learn is a quick duck biology lesson which are important to topics mentioned in this post which will become clear.


Note the throat area- Oesophagus, or sometimes referred to as “pharynx” and hence “pharyngeal” to mean it emanates from this area.

Cloaca is the only orifice of birds from which they reproduce and also excrete material- in crude terms- the duck’s arse. 

In 2021/22 there were outbreaks of “Avian flu” across the country which are still ongoing and as yet unexplained by the likes of DEFRA as to why this should be the case. Science so far up until now has gone into lockdown on this subject and answers by all accounts- particularly as to why it appears to affect larger birds like geese and swans and very much less so smaller birds like ducks which share the same waters, the same food and presumably ingest the same contaminated material coming out of one another’s backsides.

In Sandwell, I first noted ill and dead geese in Tipton. The comatose way in which this council operated I have looked at previously, an inaction which certainly led to more deaths, just as the inaction to do anything about botulism in Smethwick claimed more lives there.

I called for a number of measures, practical interventions which were ignored, largely it seems because some unnamed “experts” knew better- well did they fuck.

The dead birds being picked up and taken for post mortem were a small fraction of the ones that died or that the RSPCA rounded up still alive and put down- some of these were not even AI cases, but birds which could not outrun their boat and were not in perfect condition.

Of those which were sampled by the Animal and Plant Health Agency at Shrewsbury, an FOI request revealed that just over half of the birds that SMBC sent off even tested positive for AI. WHICH MEANS THEY DID NOT DIE FROM THIS CAUSE, YET THE REAL CAUSE WAS NOT INVESTIGATED FURTHER. 


This therefore means that despite dozens of deaths, only 6 out of 13 birds tested positive for AI in Sandwell during this period. The rest were just fucked off without a care by SERCO et al and DEFRA did not care either. It is also the case that a positive test does not imply that AI was the cause of death. 

These deaths subsided over the Spring and into Summer, despite the doom and gloom of other local authorities like Staffordshire who want to eradicate wild birds from Chasewater so that water-based activities can exist there.

Then in September, I noticed a few suspicious deaths of smaller birds in one location. One of these birds had a broken wing, and so I suspected either powerlines or foul play. Then by chance I noticed two pieces of shite firing catapults in this same location, and thus it became clear as to the likely cause of deaths of these birds.

With this in mind, we actively retrieved a number of birds, some decomposed but others still fairly fresh, and approached Sandwell Council to take them to Shrewsbury. All I can say is at first, they were not interested, but I insisted they had a duty of obligation as I considered that a wildlife crime had taken place on one of their sites. They were sent clear evidence of individuals I had taken pictures of, which I also sent to West Midlands Police and the RSPCA.

Three birds were taken by SMBC to the APHA at Shrewsbury. These were a coot, and a male and female mallard. For the purposes of this post, I will refer to the duck as “Alice”.

The coot which was retrieved from off an island was in good condition and tested negative for avian flu, at both ends.



Due to blood being found in the head and air sacs this bird likely died as a result of trauma injuries- I.E it had been killed by catapult. 



The drake mallard found dead between two islands was also tested for avian flu which was not detected. It also had injuries to the head and blood in the lungs. I.E IT WAS ALSO KILLED BY CATAPULT. 




And this is where the issues begin. The female duck “Alice” was found dead off the same island as the coot. No avian flu was detected in the oral swab, and yet her arse detected it. I am stumped as to how this can be the case, and this offers the view to myself that this testing process is both flawed and also open to misrepresentation of results.

As a result of the “positive” test, the APHA were forced by health and safety rules, set by, I have yet to find out which body, from any further examination. I have no doubt whatsoever as a result of the other two birds, that there would have been trauma injuries found on Alice, suggesting she too had been killed by the pathetic white trash scum with catapults.

Public Health England has not existed since October 2021, and so I am not sure why this oversight was present in this report.



Alice did not appear on the Government APHA statistics for the week in question, and if you view the APHA confirmed list of avian flu cases in wild birds, you can see that for yourself in that the last confirmed case in the borough of Sandwell in 2022 was in week       three- JANUARY 2022. We are now in week 45 as of writing. 


Despite this, someone in Sandwell council was responsible for putting out a press release via their press office. This lie states that

“Bird flu is currently affecting wild birds across the UK, including in Sandwell.”

This was picked up by The Birmingham Mail, without any context of the circumstances as to why the birds were picked up to start with- I.E A WILDLIFE CRIME, or the fact that two other birds had been killed which there was direct evidence of from post mortem. Alice had not received a post mortem, and this was not mentioned either. Nor was it mentioned that the positive test had only been found at one end, and that this was not the confirmed cause of death, but probably incidental. Even worse, the paper used a picture of the RSPB Forge Mill Lake sign, which connotes to the public that avian flu had been “confirmed” there- IT HAD NOT IN THE PRESENT TIME, AND SO THE ARTICLE IS MISLEADING HAVING BEEN MISLED BY THE SMBC PRESS OFFICE. Alice and the other two dead birds were NOT found on this site. 

In two months, there have been no further dead or ill birds found at this site, and no outbreak of avian flu has occurred either.

Despite being in full knowledge of the results, the circumstances and the issue with catapults, someone on Sandwell council then went ahead with putting up more signs that had been placed in parks and open spaces from the previous year. There is no context as to why, no confirmation that any NEW cases have been found, and so the public is being misled as to the circumstances of the case. THE COUNCIL ARE MISLEADING THE PUBLIC WITH THESE SIGNS. 


“Detected in wild birds” The truth is- a mere handful, and was this their real cause of death?

“The public should avoid contact with wild birds, including  their feathers and waste.”

Compare and contrast the messaging with the situation at Smethwick Hall Park and false signs about human waste being “mud”. This was long after children had been playing in the water and the silt after a confirmed contamination with human faeces that had happened before and is still happening due to combined sewer overflows being, shit. Were any of them sick after this, they would not have known the cause?




More multi agency fake statements after Severn Trent Water had turned down the SMBC application to remove all the contaminated silt.

After a year of trying to press this authority for information, coming up with practical suggestions as to how they could stop avian flu and limit any spread, the council are not interested with communicating anything of substance in return back to me. They do not want to stop avian flu, they want to spread it in people’s minds as though it is endemic, which it is not. Much of my contact with birds is as a result of their mismanagement of angling over the last 25 years, and despite communicating much of this to councillors and senior officers, they have failed to ever engage in the matter either. I will not stop helping injured birds, handling them, least of all from a fraudulent “public health” message being promoted by certain individuals and organisations.

I have no confidence that the officers or current leadership of the council will change tack on this, indeed it is quite obvious they do not care about the wildlife in Sandwell or what the public knows to be the truth of the matter. Perhaps if they used their time detecting scum who kill birds on their sites, they may not have any more dead birds, but this is the council who murdered 220 geese in cold blood because of a then corrupt parks officer with vested personal interests for doing so in 2013-14, so what do you really expect if you can spread a false message that they are dying from something else? 

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Commonwealth Games and beyond- fireworks are harming wildlife

Now that the pointless Commonwealth Games of Birmingham are history, it is clear to see that the boasts of “carbon neutrality” and other buzz phrases were part of an orchestrated hoax by the event organisers, and enthusiastically backed by many a pointless politician. The one thing that these people seem to enjoy is a basic shock and awe firework show, and they continue to resist bans on fireworks on Guy Fawkes night firework events as well as meaningless fantasy religious festivals to commemorate events which never even happened in real history. Are you sick and tired of the bangs – yes it really pisses me off too and I do not want it for a fucking three months!

The Commonwealth Games was typical of wanting to let off some bangs, as is standard for sporting event ceremonies it seems. On seeing the set up, I was concerned at the likelihood of fireworks being launched from the lake next to The Alexander Stadium, where the opening ceremony was to take place. I also made the RSPCA aware of this as it could have resulted in problems for roosting birds as well as other animals in the vicinity. I also contacted the parks manager for the area at BCC outlining my concerns but received no response. 


The spud barge on the lake with fireworks primed by a company called “Titanium Fireworks Limited”

These fireworks were let off on that night, and also for the closing ceremony. In light of this I put in an FOI to Birmingham City Council regards how this had been decided.


Picture- Birmingham Live. Spud barge and fireworks shown top left from the lake in Perry Park.

On 25th July 2022 industrial fireworks were let off in the dark from an anchored spud barge next to The Alexander Stadium as part of the CG22 opening ceremony. Pictures of this were published on the Birmingham Live website, and in the week proceeding, I witnessed Titanium Fireworks Ltd setting up and testing rockets from this barge.
As landowners of this lake and site, please provide by electronic means any communications to yourself indicating that this company/organisers of the games would be releasing fireworks from the lake environment.
Can you confirm that you were given or took part in any risk assessment regards letting fireworks off from this lake.
Please disclose any communications involving this risk assessment, including the document itself.
Please disclose any observations/comments or concerns that officers of the council expressed concerning letting off fireworks to the organisers/pyrotechnic company with regard to animal welfare and roosting birds on this lake. If none was made, then please indicate that this was the case.”

The council replied with a large 69 page PDF of emails and attachments which were jumbled up in no particular order.

This can be read unedited HERE, and much of it consists of disclaimer notices with some repetition of emails. I have pieced this jigsaw together and put the key and interesting documents together in chronological order. In general, it appears that some officers in the City Council WERE also concerned about the fireworks impact on wildfowl on this lake, and also the pollution that chemicals being set off would leave behind. Their views were however snuffed out by that blob of inconsequential unnamed who were organising the ceremony. Their name redactions make it very difficult to work out which body was communicating with whom. It does appear that this was a fairly late in the day request with just 4 months from the idea being pitched.

30/3/22 email from venue management ceremonies to BCC?

This requests details of who should be contacted, making it clear that the ceremonies team had had the idea.



30/3/22 Someone from BCC replies, presumably in a senior position and forwards the email on. 


6/4/22 Emails within BCC to different departments within the council asking for views from them. 


7/4/22 Someone from Alexander Stadium explains that a BCC team has been working with the organising committee. I am confused here as to whether they mean Birmingham City Council , or “Birmingham Commonwealth Ceremonies”. Either way, it once again shows that this was a late in the day request and had not really been thought out that well- hence the request for who the stakeholders were.



7/4/22 email from BCC ranger service based at Kings Heath.

In response to the consultation, the rangers do clearly state that the lake has a population of wildfowl and that they would still be likely to be nesting.


7/4/22 BCC arboriculture environmental input appears to echo that of their colleagues, but further expands on the dangers of fireworks.

Not only are the noise issues raised, but also the litter from fireworks, and potential chemical contaminants. It also states that balloon and Chinese lantern releases have already been banned by BCC for this very reason.


Undated April but part of response from officer in BCC connected with flood risk.  States that they would have “major concerns” about a pontoon being anchored on this lake.


7/4/22 Response from Alexander Stadium thanking for feedback, which they would later ignore.


10/5/22 Email from CG organising committee to respondents claiming that comments had been taken on board. This asked for just three days to respond with any objections to 4 documents which had prepared. These were supplied in the email and I have broken them down into separate PDF’s to discuss each in turn. The two plans can be found at the very end of the 69 page email chain supplied with the request.



perry barr fireworks method statement

This statement is dated 28th April 2022, so 3 weeks after the BCC internal comments.

It is stated that the pontoon would be built on site and that a 60 second firework barrage would be let off from this vessel comprising 75mm and 100 mm shell racks. One wonders for such a great deal of set up why this crazy plan would only deliver 1 minute spectacle? What was the point, as it certainly was not worth all the time that went into the idea? What a waste of money these people have to burn!

An itinerary starting on 21st July would see the barge set up and the first stage ending with the opening ceremony on 28th July. It is stated that there would be a test firing event, and this is what I directly observed, and which prompted my complaint because of the noise and impacts I knew it would have.



Pontoon being set up on 22/7/22

This would be repeated on the closing ceremony on August 8th. It is claimed that a boat would scan the reservoir for debris, but how would this be possible when there are extensive reed bed areas, and some debris could have already sunk? There are also large areas of overgrown bramble.


Yes, I’m sure they went looking for paper and other chemical residue fragments in all that…..


I would also point out, and none of the respondents from BCC pointed out, that there is an immediate outfall from this lake and the position of the pontoon which flows into a brook which leads into the River Tame. If they came back the next day to look for debris, it would most likely have “gone down the shitter” the night before they launched the boat. Of course, it’s convenient that they do not look at that offsite pathway is it not?



The risk assessment considers debris fallout and wind speed, where it is claimed that certain parts of the display could be terminated “with the click of a mouse” if they exceeded certain criteria levels.

The model appears to show potential debris beyond the lake itself and onto the Canal and embankment towards the direction of the M6. Whatever their claims about not creating an issue with this highway, the effects of a sudden burst like this would certainly create a distraction for drivers! Of course, all the birds at roost on the lake would be in the firing line, but this is not considered. 




The Perry Reservoir embankment from the Tame Valley Canal, with the M6 bridge in view

It claims that the only hazardous substances are the class 1.3G fireworks themselves, though it does not state the chemical makeup of those dangerous substances contained within each shell.

It is claimed that the reading of up to 93 db from the fireworks would be detectable, and yet in the valley from which the lake is set, I believe that the delayed echo that reverberated around the area was in excess of this, and to state that it would be no louder than a propeller noise and a hairdryer FFS is absurd!

The claim that there is no chemical residue from the fireworks not being detrimental to the environment is also debateable, as we shall see.

They also claim that it would not need any security, yet it was quite evident that plod was on hand to guard the explosives and the operators on at least one occasion when I took the picture below on 28/7/22- the day of the opening ceremony.


It is also revealed that Titanium fireworks are resp0nsible for Khant’s London firework display, so are used to putting on firework displays of pompous grandeur from the public purse.

Perry reservoir pyrotechnics operations plan


The loaded explosives are ready to go

This 6 pager consists of guff about the Commonwealth Games and reveals that “Birmingham Ceremonies Limited” is a company which the organising committee have appointed to run the opening and closing ceremonies. Set up in 2020, this company has two directors, a Simon Pizey and Gary Beestone.  In 2021 they moved from London to Birmingham, maybe it was with Stella and the dreamers.

It is clear to see that they only considered the police and fire service and departments within BCC to be relevant stakeholders, and therefore no other body such as the RSPCA. There is not much else in this plan that is not already included in the other previous document.


9/6/22 Someone in BCC stating that there were no objections from the supervising engineer regards heavy machinery or digging in the dam.



10/6/22 Unknown to people in BCC, but presumably from Commonwealth Games organisers. 

This tripe opens with a bland statement about potential negative impacts being unavoidable. I would state that the whole lake firework spectacle was pointless and avoidable to start with, contributed nothing whatsoever to the opening ceremony, and was a negative impact on the wildlife on this lake. The titanium fireworks environmental policy I will look at further on.

It talks of “anecdotal evidence” of no harm to wildfowl in displays of greater size- well of course they would say that wouldn’t they?

No survey of the lake appears to have been done of nesting birds before the firework people arrived on site. This is an oversight from Birmingham City Council, and they should have insisted that one was done.



titanium fireworks environmental policy

This company bang on about their “carbon footprint”, but this is not bloody relevant to anything associated with real environmental damage- i.e the chemicals in the fireworks- most of which are supplied by Fu Manchu land. 

They talk about generally not using fireworks that contain plastic, but it is not clear if they used these at this display.

Their claim that what is left over from fireworks is “inert” is debateable. They even have the guile to mention the RSPCA and its largely anti fireworks display message, yet this organisation I believe did raise concerns after I had contacted them about the proposed display. Here is what the RSPCA say about fireworks. 

And so, to the main beef- the pollution from fireworks in chemical form. They disingenuously state “there is an ongoing discussion within the fireworks industry about the use of perchlorate and other metal compounds … (in).. fireworks.” 

In other words, this industry is fully aware that these are harmful to receptors and the environment but pretend they are not. This article sets this record straight with the dangers of the chemicals in fireworks.

“The colours of fireworks are the result of chemistry and physics made visible. Specifically, fireworks’ colours depend upon solid metal salts and chemical explosives (this is the chemistry part) that create colours when heated to the correct temperatures (this is the physics part).

 Different metal compounds give different colours. For example, lithium (Li) salts produce pink, sodium (Na) salts make yellow or orange, copper (Cu) and barium (Ba) salts generate green or blue, and calcium (Ca) or strontium (Sr) give red.”
“During the explosion, these metal salts do not ‘burn up’. They are still metal atoms, and many of them are end up as aerosols that poison the air, the water and the soil. When inhaled or ingested, these metals can cause a huge variety of short- and long-term reactions, ranging from vomiting, diarrhea or asthma attacks, to kidney disease, cardiotoxic effects and a variety of cancers.”
Many displays produce elevated levels of chemicals in the air which could be harmful to human health. These chemicals are not those which break down or are “inert” and quite the opposite can persist in soils and other matter for longer than the 60 second barrage that they were birthed from. 
The graphic below summarises the issues. 
firework pollution
Perchlorate fireworks poison wildlife. Perchlorate blocks iodine uptake by the body’s thyroid glands, reducing their ability to produce sufficient levels of thyroid hormone. They are a particular danger to pregnant women. 
It is the solubility of these chemicals that make it more dangerous, and so firing this over water was a foolish action by the ceremonies display organisers and all those involved in these games. The fact that it would also have migrated off site via the River Tame, which was not even mentioned in any of the method statements make it even more unforgiveable.
Send endocrine disruptors down the river, is the legacy of Birmingham 2022. 
It appears that Birmingham have applied for the European Athletics Championships in 2026 at the same site. I hope they fail in that bid, and we do not get a repeat of the spectacle from 2022
Elsewhere locally despite the claimed “cost of living crisis”, events involving large firework displays are to go ahead in Sandwell and Dudley. They obviously enjoy burning our money, as well as polluting the environment with the aforementioned chemicals. WILL THEY NEVER LEARN? 
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Sandwell’s Green Space Strategy- Old rope or new broom?

Sandwell Council has recently published its green space strategy, which includes parks, nature reserves, and other spaces within the borough, many of which have little or no protection from development or being sold off for such. Many pockets have previously fallen foul of this fate when one thinks of The Londonderry Fields which was turned into the aquatics centre, whilst others such as Lion Farm fields in Oldbury and the former Brandhall Golf Course have a crooked axe hanging over them.

There have of course been major problems with Sandwell Council’s parks and countryside services over many years, and we need not go over these again, as its the reason why this website exists and we continue to raise issues such as pollution, from which there appears little to no political will from any side to fix.

It would probably be unfair therefore to dismiss the new 113-page document against this previous backdrop, but it is the yardstick however that we know and so it is inevitable.

The strategy can be downloaded at the link below.


The council states;

“The Green Spaces Strategy Implementation and Business Plan 22 – 25 was approved by Cabinet on the 20th June 2022. This strategy is a continued commitment to improving the quality and value of all our green spaces and includes the development of a new green space education and outreach team, a volunteer development officer, and a nature reserves development officer. The strategy also commits to at least £800k of spend in the financial year 22/23 (before the end of March 2023), with a programme of planned works for green spaces and facilities (including playgrounds) focusing on those with the lowest quality.”

I have to say that this is largely favourable, particularly on tackling long standing mismanaged issues such as angling, where the council makes absolutely nothing from this ASB activity.  If it is to be spent wisely, and not on yet more play equipment which clutters “green” spaces- e.g. Farley Park then it is to be welcomed.

There are many things wrong with the way in which the council have operated in the last 15+ years. Primarily they were focussed on the status symbol green flag park. This involved large lottery bids where a disproportionate amount of money and officer time was thrown at parks like Dartmouth, with others getting nothing at all. A political decision, and one involving nepotistic bias, it saw wastes of money like the vacuous useless “Fort” in Dartmouth Park that does not even have a viable roof.

I recently dropped into this outbuilding due to a heavy rain shower and was astounded that some fools gave this crap planning permission. The place is literally like a jailhouse landing with open metal gridded flooring. A cascade of rain poured down in the centre, see pictures below, with steps being sodden. I’m not sure how this building complies with modern day health and safety. An afterthought appears to have been putting down some green canvas over the metal, to at least give the poor bastards sheltering from the elements some respite.

Never mind masks and social distancing, look at the fooking wet floor. FFS!

This is, I am afraid what we have seen large amounts of money spent on in Sandwell’s parks, and from this you could perhaps forgive my negativity that if the same mindset persists- i.e let’s do the same again somewhere else, then we will see yet another waste of space taken over rather than spent on something more useful.

Nature conservation has long been the whipping boy of this department’s aims and objectives. For too long, formal parks have had vast amounts of money spent on them, and nothing in the way of management has materialised in the nature reserve areas- except of course Sandwell Valley which has downgraded itself as an events tourist attraction rather than a “nature reserve”. If money is to be spent on management plans that were never even commenced- eg Sheepwash in Tipton, then that is money well spent.

The one controversial aspect of this document appears to be its interface with “Friends of” parks groups and proposed ways of “working” with them. Disquiet has been expressed by some that there are intentions to “take over” these groups or use them for political means to obtain money. I’m not sure I fully agree with this as these groups were originally always set up by the council to get the biggest shouters and moaners together in some sort of Crystal maze adventure and task them with unrealistic intentions and “visions” for their site, fete them at council meetings and make them feel important.

The council and its officers would then quietly retreat, and leave them to argue amongst themselves in factions, and the lack of council care would be forgotten in this new dystopian crux.  Too many of these groups are run by people who used to work for the same council or hold political intentions. I can see why the council want to get away from this set up, as it can and has dropped them in embarrassing compromise and allegations of corruption. Is it acceptable for example that work carried out by someone connected with a “friends of ” group and has a business secure a council contract for similar works carried out in its green spaces?

What concerns me more however about lack of public engagement is the use of the “expert” device, where some external body or individual, usually nameless, has elevated power of authority over people who use these sites every day. We see this on a regular basis with the fraudulent “environmental consultancy” industry, who write lies for their clients to obtain planning permission on green spaces, mitigating the loss of wild open space with the inclusion of a fucking token hedge.

The council needs to listen to its groups as a critical friend and not override them with faceless bureaucrats. A degree does not mean automatic intelligence, as we often see in the decision-making process. 

We do desperately need a new broom in Sandwell and its parks, and we may well have that in the new director team. What they have to be careful of however is that they do not upset those who have for a long time campaigned for change in Sandwell’s green spaces in attempting to better their local area; they need to give them the tools and opportunities to improve their areas in partnership. The broom cannot sweep things under the carpet either, as many instances have before- think disastrous firework displays, missing tractors and containers up for sale on ebay.

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CG0222- The birds pollution protest relay



There are two sets of supporters who have been bigging up these Commonwealth Games, and the obscene tax payer gravy train circus waste of money that it is. As usual it is that symbiotic rimming relationship between media outlets and the political class. For the last two years they have collectively attempted to coerce the public with fear and hoax. The reverse side of this coin is ludicrous euphoria in something which they claim “unites” people, from the area, presumably so that they will forget what a fucking shit hole it has been made by the aforementioned.


The reality story of Birmingham- Chapters written by litter strewn shit holes, peppered on the page with graffiti, and punctuated by the stabbings and shootings of ethnic gang violence.

Into this mix comes the third part of this axis of avarice in the form of corporate scum like Severn Trent Water. They all literally piss and shit in the same corrupt pot.

The scheme to include a run down area of Sandwell into Birmingham’s Commonwealth Games spotlight- an oxymoron if ever there was one, was instantly championed by those at Sandwell Council using the device of local pride. They promised a “world class sporting centre” in Smethwick, but most people do not want such a thing, they just want something accessible, which this swimming baths will not be to the public for another year at least.

Juxtaposed with this event was the pollution of Smethwick Hall Park by the privatised water company. Their denials, and outright lies were not corrected by the likes of The Express and Star, and weak political figures in the council failed to ever criticise STW publicly, or threaten or instruct legal action. STW further made SMBC look like fucking idiots by sending their officers on a wild grant application con job, to which they never had any intention of giving the piss poor authority a penny. SMBC then had to save some face by undertaking a bodge job decanting of some of the raw shite, which only saw it layered into a newly dug latrine off Margaret Gardens. Throughout this, SMBC failed to communicate the risk to the public and called the operation “mud” moving.

The distance between these two pools is around 400 metres, as the Bing image shown below illustrates.

two pools

Petitions were organised and delivered, and we even paid a visit to the Coventry Crapsters lair itself. But little in terms of accountability has been shown in the run up to the inflated sporting event which Severn Trent Water shamelessly promote themselves as “sponsors for nature and climate change”

The Pollution Protest Tour

At the baton relay, we made our presence known by unfurling a banner showing STW for what they are, which is wildlife killers and environmental terrorists. Pathetic security and even some council officers attempted to stand in front of this banner to block out the words, but their attempts failed , as the picture below demonstrates.


We protested with others outside at Council meetings, but again virtually nothing was said by those with the power at the council. Swanderwoman decided to take Gooseman’s goosemobile, and even customised it with leaflets.



She pimped his ride! How dare she!

The makeshift display stand raised a few eyebrows for sure.


There was even time for a swift half with some of the locals.




Is that a swan crossing?

And then to the aquatics centre. The old council logos are good for doctoring with a deserted ship sailing in a sea of dirty crap. Don’t forget the nuggets of sweet corn and carrot.


Leaflets were delivered house to house, and even to a few idiots waiting to go in to the building- obviously not much of a cost of living crisis for them if they can afford to spectate this garbage and the associated service station/London food prices etc.


We then got our collars felt by plod, after being alerted by one of the fluorescent clad army of twats marshalling the closed off road. We refused to give our names to this line of poo-ty, having done nothing wrong or illegal at all, except of cause telling the truth about the  scum sponsors of the games and continued our mission, leaving the armed plod, apparently from Derbyshire  with a leaflet.


Urgent exit required!

Next, the scene of the grime at Stony Lane, where Severn Trent have failed to rectify their faecal assault. Gooseman unfurled the banner, and an explanation of events can be seen in the youtube video below. Please watch.

Commonwealth Shames – YouTube







The Alexandra Stadium home of the athletics events is being held up by scaffold away from the cameras, as has already been noted, but the message of the leaflet was also communicated there. Once again, the cost of plod and those involved at this event must be astronomical.




waiting for another VIP or vile Windsor/Cambridge royal  to arrive?

On the lake, there is some evidence of goose feathers around the fenced off area where the pyrotechnics were let off during the opening ceremony. I would imagine the event will be repeated at the closing ceremony, and wonder if any of these rockets killed any birds that night?




And so to the final part of the relay protest, a road trip down the 42 to crapster Central- St John’s Street Coventry, and the lair of the polluting shits themselves.


We decided to target them up the rear, delivering a Barnes Wallis banner statement against the façade of their greed and avarice.



You know the message by now.

Once again, swanderwoman was on hand , and had picked up the weight watchers version of bully off bullseye- the mascot of the sewer games.





Around the front, it was pretty deserted, and we contemplated going inside. The garbage association with these games is plain to see on the entrance.


Corporate polluters are “proud” to be associated with another corporate polluting event.


“nature supporters”- by killing nature with raw sewage.



Up yours stinkers!


As for the mascot itself, the turd medal certainly goes to Perry and Birmingham itself. If the organisers of these games associate themselves with such a vile proven polluter, the “legacy” of these games will be that they were happy to look the other way whilst the environment perished and wildlife died at the hands of the sponsors incompetence and corporate greed. The liars of the media will spin their story, as the filth from the political class tell them to, but the real truth will always be known by those who lived through these times, and it will never be silenced. 

Birmingham CG2022- The Games of The Sewer



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Mind Your Language- Educating The Commonwealth as to how Games Sponsors Severn Trent Water pollute this area with raw sewage

A post inspired by a member of our facebook page and the message shown below in several other languages.


The Commonwealth shames. Severn Trent Water polluted Smethwick pools with raw sewage. This games sponsors are wildlife killers and environmental terrorists.

Firstly there are a couple of things to say about Birmingham 2022.

  • Smethwick, where the Aquatics centre has been built is NOT in Birmingham.
  • This new facility is a colossal waste of money and a vanity project which many people will hide behind, attempt to use to promote their own political importance using the area as a magnetising tool to whip up local support under the false banner of “local pride”.
  • This money  could have been better spent on decontaminating and improving the pool just 400 metres away that Severn Trent Water polluted with raw sewage, an issue which has not been resolved as these pathetic games unravel.
  • Sport in Sandwell has long been funded and used to the detriment of other pursuits and events- particularly nature conservation. This SAC centre will benefit a tiny handful of people and not the whole community itself.

As for the Games themselves, the opening ceremony was a regional embarrassment. You know when you are in trouble when Z list nobodies have to introduce themselves as “comedians”, and yet these people I have never heard of had a main spot to introduce the nations of the Commonwealth as “Stella and the dreamers” and the collection of players danced around a fake cut and created a carpark in the middle of the stadium.

The cruelty of letting off fireworks  from the lake at Perry Park next to the revamped and scaffold laden Alexander stadium is another matter of how the organisers of this trash event have no interest in anything other than a showpiece one off spectacle. But I would not expect anything less from the creator of the most overrated British television programme in history , which revels in gang violence and cartoonish depictions of mixing factual history with fiction – much like the city of Birmingham itself- but oh, “what a diverse city it is”- for the 1000th time.


On the night, it is clear to see that the barge pictured above sent out a volley of unnecessary rockets over the water, from the picture on the Birmingham Live website.


Picture- Birmingham Live. Spud barge and fireworks shown top left from the lake in Perry Park.

And so to the Commonwealth nations, and if I should have got the translations wrong and offended anyone’s mothers or questioned the validity of their paternal status, apologies in advance. Please do not point your javelins at me, and chuck them, as Michael Caine might say in the Zulu tongue……


In no particular order, although I’m putting the Aussies deliberately last.  😆



Na madua ni kona. Era vakadukadukalitaka na wai o Severn Trent Na wai na Smethwick vata kei na uto ni ukuuku. Na qito oqo e tutaka tiko o ira na tamata dauvakasavasava ni veika bula ka dau vakatotovotovo ena itikotiko.



Nga whakamā noa iho. I pokea e Severn Ōrite Wai nga puna Smethwick me te parakaaki mata. Ko tēnei kēmu e tautoko ana he kaipatu kararehe me nga kaiwhakataetae taiao.



دولت مشترکہ شرمندہ ہے. سیورن ٹرینٹ واٹر نے کچے سیوریج کے ساتھ سمتھوک پول کو آلودہ کیا۔ یہ گیمز اسپانسرز جنگلی حیات کے قاتل اور ماحولیاتی دہشت گرد ہیں۔

doulat mashtarka sharmandah he. sewaran trent water né kachay sewarig ke saath samathok poll ko aaloodah kiyaa yah games sponsors jungle hayat ke qatil aur maholyati dahshat gard henni


ਕਾਮਨਵੈਲਥ ਸ਼ਰਮਸ਼ਾਰ ਹੈ। ਸੇਵਰਨ ਟ੍ਰੈਂਟ ਵਾਟਰ ਨੇ ਕੱਚੇ ਸੀਵਰੇਜ ਦੇ ਨਾਲ ਸਮੇਥਵਿਕ ਪੂਲਾਂ ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਦੂਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ। ਇਹ ਖੇਡਾਂ ਦੇ ਸਪਾਂਸਰ ਜੰਗਲੀ ਜੀਵ ਹੱਤਿਆਰੇ ਅਤੇ ਵਾਤਾਵਰਣ ਦੇ ਅੱਤਵਾਦੀ ਹਨ।

commonvelth sharmshar hai. sevaran trent water ne kacche severage de naal samethvik pulan noon pradushit keeta. ih khedan de sponsor jungle jeev hattiare ate vatavaran de atvadi han.



राष्ट्रमंडल शर्मिंदा करता है। Severn ट्रेंट पानी कच्चे सीवेज के साथ Smethwick पूल प्रदूषित. इस खेल प्रायोजक वन्यजीव हत्यारों और पर्यावरण आतंकवादियों रहे हैं।

ashtramandal sharminda karta hai Severn trent pani kachche sewage ke saath Smethwick pool pradushit. is khel prayojak vanyajeev hatyaron aur paryavaran aatankwaadiyon rahe hain


Aibu ya Jumuiya ya Madola. Maji ya Severn Trent yalichafua mabwawa ya Smethwick na maji taka mabichi. Wadhamini wa michezo hii ni wauaji wa wanyamapori na magaidi wa mazingira.


Amahloni e-commonwealth. I-Severn Trent Water yangcolisa amachibi aseSmethwick ngendle eluhlaza. Le midlalo abaxhasi bangababulali bezilwane zasendle kanye namaphekula emvelo.


Ko e Shames Kominiueli. Naʻe ʻuliʻi ʻe Severn Trent vai ʻa e ngaahi luo Smethwick ʻaki ʻa e vahe. Ko e ngaahi vaʻinga ko ʻeni ko ha killers mo ha kau tautoitoi ʻi he ʻatakai.


O le tulaga masani lava, o le māsiasi. Na faaleagaina e le vai o Severn, ia vai tā’ele e ta’ua o le Smethwick, ma e iai fo’i vai e ta’ua o le sewage. O nei taaloga o ni tagata e fasioti tagata ma tagata faatupu faalavelave i le si’osi’omaga.


The commonwealth memalukan. Severn Trent Water mencemarkan kolam Smethwick dengan kumbahan mentah. Penaja permainan ini adalah pembunuh hidupan liar dan pengganas alam sekitar.


and so I suppose this is a little bit desperate but….


Cywilydd y Gymanwlad. Fe wnaeth Dŵr Hafren Trent lygru pyllau Smethwick gyda charthion amrwd. Mae’r noddwyr gemau hwn yn laddwyr bywyd gwyllt a therfysgwyr amgylcheddol.

And last and by all means least,  😆

Aussie English 

G’day mate. Those Barrrstads at Sev-in Trent have flashed the dunny down the wrong way. Shit everywhere in Smethwick. The critters all died , the bladdy drongos.


“The Commonwealth shames. Severn Trent Water polluted Smethwick pools with raw sewage. This games sponsors are wildlife killers and environmental terrorists.”



Because wildlife matters more than human pride.


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The Commonwealth Shames- Corporate pollution and Birmingham 2022



No one wanted to host the Commonwealth Games of 2022. Edmonton in Canada withdrew its bid and Durban in South Africa toyed another, but they were too skint and were stripped very early on by the Commonwealth bigwigs. This left a crisis decision to host it in England, where Liverpool and Birmingham were the only councils foolish enough to take it on. Liverpool got off lucky with the Midlands city taking on the poison chalice. The final cost of these games , including the hidden ones like heating and lighting, security and PR branding will only be made known after the two week event has finished, but it is a ludicrous waste of money and one which the area and the country cannot afford.

Into this mix comes the toxic power of large corporate entities like Severn Trent Water- a failed monopoly and serial environmental polluter. Their association with these games is why we are boycotting it and asking people to give the games a big finger locally when as we have seen, this water company have blighted the area and its pools and have killed wildlife in the process. THESE TRULY ARE THE GAMES OF THE SEWER. 



It is interesting to note that local traders have recently taken to social media to decry the games and the costs lost to local businesses due to the road closures around the aquatics centre new build. For locals living off the roads, you will need a permit to park and have to endure police checkpoints to boot.

We have produced the following leaflet about Severn Trent and the true story of their real environmental performance in the region, which can be downloaded below.

commonwealth shames

A flyer has also been delivered to several local households near the aquatics centre and Smethwick Hall Park. Please consider joining our facebook page or giving it a like in support of what we are trying to do to campaign for a cleaner park environment in Sandwell’s contaminated pools and waterways.

I would like to stress that this desire is not being used as some political vehicle to ingratiate any individual down the path of political office, it is just about what is morally right, and Severn Trent and their backers are just not morally right, and their lack of interest in putting right the damage they caused is pure evil.

Sandwell’s first lady- swanderwoman decided to take to the streets in protest against this abomination. Luckily, no one challenged her hidden “baton” in her trunks, which may have excluded her from competition  😛 😆 With a trusty banner and sign, the closed off entrance to spectators was adorned with the facts of the case, with the shadow of the swimming pool looming like a constructed turd in the background.





You go girl!

And meanwhile down the road, at the scene of Severn Trent’s disgusting grime, around 400 metres as the swan flies from the aquatics centre,  it seems even the games mascot appears to be on our side.


No Bull!

NB, Relevant detail from the leaflets and fact checked links. 






*SMBC claim “£73 million” , though the games organisers  have yet to reveal the true costs like heating/lighting/security/PR materials etc associated with this building, or if the conversion of the building after the two week event includes this £73 million figure, £13 million more than originally budgeted for.


Severn Trent Water account for over a quarter of the most series pollution incidents in the Midlands County areas.

Source- Environment Agency

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CG2022 – Covering over the shit cracks

The Commonwealth Games is a ghastly bloated festival for the privileged, elite sport types and those who still think that Britain has any meaningful power in the world- which it does not.

The fact that it should come to Birmingham- or a much wider area of The West Midlands County which many want to recreate as “Greater Birmingham” is in itself perverted and disrespectful of those who identity as living in “The Black Country” , and are not and never will be governed by some epicentre claiming to be “the second city”- which it also is not either.

Just advertising space for a polluting environmental terrorist corporate entity.

Smethwick in particular, which has found itself as the host of the aquatics events in the newly built construction in the middle of a housing estate is typical of those out of touch with reality who plan such abominations. If you ever visit Wembley Stadium, you will note  what an absolute shit hole Brent is , with this sports Mecca sitting like an out of place palace in the middle, and the disconnect between millionaires who sit in private boxes and those living in council houses that are probably smaller and with less mod cons. The aquatics centre itself is another of these out of place white elephant buildings for the upper levels of society to grace whilst the rest of us orbit from outside like some demented Quaker Garden City. It will not even be open to the public for over a year, by which time even more money will have been wasted to condense it in size.

But not content with creating this monstrosity and destroying Londonderry fields in the process, it appears that the organisers of the CG22 and SMBC have attempted to do a quick DIY makeover with banners of bright pretty colours to block out the eyesore spectacles around the new building. So as can be seen below, the Manor Road allotments site virtually opposite has been blanked out by these Josephs in full technicolour glee multi-coloured nappies to blot out the blots on the landscape. ]


Not only here however, but along part of the route which will see the arrival of  The Queen’s dildo, er sorry baton. I’m sure her maj is not getting that much wood these days, but this is just one part of the false “inclusion” of local people, with the same clique of minor celebrities and those with a hard luck story being drafted in to take part in the “relay”. The royal receptacle is shaped like a weapon and not a flame, similar to those that natives no doubt were brutally beaten with by invaders from Britain before being put in chains.


The most offensive part of this is the decking of Smethwick Hall Park with this material, a site where the wildlife was murdered by Severn Trent’s sewage pollution in 2019, which flowed through the allotments , and which pollution still arrives in this collection vessel today.


Yep, I’ll remind people of this in every single post mentioning Severn Stench Water.


A Sandwell park pool contaminated with raw sewage by sponsors of the CGS22 Severn Trent Water



In, er Sandwell


Even the mascot is associated with……. SHIT!

The area where the raw sewage was scooped out has now been grassed over by council contractors in another attempt to hide what was there. The council, as I noted at the time misinformed and lied to the public with messaging that it was “mud”


“mudbath” off Margaret Gardens


It’s amazing what a bit of grass seed can do, but beware what lies beneath, as botulism can survive in the “mud” for some time.

From street view, you will see the banners and the “sport”, but look over this into the pool and you will see unnatural nutrient loading green algae, and don’t blame the birds, because this is an indicator of human faces and bad water feeding it.

 In certain parts of Smethwick, though notably not the High Street, we also have the same treatment encompassing the two railway stations. It’s debateable as I write that the lifts at Rolfe Street will be ready for this event, but one scratches the head to wonder why it has taken so long for everyone in any position of power to ever get this basic disabled friendly feature? This is the fraud that they want to spin off public transport- that is if it is even running with strikes and other matters ongoing- such as the Midland Metro.




The Red cow missed out

What is most pathetic is that on the reverse side of some of the banners, we see “Sandwell” printed as though they are desperate to remind people as to what borough they are in. Most , particularly the 3unts from London media and the BBC will of course think they are still in Birmingham, and not really care as to what “sandwell” even is or means.





West Smethwick Park, another stones throw from the aquatics centre is still not finished with its “restoration”, despite me making two complaints to the Heritage Lottery that funded the scheme. As for the contractors Casey, I can only urge prospective clients to not touch these useless cowboy fuckers with a barge pole. The work is amateur, it is not up to standard and they have failed in almost everything on site around the pool. 


One example is this. This work was supposedly going to be finished in mid December 2021. We are now in July 2022. Until its done, better just keep jumping- maybe you”ll get fit from doing so.


Bare of any vegetation around a large part of the lake

In Birmingham itself, the Alexander stadium has been rebuilt, also shutting off large areas of the park next to it to members of the public. This has been ongoing causing inconvenience for the last few years. With little time to go it does not appear to be anywhere near ready.






The catch line “sport is just the beginning” appears , but I’m not sure what the organisers and backers of this crap actually think will be the middle and end of the story? Will the area improve, I very much doubt it, and the racks of scaffolding, no doubt hidden from camera view to the world show how this falsity is being propped up by lies and disingenuous false flag waving.



It is the case that media outlets in this country have gone to great lengths to dis the Olympic games and World Cup events in countries like China and Brazil, but do they have the balls to look at what is on their own shitty doorstep, or are they just shills for corporate entities writing copy lies for their aims?- I do think that this is largely the case, but there is one decent report that is of note that bucks this trend. Others write not as “journalists” but just PR merchants covering over the shit cracks like their political friends.

There will be people scratching their heads when the circus has left town as to what this rubbish was really all about.

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Nature’s “shitboarding” – CG2022 and Severn Trent’s video nasty lie

You may have heard of waterboarding, a coercive form of torture where water is poured over the mouth covered with a cloth. In a variant of this, the privatised water industry in the UK appear to engage in “shitboarding” in much the same way with nature, with cloth being replaced with soiled rags, and the water with, well, you know what.


It seems that the so called “Birmingham 2022’s Official Nature & Carbon Neutral Supporter” has been emboldened by this ludicrous bullshit title by aggressively attempting a PR propaganda exercise to fool the public. You can watch this 30 seconds of  lying shite at the link below.

Severn Trent | It’s our water. Let’s do right by it TV ad – YouTube

Some thicko with a Birmingham accent reads out the clinically patronising script, talking as though “our water” matters to the likes of the multi million pound failure CEO Liv Garfield and co based in Coventry, when as we have seen first hand, “our water” is being polluted by their dirty sewage laden filth coming out of their failed network and sewage works on a regular basis, and over many years.


The outlet in to Smethwick Hall park from STW filthy sewers



“solid sewage”

There are images of children drinking water and splashing in puddles, whilst the oldies drink cups of tea and take showers. Let’s juxtapose this with the CG22 area local reality of  open water polluted with human faeces, like that which the poor birds in Smethwick have consumed and the combined sewer networks that spew floaters, johnnies, fanny gags, and god knows what else across the water lilies and pond skaters.


That’s not just any old water, it’s Severn Trent Water- water that leaves you gagging for it.

This then switches to lecturing us about looking after water and “doing our bit today” and ending with the catch line;

“let’s do right by it”.

Well, Severn Trent did not do right by cleaning up and paying for their disgusting pollution of Smethwick Hall Park, but instead shafted Sandwell council with a fake  community fund trail. 

In terms of the CG22, whoever appointed STW to the title should be shot, as they are either,

(a) Blissfully unaware of STW’s  dire environmental record since they were first privatised (b) are a bent political/civil service entity taking money  for favours granted                            (c) or just could not give a shit about what STW are doing locally by destroying rivers and open water with sewage pollution. THEY ARE NOT AND NEVER WILL BE “SUPPORTERS OF NATURE” WHEN THEY HAVE DEMONSTRATED THAT THEY CAUSE DEATH AND MISERY TO NATURE WITH THEIR POLLUTION.

Of course, it is probably the case the STW bought the title themselves by showering the pauper games with money they had earned off hard pressed water rate payers.

In terms of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games Organising Committee, a registered business, there are some statements made from the last corporate accounts which are interesting about their sponsors, and a list of “partner”,  “supporter” and “provider” businesses are revealed. Obviously, this is just advertising space for those involved.


It is also interesting as an aside to see the involvement of the controversial law firm Gowling WLG whom the sandwell skidder has blogged about at length. The allegations of racism associated with their former entity are not a good look either in association with CG22, especially when criticism has been levelled about the “diversity” of the games themselves in the community. Are they the Games’ “diversity champions” or some other weird title?  😮

According to this organisations “strategic priorities”, they state that STW came on board in March 2021, but it does not state how this process came about or which body or individual engineered it. The buzz words of “sustainability” and “carbon neutrality” drip like vacuous fat from the page, and it is stated that STW will plant a given number of trees in the urban area. I’m not sure how they magically arrive at the symbolic figures apparently matching “carbon neutrality”- what a remarkable coincidence.


This absolute hypocrisy and “nature supporting” lies with tree planting and “carbon neutrality”- whatever the fuck this greenwashing really means.

One has to wonder how the 72 nations and their athletes including the glut of politicians, civil servants and has-been cocksucker commentators are being neutral when they all fly in on planes from across the world to converge for a two week event?


Looks a bit like the logo

The aquatics centre itself in Sandwell and not Birmingham, ripped up a perfectly good park, dozens of trees and wildflowers and a habitat for wildlife to make way for a building in a residential area wrong place and with no direct rail or transport links.


Closed and off limits to the public now.


The ugly face of tree destruction in Sandwell is nothing to be proud of

Look around Oldbury and Sandwell and you will find scores of trees that have been ripped out to make way for housing developments, or are in that process such as the ones above off West Bromwich Street and the border of Roway Lane.

Severn Trent’s annual latest figures of profit can be read below, where they obviously shower themselves with money rather than shite.


Garfield also gushes about the CG22 tie in.


There are also semantic lies from STW, who aim to present pollution in their own framed way. In fact you could say that the only thing more dodgy than those dodgy Irish fellas who dress up in high vis jackets to visit old people’s homes claiming to be “from the water board”, is the real “water board themselves.


I showed the true scale of their dire record in this post, and the excellent Rivers Trust have also exposed how far their faecal trail runs.


Source- Environment Agency

Taken as all incidents of pollution, categories 1-3, Severn Trent are revealed here as a major water polluter, if not the greatest single water polluter in the region.

Between the years 2013-2020, they were responsible for

2013 29%,

2014 23%,

2015  20.7%,

2016 27.7%,

2017  27.9%,

2018   26.8%,

2019     28%,

2020 20.4%.

This reveals an average of  25.8% ,  over the 8 year period meaning that this water company, who claim to be promoting environmental efficacy for a clean water environment, are causing over a quarter of the pollution in our area! THIS IS A DISGRACE! 

But there is more, as I have been looking at the newspaper archive again and the public were not happy with this polluter just ten years after privatisation.


Nothing has changed with Severn stench

It is also a fact that they appear to not like political criticism, as this piece from 1987 shows. This was the year in which Birmingham was bidding and hoping to win the Olympic Games of 1992, which of course ended in absolute failure. No doubt those calling for nationalisation of the industry again are also enemy combatants to these bloated liars. The point is at present, we cannot choose where “our water” comes from , and this is a purely politically driven obstacle.



At least this party were doing their job and calling out the failures back then.

Whatever, STW’s role is today, it tarnishes and stains the Commonwealth Games 2022, and so the whole games and its participants, as far as I am concerned are fair game for criticism, bile,  and targeting for being associated with wildlife murdering and environmental polluting fucking scum. 

I hope the games are a titanic disaster, by whatever means possible.


The iconic picture of Severn Trent Water’s sewage pollution impact at Smethwick Hall Park in 2019. NEVER FORGOTTEN, NEVER FORGIVEN. 


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Avian flu- Why false “assumptions” cover up wildlife crime

I could not give a shit as whoever  I might offend with this post. 

It has been a very dark time for wildfowl and those who care about them over the last 5 months. The unnatural illness and series of deaths have been attempted to be explained by the authorities into some yarn of natural “unprecedented” events, but these I will argue are highly questionable, when most people who have dealt with wild birds for many years know that  what we have been seeing here is a manmade creation and the explanations  from the so called “experts” do not add up.

See the source image

I will look at the manner in which DEFRA, the Animal Plant Health Agency and others have “dealt with” this issue incompetently in another post, but this one is about investigating  their fake narrative that appears to imply that all of a sudden, ALL deaths of wildfowl over a period of five months are being attributed to this one cause, when as we shall see with direct evidence, there is no evidence to support this claim. It is important to realise that DEFRA have been the controllers of this “avian flu” throughout, with their so called “guidance”, rules and regulations and authoritarian diktats. They are a shameless fraud of an organisation, shills of the agricultural industry and in bed with wildlife criminal pursuits such as gamekeeping and all forms of hunting. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT WILDLIFE OR ITS FATE IF IT STANDS IN THE WAY OF ECONOMIC ISSUES. 

As with other matters, “avian flu” appears to magically have variants, but incredibly does not appear to affect all birds, or even passerine species to the level of wildfowl. How do they explain this exactly? The answer is, they have not. 

I do not believe DEFRA, their narrative or explanations or whatever suggestions they have tried to create about this situation, and firmly believe that  there has been deliberate poisoning of wildfowl by some means not yet explained to the public and which they are going to desperate lengths to cover up- such as the creation of “avian flu”. 


The fact that birds are both lethargic but also showing signs of rigidness and nervous distress such as those ingesting cholinesterase inhibitors would appear to suggest two separate circumstances to me and not one catch all “disease”. I have seen chemical poisoning first hand in birds, and things I have seen or been described as “avian flu” are not dissimilar.  Like “covid-19” , the means of achieving “assumption” of a positive case are therefore increased by broadening the range of described symptoms which do not suggest one stand alone thing. “Assumption” is therefore a very dangerous thing indeed.


Such methods do not appear to me to be those of scientists attempting to examine pathological cause of death, except it appears to be what DEFRA are purely interested in finding.

I had put in a request to the APHA about “avian flu” and the fact that some of the reported symptoms being attributed to this illness were in fact very similar to Virulent Newcastle disease– almost entirely associated with captive birds and the genocidal egg production/food industry, where birds are kept in cramped and unnatural conditions, murdered for profit and where disease is easily spread. Salmonella in chocolate, sandwiches and other convenience foods  is just the latest of many incidents where this industry is causing serious harm to human health, as well as the birds, but the economics of this ensure that the liars of Government and the media cover it up. The industry is not safe to human health and is poisoning people. 

For comparison, here are the official symptoms of VND as described by the UK government on their website.


“This year has seen an unprecedented outbreaks attributed to “highly pathogenic avian flu” in wild birds.
Could I ask if virulent Newcastle disease has been tested for in wild birds as a matter of routine recovered by DEFRA , when the clinical signs attributed to such “avian flu” cases in the wild appear to be more accurate to this disease spread by the chicken farming industry.…

“How to spot Newcastle disease
As the disease develops affected birds may show some of the following signs:

respiratory distress such as gaping beak, coughing, sneezing, gurgling, rattling
nervous signs characterised by tremors and paralysis and twisting of the neck
unusually watery faeces (diarrhoea) that are yellowish-green in colour
lack of appetite”

Are you covering up a disease spread by the chicken production industry which has escaped into the wild?”

The APHA responded with a series of links, which you can read for yourself at your leisure.

“APHA currently provide diagnostic services for surveillance of Avian Influenza in wild birds, details can be found at the link below:

Avian influenza in wild birds – GOV.UK (

These are findings of avian influenza from our ongoing routine surveillance for avian influenza in wild birds. This surveillance is made up of patrols by wild bird reserve wardens and collections of found-dead wild birds reported to us by members of the public. This data only represents cases where birds have tested positive for avian influenza.

Other disease surveilance (sic) and emerging threats can be found published here:

Avian: GB disease surveillance and emerging threats reports – GOV.UK (

Specific information on Newcastles disease can be found at the link below:

Newcastle disease: how to spot and report it – GOV.UK (

The disease was last confirmed in Great Britain in 2006.

APHA monitor any major, notifiable or new and emerging animal disease outbreaks worldwide. When we become aware of a new animal disease outbreak in the UK or another country, we may carry out a preliminary outbreak assessment. The last major outbreak in Europe is detailed below:

Newcastle disease in Sweden – GOV.UK (

Our contingency plans for a confirmed outbreak of AI, FMD and Newcastles disease can be found here:

Contingency plan for exotic notifiable diseases of animals in England – GOV.UK (

The latest situation on notifiable Avian outbreaks in the UK can be found here:

Avian influenza (bird flu) – GOV.UK (”

The majority of this stuff is a diversionary tactic to broadly fit all diseases together in one large DEFRA managed pot. Of course DEFRA themselves were created out of MAFF, disbanded for the utter catastrophic Governmental and civil service failure to control Foot and Mouth disease in 2001. Amongst those advocating the mass slaughter of animals, to which farmers were compensated and the general public inconvenienced through closures of public rights of way near farms was the adulterer hypocrite and the Covid 19 lockdown liar fascist “Dr” Neil Fergusson. It still appears that theoretical opinion like that of this fake scientist, and the communist fucking scum at SAGE and even crazier “Independent SAGE” is largely apparent in the response of this organisation to animal disease outbreaks rather than actual evidence, and a kill it first policy is in existence.

In this regard, I firmly believe that it is this quangos intention, DEFRA, of shutting down the rehabilitation of wildlife, which of course would make it easier for the countryside rural scum to badger bait, fox hunt, shoot whatever they like and poison whatever they like with impunity. What methods they use to achieve this will probably be done in a series of incremental steps, including of course introducing the concept of a fake animal illness which is linked to human health, though the risk always “low” because it does not really exist, and which requires everything to be killed to prevent that fake scenario being created “under licence”, and then under no licence at all.

In terms of Newcastle Disease and the Swedish study, it is noted that this was linked to a disease in pigeons, rather than the issue of why so many birds were housed together providing the opportunity for transmission. The idea that the last confirmed case in the UK occurred in 2006, where it appears that cases in Belgium occurred in 2017 and 2018 is belied by the fact that the UK Government cannot even stop humans reaching this country illegally every day on boats from France bringing any and every disease into the country, so what hope that infected birds are stopped by an invisible border; is this not facile?


Let it also be said that I have found many instances of illegally dumped drugs by junkies , as well as pesticides and metaldehydes  in the environment which is highly suspicious in its own right, potentially evidentially suggestive of wildlife crime and which would produce symptoms very similar to the range that have been reported for “avian flu”. Stuff like risperidone and venlafaxine and other big pharma junk from the bloated moneymaking NHS “mental health” industry should also not be being handed out to funny farm nutters like sweeties to then liberally dump them in the environment.

This crap is also going down the shitter daily and ending up in the water cycle. It is an oral happy pill addiction that will harm us all, as well as the environment, and that is probably the intention by those prescribing them , whores of big pharma that they are in the medical “doctor” impersonation school of psychiatry.


Found dumped in the environment



A full pack!

And why would anyone dump warfarin heart tablets like that we found below. It would be nice to think that the aforementioned organisations we reported this to would be interested, but sadly not. No investigation, not interested- probably because they do not want any investigation into alternative theories.


I have also made two upheld complaints previously to the HSE about Sandwell council’s misuse of poisons by its environmental health department, and in this regard I keep an open mind as to the potential of certain individuals sowing seeds of destruction whilst promoting some fantasy narrative about migrating birds.  Poisons are not being adequately controlled, and I certainly do not trust “pest controllers” or “game keepers” to do so when they are so frequently, but seldomly caught out.  “Avian flu” has just made this matter near impossible all because of DEFRA.


In the West Midlands, the first apparent confirmed cases of bird flu were at Chasewater Country Park in swans.


Not much wildlife left there to enjoy

Chasewater is one of the largest areas of open water in the area, and attracts a large population of swans and wildfowl, as well as gulls. It is however a site that has seen large numbers of these birds die every year from lead poisoning as well as botulism, and certainly in the late 1990’s when I first started to go there regularly, every summer there were many gulls lying around with suspected botulism. No one appeared to give two hoots about this from a public health perspective at this time, and the rangers who were then in charge of the site from Lichfield Council used to take them in to try to help them. There was therefore direct contact with ill and dying and dead birds. I’m sure that precautions were taken, but no one died or became ill, remember that! 

Today, it is a very different picture with Staffordshire County Council who took over in 2014, and I have looked at the lead poisoning issue, and their lack of any attempt to tackle this issue in this post. Note, they are fully aware of the location and the issue with this and have done fuck all over the last decade, hiding behind some bullshit yarn about a historic firing range. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING IN 2022 AND THE STUFF CONTINUING TO STILL BE THERE ALL THIS TIME?

This site is therefore known to be a death trap to birds already before “avian flu” took centre stage as a convenient scapegoat for absolving this shite and uncaring council from responsibility. Indeed, it probably came as a relief to them that they could blame it on something “natural”. There is of course, nothing natural about the lead dumped in this pool by some wankers from a land tipping/restoration scheme gone wrong which is the real source of the lead at this site, and not some spent bullets. They know it, and they know I know it. Those who were involved in this in the 1960’s are unfortunately probably still alive, but hopefully it won’t be that long, and if they are suffering from industrial related disease, it is what they deserve.

They had already put up notices about not feeding birds in the area concerned a few years ago, thus appearing to blame the public if birds still became ill and absolve themselves from doing anything constructive or spending any money- like removing or covering over the fucking lead. They lied about filling in a duck pond for a good period of time, and I looked at this in this post. 

SCC, like DEFRA, only appear to “care” about the “management” and “control” of wildlife and not the survival of individuals. You get the impression that all they want to survive at this site are destructive water sports and anabolic steroid users who pay money ,because that is what makes them the money and in that regard, clearing the pool of pesky birds, which do not, would probably be welcomed.

I put in an FOI request to this council for figures of dead birds in the “bird flu” period and also about the continued posting of signs , long after the deaths appear to have gone down at this site to levels associated with the normal lead poisoning/botulism cases, and also the disappearance altogether in other areas. It should be noted that there have been  some attempts to treat lead poisoned birds from this site in the past; I have caught many myself, but of course now, nothing is treated at all, as it is rounded up and killed by the RSPCA or left to die without inquiry.

I worded this request to make them squirm deliberately in answering it and to catch them out.

“(i) Please provide numbers of birds and their species confirmed to have died from avian flu at Chasewater Country Park between October 2021 and March 10th 2022. By “Chasewater” I mean all the pools within the site including Jeffrey’s swag. Please disclose the last confirmed case by date of death.
By “confirmation” I mean those birds which tested positive for HPAI or LPAI and not those presumed to have died or been euthanised exhibiting certain symptoms that have been claimed to be associated with this illness,( noting that these within themselves are similar to other diseases like Newcastle Disease or even organo-phosphorus poisoning).

7 swans, 3 Canada geese and 3 gulls have been confirmed with avian flu by Defra. Defra only test a number of samples, once the disease is confirmed in a number of samples they do not continue so the assumption is that other deaths are also avian flu. NB If different symptoms were identified then further tests would be undertaken but in this case birds were assumed to have died of avian flu once the condition was confirmed.

In total, including the above, numbers were:

Swans – 44
Canada geese – 15
Gulls – 34
Buzzard – 1
Duck – 3

(ii) Please disclose any communications between officers, rangers and councillors including emails and attachments regards criteria as to when members of the public can resume feeding birds at the site. By this I am inferring as to what criteria or circumstances you are setting for this to resume? e.g how long a period of time no birds are found dead or are confirmed to have tested positive for HPAI. Who is to make this decision and under what circumstances within the council?

Note though that there are no defined criteria on this, and in effect decisions about bird feeding in an avian flu outbreak are made operationally based on discussion with technical experts. We discussed the approach we were taking with our own Animal Health experts and with input from colleagues at Defra / APHA. There was a link up via the various health bodies involved sharing information on how things were being managed elsewhere as there were a number of avian flu outbreaks around the country. At the end of the day it is a judgement call. Generally while we are still finding even low cases of dead / sick birds we would not want to recommence feeding birds on site, and we would want a few weeks clear so as to avoid the risk of infection being carried and transferred to other places.

(iii) If it is the case that you intend to stop members of the public from resuming feeding forever, by the means of using “avian flu” as an excuse – a seasonal and this year supposed “unprecedented” event, then please reveal what legal basis you have to enforce this, again referring to communications as stipulated in part(ii) of this request? It is noted that where other local authorities advised on not feeding birds, after a period of time of no deaths, any such notices have now been removed. When do you intend to remove yours?

Our approach is consistent with other authorities – there is no intention to stop people feeding the birds permanently. We will wait until we have a few clear weeks and then notices will come down. We had cases on 31 March / 1st April so are still being cautious but hopefully we will soon be able to remove AI information from the site.

We do have concerns about feeding birds in some areas of Chasewater as it can attract the birds to areas where they can be exposed to lead poisoning, among other issues, so we would not actively encourage feeding. This is however a separate issue and will be communicated as such.


In the first question it is revealed that out of  44 confirmed swan deaths, only 7 were  confirmed as avian flu. It is not clear how many of the dead were even tested, or less clear as to how many did not die from this claimed cause, and therefore the question should be asked , “what did they die from?”  A similar situation is apparent with the geese and gulls. This is one of the main criticisms with DEFRA, in that they appear to not give a shit about bird fatality numbers once their magic disease has been “confirmed”. These birds could all have been fed rat poison for all they cared, and the investigation into such as a wildlife crime would be non existent.

The “assumption” mentioned here for cause of death is a green light for wildlife criminals, as well as authorities which could not give a shit- including all the aforementioned Governmental quangos.

The issue of suspicious deaths then spread to sites in Walsall in an apparent “transmission”, though this too is pure speculation, as opposed to some cunt turning up committing a wildlife crime elsewhere. I am aware that the death toll in this borough for wildfowl was well above 100, many rounded up and euthanised again by the RSPCA without enquiry or investigation. By investigation, I do not just mean ferrying them off to the same laboratory who are only looking for the one thing that I have already alluded to.

As we know, it then reached parts of Sandwell in unexplained circumstances, and I  certainly know it did not just reach there from Chasewater. Sandwell council did absolutely nothing to control or prevent the spread of this alleged illness , including allowing people to still swim in open water supposedly “contaminated” with the droppings they were advising people to avoid. Thus we see here the doolally mentality of those advocating the “human health” risk in this borough and elsewhere of “avian flu”, and especially the useless UKHSA.

SMBC have to date refused to give me information as to the meetings they held with these agencies, (what are they bed wetting for and what do they fear being exposed?), and have cited nonsense excuses for withholding this information, as they did originally when they sat on the first confirmed bird in Tipton for nearly two weeks before informing the public of the, er, “public health risk.” We shall see what the ICO makes of this, who has now taken on my complaint.

As I did not believe that this council would give me the figures for the murdered birds, sorry, I slipped there, I asked the APHA for information regards the dead birds that had been associated with this “outbreak” in the borough.

As a comparison, I first submitted a request for last year

“Please provide all test results and their locations for birds submitted as part of the wild bird monitoring scheme for avian influenza within the borough of Sandwell , West Midlands. I include sites owned by Sandwell council, and those privately owned or owned by CRT.
I am aware that the APHA compile an online list, but this does not state the geographic location on a site by site basis, which is what I am asking for, as well as the date of test result and positive AND negative tests for all birds submitted.

To clarify, I am seeking results tested between November 1st 2020- January 9th 2021.”

The APHA responded with the following table, and as can be seen, all were negative for AI, though it does not state where the birds were found or if they were confirmed to have died from anything else.

smbc fig2020

Two swans from West Bromwich and a goose from the Great Barr area make up the three results as revealed by the postcodes.

I then submitted the same worded request for this years figures, in light of the “confirmed” cases that had been publicised.

“Please provide all test results and their locations for birds submitted as part of the wild bird monitoring scheme for avian influenza within the borough of Sandwell , West Midlands. I include sites owned by Sandwell council, and those privately owned or owned by CRT. I am aware that the APHA compile an online list, but this does not state the geographic location on a site by site basis, which is what I am asking for, as well as the date of test result and positive AND negative tests for all birds submitted. To clarify, I am seeking results tested between November 1st 2021- January 20th 2022”

The APHA responded with the following table, which shows that ONLY 13 birds were even tested for this alleged disease. The first one from DY4, on 22/11/22 is the goose from Victoria park Tipton, the one that SMBC kept quiet about claiming that DEFRA needed to give them the green light to make it public, according to Matthew Huggins from SMBC. He said that after the case had been publicised on the APHA website, the council said they would no longer keep it quiet, and so issued a press release. in reality, I had contacted SMBC including Huggins to tell them of this fact, and so forced their hand in going public.

Before this, four unspecified birds from West Bromwich had been submitted on 2/11.21. I believe the location of these to be Dartmouth Park. There is no explanation as to the cause of death which is in itself concerning.

Further birds were then submitted on 17/12/21 from Oldbury and West Bromwich. This could well have been the Serco establishment, where by now the dead birds being found were being taken for disposal- without investigation as to the cause of their demise. There were several dozen geese dying and dead at Tipton in this timeframe, and yet no investigation was being made to establish what the fuck was going on- all based on the single “confirmed” case.

The RSPCA were also rounding up anything which could not outrun their boat, and in this regard , and with only one confirmed case, I find this a shocking practice, and they need to search themselves long and hard as an organisation as to what their role really is in this matter and generally , and that of apparent lack of evidence of natural circumstances. I have not been happy about their euthanasia of birds for some time, particularly involving botulism which can be treated, but following the orders of DEFRA and not being able to has given them reasonable excuse to wield the needle to unprecedented levels.  Symptoms, in themselves are not indicators evidentially of proof, and the symptoms themselves could be poisoning. They may call it “ending suffering”, I would call it an assisted cull. 

Three more birds were submitted on 2/1/22, which I believe may have been from Sheepwash Nature Reserve. In this regard, I would state that extreme measures were taken , not  by the council but by ourselves to “stop the spread”, and the DEFRA/council diktats and coercive messaging totally ignored. FUCK YOU DEFRA! Three were positive cases, and one negative. A further bird from Great Barr tested positive on 17/1/22.


This therefore means that despite dozens of deaths, only 6 out of 13 birds tested positive for AI in Sandwell during this period. The rest were just fucked off without a care by SERCO et al and DEFRA did not care either. THIS IS NOT “CONFIRMATION” IT IS AN ENGINEERED COVER STORY BULLSHIT EXERCISE INVOLVING MULTIPLE ORGANISATIONS WHICH ONLY KNOWN TO THEMSELVES ARE HIDING INFORMATION FROM THE PUBLIC AS TO WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON HERE. 

This does not appear to be the work of scientists to me but rather those seeking to find something once and then using confirmation bias to promote a theory that all the other birds have died from the same thing. Such bullshit would not be given any currency in a wildlife crime investigation where direct evidence beyond reasonable doubt would be required, FOR EVERY SINGLE BIRD/ANIMAL HARMED ,and in the cases I have raised here, there is a large proportion of doubt that these birds died from the illness when several of them were never tested, and of those that were, many were negative, which asks the question, “what did they really die from?”

These organisations as far as I am concerned appear to have stopped investigating wildlife crime or its potential to exist in clandestine form.

 By that I mean an investigation beyond one test for one disease they appear obsessed with finding or not finding, and then nothing further after that or looking for anything concurrent.

But I will not stop asking questions about these matters to find out the truth they are all covering up, and what they appear to be introducing with a series of sinister incremental steps. 

TELL US THE TRUTH ABOUT “AVIAN FLU”, WHERE IT CAME FROM AND WHY THE MESSAGING HAS BEEN NONSENSICAL THROUGHOUT? Treat the public with contempt, dismiss them as “conspiracy theorists” and the public will eventually catch you out and destroy you. 


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Let The Games begin


It has been a while since Gooseman, The park knight trod the boards around the lair of Sandwell Council, but now it seems is the time for his return.

There are multiple issues at present with this council which are not satisfactory from a wildlife perspective, these being

  • The abysmal handling of the “avian flu” situation and unwillingness to share information with us.
  • Despite claiming to want to “work” with us, many staff at Sandwell council continue to work against us- including managers in parks.
  • Failure to complete the West Smethwick Park project to the stated timescale, and which has now taken twice as long as it was stated it would take. Two complaints have been made to the  Heritage  lottery , who state“Following our previous correspondence, colleagues have been out on site at the park to check on progress and followed up with video meetings with the project team. We share your concerns about the slow pace of works on the lake and landscaping.  The project is running behind schedule and have now been informed that the contractor will be off site in May. Tarmacking works have been undertaken in recent weeks. The planting works will be undertaken by the Council’s Parks staff directly at which point the fencing and heavy machinery in the park will no longer be there significantly improving the appearance.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                Many birds have been unable to nest as a result of the failure to replace vegetation that was ripped out, particularly the small island which is ridiculous. The fact that SMBC are doing this themselves perhaps shows that they have no confidence in Casey the contractors anymore, and nor should they because they have been a terrible failure.

This was supposed to be a “fern island” in the restoration. The stones mean that it is inaccessible for wildfowl to get onto, particularly young birds, and has not been designed by anyone with a clue about such matters. It is also now devoid of any vegetation or cover for nesting.

  • Failure of officers to fix a vandalised gate at a nature reserve, reported in December or respond to ASB issues at the same site, despite emails and contact with local councillors.

And the subject of this protest, the failure of Sandwell council to take legal action against the liars, (from the CEO down), at Severn Trent, who polluted Smethwick Hall Park with human excrement and have never paid a penny to restoring the damage that they caused, despite managers leading SMBC officers up the garden path with a so called “community fund” application to which was turned down without any explanation as to why it had failed.

STW shaft Smethwick Hall Park and “broke” Sandwell council | Save Our Sandwell Canada Geese

SMBC were left to part desilt the pool, but in truth it was an amateur job and did not stop the continued issues at source which is STW inability to prevent environmental damage from its combined sewer overflow in the area.


There were other protests at the last full council meetings before the local elections from The Save Brandhall Golf Course group and the ongoing taxi drivers grievances, and so Gooseman and friends joined the line.


The issues were again explained to councillors Crompton and Millard, who is the new cabinet member with responsibility for parks and environmental matters. He will be getting an email about this situation and needs to put some rockets up a few arses to be sure!



What is most concerning is that Severn Trent continue to pump out their PR faster than their shit into streams. They claim to be tackling pollution in rivers, but do not mention pools or lakes like Smethwick Hall. They are also the preposterous “nature and carbon     neutral supporter” for the 2022 BIRMINGHAM Commonwealth Games, for which the “Sandwell” aquatics centre ,(SAC), has been built just 400 metres away from the soiled Stony Lane pool in SANDWELL where birds died after being exposed to this human crap.

Taking a look at the money they gave out from their community fund, there does not appear to be a single project they and their “independent panel” gave out money for in SMBC territory, even though the chair of this group lives in Sandwell herself and used to work for a company in Tipton which was heavily subsidised by work from Sandwell council, (sorry Sandwell taxpayers)!

The SAC cost a boasted £73 million , parts of which will be ripped out after the two week event when the human triangles have finished with it, and a further £6 million will be spent before opening to the public in 2023. THIS IS A SHOCKING WASTE OF MONEY, AND CONTINUES TO PUT THE AUTHORITY IN THE RED. Previously, SMBC have closed swimming baths because of their lack of use, and one wonders who exactly will be attracted to this venue, a good distance from any train station, with poor local roads and entrances into the site, on what used to be The Londonderry playing fields, now ripped out.

“Carbon neutral” is another of those green polished turds that these people like to champion, but in reality SMBC have been cutting down trees in all their parks , as has been evidenced on this blog and elsewhere, at Victoria Park Tipton, West Smethwick, Titford pools, and Smethwick Hall.

Make no mistake, we will be protesting outside the Commonwealth Games venues as they are put into use to educate people about the liar sponsors of these games and their real shit footprint stench, and the death that they cause to nature, which is unrecognisable. 



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