Avian flu origins #1- Bird slavers importing death



H5N1 in the highly pathogenic avian variety first visited the UK in 2005, and wild birds did NOT bring it here. It came from imported birds from Taiwan and South America at a privately owned “quarantine facility” in Essex, Pegasus Birds Ltd.

There is a considerable back story to this establishment and its criminal owner BRETT HAMMOND which I will look at in this post. It is a story of tax evasion, a network where smuggling birds from the wild in foreign countries causes unimaginable suffering to the few that even survive the journey and a threat to already persecuted species when they were sold as fake “captive bred” birds in the UK. The issue was notably dealt with in The Cook report exposing the network where the pre bird flu Hammond makes an appearance. 

Collections such as this are created by people with extreme personal vanity and narcissism , and as with zoos, they offer absolutely NOTHING to these animals except caged suffering. The “conservation” fraud is for the personal gain of individuals and “charities” who hide under the banner of “conservation” or “education”. None of the breeding programmes in these collections result in releases back into the wild of animals or birds in their natural countries of origin of these endangered species , as presumably some Neanderthal Chief Chirpa would kill them like they have for decades or some big white game hunting prick would instead. No, these animals and birds are pimped for money, with the offspring forever moved around establishments to continue the fraud of “conservation” and breeding programmes.

They should not be in this country and do not belong here, and the collections usually die off through being kept in unnatural close proximity, such as those penguins at Dudley Zoo in the link above. It is like the poem by Shamus Heaney, blackberry-picking where greed and avarice only results in a crop dying off.

“Each year I hoped they’d keep, knew they would not.”

If you contribute to this through the gates as a punter, or “adopt” anything YOU ARE VERY MUCH A PART OF THIS CYCLE OF SUFFERING AND THE FRAUD IT ENTAILS. 

The 2005 doomed “avian flu” birds came to the UK, not by their migration flight, but by cargo plane, no doubt a flight assisted by some greasy slant eyed sloth and Pedro chihuahua fuckers who would be involved in people smuggling if they could get away with that too. They and their trade and all the gophers involved in it are nothing but pathetic backward retarded scum, and they are worse than human slave masters.

The following report was carried out by DEFRA, via the then Veterinary Laboratories Agency a then fairly new Quango set up after the disastrous MAFF foot and mouth debacle. What is astonishing is that Hammond’s dodgy  establishment was actually adjacent to the traced source of the foot and mouth outbreak of 2001! What a fucking backward animal disease bearing shithole Essex must be as well as being the stomping ground of wannabe gangsters with Turkey teeth! 


The report showed that mesias, a type of Asian finch imported from Taiwan , were the most likely source of the infection, which then transmitted to a parrot from Surinam, originally thought to be the “bird zero”. What we see hear is the start of the problem. Imported birds that would never have come into contact with one another in nature arriving in a country that they would never naturally visit. Hammond brought disease and death to his fake “quarantine” centre. He brought avian flu into the UK. 

Additionally, in death the birds were also mixed up with some never even tested. This also rings alarm bells with what I have said before about the amateur methodology of the department scientists and their acumen.

In my dealings with the VLA at around the same time as this, I found them to be an extremely thick organisation in terms of identifying the obvious chemical poisoning pollution at Rattlechain lagoon, and you can read that story HERE. 

The worst part of the tale in Essex was that those that had even survived the flight were automatically put to death, even those that never had anything wrong with them. NOT ALL THE BIRDS HAD AI. This is another major criticism of DEFRA to this day and their sledgehammer mentality of murder everything to cover over their failed surveillance and scrutiny of why cunts like Hammond were even able to operate in some wooden shed hovel in a field. 

The following report is taken from The Irish Independent of 16th November 2005, and discusses the findings of the DEFRA report and issues I have raised above.

The most telling point in the report is that the real origin of the strain originated in China.

“13. Subsequent laboratory examinations revealed that the isolate was H5N1 and not a strain that the Avian Virology Unit at VLA Weybridge have isolated previously. The strain most closely resembles an isolate from wild ducks in China earlier in 2005.

Though these are classed as “wild ducks”, the farming practices of this shithole overpopulated country are once again the origins of animal disease running rampant. The curiosity of scientists to store and experiment with such viruses in laboratories around the world then also offer an alarming opportunity for escape via more unnatural means. Perhaps the lack of any crack down on this trade by the authorities is all part of the plan to allow such pathways to exist so that the vaccine profitability is more plausible.


When news of the phoney “quarantine” centre flew out, it was not long before at least some due diligent journalists began to look at the owner of Pegasus Birds. We also see the utter hoax of the “conservation” bollocks spoken of previously.

‘Mr Bird Flu’ is convicted fraudster | Daily Mail Online

The daily Mail piece stated

“Mr Hammond, who has refused to answer questions about the case, trades in rare and wild birds for collectors and zoos, but in 1997 was sentenced to 18 months jail – later reduced to 12 months on appeal – for VAT fraud.

His ramshackle premises, in West Horndon, Essex, are next door to the Orchard Farm – not connected to his company – where foot and mouth disease was first spotted in 2001.

It is understood that the divorced trader, who lives in a luxury home in Upminster, Essex, had kept the parrot in quarantine at a separate site, where it was infected by a bird imported from Taiwan.”

“It also emerged Mr Hammond was confronted in 1992 by TV reporter Roger Cook, who was investigating allegations of bird cruelty and illegal importing in the trade. Mr Hammond walked away from the camera without answering questions about fellow traders.”

The crooked Hammond was indeed jailed when coming up before the beak, as other sources prove. The 10th October 1996 Dunmow Observer revealed how the budgie smuggler was not alone in the crime and accomplice Eric Foster had also been charged. Oddly, they had been remanded, so must have been considered a “flight risk” if you’ll excuse the pun. No records were kept of sales, though obviously, many birds died before even being sold. 

Once again with this I would ask, why was the taxman more interested in this aspect than the animal cruelty? Where the fuck were the RSPCA or police wildlife crime officers from Essex?

The following year, The favourite paper of this fraudster reported his sentencing on 20th February 1997. Both got 18 months , though this was later reduced as reported. 

What an absolutely gob smacking pack of lies from his solicitor.

Not only was this crook a danger to birds, but so were the individuals who called themselves his clients. The Sunday World paper exposed another Irish dealer Richard O’Brien, (not of Rocky Horror Show fame), in a special report who had bought birds from Hammond and was also a bird smuggler.


Another Guardian article is interesting in revealing how much money some firms would make from a round of DERFA culls of Avian Flu took hold, as with Foot and Mouth.

Defra plans mass cull of poultry if avian flu hits UK | Health | The Guardian

It also states the backstory to Hammond

“Brett Hammond, 43, is at the centre of the first H5NI virus case in Britain. Yesterday his firm, Pegasus Birds Ltd, in Horndon, Essex, one of the UK’s biggest wild bird importers and retailers, hired extra security to patrol its aviaries. The firm has been watched by the RSPCA for several years. In the past Mr Hammond was jailed for not paying £650,000 of VAT. He has declined to comment since a parrot died in quarantine at his firm.”

It is incredible that the RSPCA were just “watching” as so many birds died. They too have blood on the hands from their failure to act to stop this vile trade in death. 


Roger Cook is a journalist to be admired, and not one of those propagandists who reprint the lies of corporations and politicians. His 1992 documentary exposed how rare and exotic birds at the centre of the later avian flu outbreak were being smuggled into the country after being caught in the wild. Please do watch the youtube video below.

Images and main points of the programme.

An African savage boasts to camera how it catches wild toucans using a dead hung Toucan as a decoy fixed to a branch

Cook meets Phil Dobinson, a man who on his linked in profile today claims that he grew up in Zambia and Zimbabwe, posing as a responsible bird dealer where caged birds can cost thousands of pounds. You can tell with the facial distorted expression tells when this lying piece of crap tells a falsehood or is talking out of his arse, and Cook would have been astute to this, as would anyone with NVC familiarity.

Phil Dobinson of the smuggling bird front “safari select”

Dobinson claims that rain forests are being destroyed which threatens the birds, yet his direct involvement and dealers like him are the real cause of birds being stolen and becoming extinct.

Cook then visits Guyana, a primitive South American jungle country and meets a retard who likes catching macaws using decoy macaws to sell as well as damaging them.

The scum renders birds flightless by damaging and clipping their wings. Someone should cut off its dick


A consignment of caged stolen birds from the wild arrives in the UK

Some 170 of these birds were bought by Dobinson to be housed in a “quarantine facility”- Pegasus birds owned by Hammond. It is claimed that this site is “ministry approved”, and yet on a visit to this place, it is revealed that many are dying due to an unnamed “highly infectious disease”. 

The close proximity of these wild birds would not happen in nature, but the quarantine and shipment is entirely responsible for their demise. All 170 birds it is stated died or were put down by Ministry vets. 

Andy Jones of RSPB investigations states that almost a third of imported birds to the UK die in transit.

The Cook report receives a tip off from an ex copper revealed to be David Neville.

The Zimbabwe front bird laundering connection

Dobinson was laundering birds using Zimbabwean Danny Swart whose set up was a wild bird captive breeding front for Dobinson’s business.

Goffin’s cockatoos aka Tanimbar corella    are only found on remote Indonesian islands. Cook traced  shipments  from Singapore to Zimbabwe to Swart who then exported to Dobinson. The false narrative is that the birds were captive bred- they were stolen from the wild. 

Someone in a dodgy bird business in Singapore lets slip what Dobinson is doing

The Cook team buy a cockatoo in poor condition, with the age also being a lie. It is deemed to be a wild bird.

Swart is confronted in Zimbawe about the stolen laundered birds and Dobinson’s sham operation. He says very little.

Dobinson then confronted by Cook at his Safari company sham.

Dobinson tells ridiculous lies and it is revealed that he is a repeat criminal who has 13 convictions including cruelty to birds and selling them without correct paperwork- ie laundering them.

Ex Copper David Neville spills the beans about his former associates dodgy illegal business.

I have to say I find Neville’s involvement with this a little strange. Having done some research the article below from two years earlier connects the two individuals at this point in time.

How odd that a bookkeeper would be required for this tax evading business.

21st September 1989 Newspaper: Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser

Not only were there “thefts”  but also “accidents” where even more birds died. The Horley and Gatwick Mirror of 1st February 1990 revealed how a storm had caused carnage. The advertisement on the right is quite ironic, and I have included it here.

I find Nevilles distancing from Dobinson unconvincing. He must have known the crook that Dobinson was, or could have found out. Why the fuck would he have wanted anything to do with him in the first place in business let alone suddenly have grown a conscience?

Cook then reveals all the amazon parrots died in Hammonds fake quarantine business fraud operation that launders feathered cargo stolen from the wild.

Hammond the “conservation” fraudster is collared by Roger Cook about the death of several birds. 

A scum accomplice in wildlife crime has nothing to declare- like his taxes. Hundreds of bird deaths are down to him and his activities. 

I have researched Hammond further going back to his fake bird dealings as early as 1989, where he was apparently looking for a golden eagle that had escaped him. The origin of this bird is questionable, and I would also state that this type of bird should not in my opinion be captively allowed as some type of ornamental  sideshow doing tricks or to return to a human arm. I have low regard for falconry in general, as many of the individuals behind it have a trouser problem and use their plastic birds illegally in wildlife crime or for their own personal gratification and low self esteem. I have seen this; I have reported it to relevant authorities. Cook did another great investigation into this trade in birds going the other way, usually to tea towel heads in the far east with stolen peregrine falcons which you can see HERE. 

What this shows early on is that Hammond was a shite animal husbandry Walter Mitty character who knew nothing about bird welfare needs. The lavish lifestyle of this twat would continue to grow as he traded in the feathered slaves that he imported to Essex.

31st May 1989 Daily Mirror

As well as Golden Eagles, we see that this man had for some time been importing birds that had no place to be in this country, except the old excuse of “conservation”. As I mentioned earlier, Toucans and how they were trapped using dead decoy birds and their wings cruelly cut would make an appearance of course in The Cook report.

If you were a zoo or or private collector supplied by Hammond or Dobinson, you are fucking scum, and are a part of the trade in wildlife crime from which they profited.

20/1/1989 Brentwood Evening Gazette HAMMOND IS A LIAR

What we then see is the cover trail of covering up bird deaths, due largely to the import of them into the country. A number of “thefts” were reported by Pegasus. In one report I saw, Hammond claimed to be using micro chipping of birds to prevent “crime”- of them being “stolen” from his crim business. I’m not sure how a wildlife thief can get burgled? Was it an insurance fiddle or was his business that unlucky, sorry, I mean were the birds that had been stolen from the wild unlucky as they were the only ones who actually suffered any form of loss?

Always with these characters there is talk of “stock” and the value of money and nothing else. The 13th January 1989 Brentwood Gazette makes the astonishing claim that “bird burgling is big business according to Brett Hammond. ” A wildlife thief stealing from a wildlife thief is not a crime- it is the same practice. 

A similar story the following year in 16th March edition of the same paper.

Perhaps these reports alerted the authorities into the dodgy dealings going on at Pegasus, though not it appears crucially the animal welfare concerns.

Incredibly, even though apparently on the radar of the RSPCA- (what the fuck were they actually doing?) his spell behind the bars he so deserved did not end his dealings in the trade. It is incredible, and shoddy journalism and editorial by the Brentwood Gazette, that they failed to even mention his past form and that he had served less than half his term for tax crime.

11th December 1997

Today in 2023, it appears that Hammond is no longer directly involved with bird smuggling and has attempted to reinvent himself as a respectable antiques dealer. One can only hope that none of his exhibits are , erm, stuffed parrots, or come from hawking, and he won’t be appearing on the Antiques rogue, (sorry for the Freudian) Road show anytime soon.

Dobinson has relocated to Zimbabwe, and its just a pity that Mugabe didn’t catch and bag him with a noose on safari. 😆

The most telling thing about the Cook investigation and the cancer that still lingers today is that bunch of bureaucratic, undoubtedly woke as fuck suit wearing political globe trotters known as CITES .

This organisation is a waste of fucking space and does more to fuel the trade in illegal bird and animal smuggling than it does to stop it.

The more endangered a species becomes or is classified as being such by them, the more lucrative the value in profits that will be made in selling them.

As with the UK authorities, these office based plankton are no doubt all signed up to the globalist one health bollocks looking for zoonotic opportunities to produce vaccines. One wonders to what extent secret esoteric societies of academia are joined in the criminal trade in animal and birds- probably the kingpin slave masters at the very top of the tree. 

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The cost of feeding crisis

There is no doubt at the moment that supermarkets are ripping off the public by their overnight price hikes in food. This is not just limited to human food, but animal food as well, and for those that feed wildlife and birds like myself it means making some tough choices.

Even the “budget” stores like Aldi and Lidl have raised prices which are extortionate and items like 1kg bags of porridge oats to which I regularly feed the birds went up by 14p without explanation (70p to now 84p). Six pence also went on a loaf of bread.

Young geese are able to feed on grass from almost the word go, so long as they can get out of the water to feed. Cygnets however are more difficult to cater for, with their parents attempting to retrieve submerged food where there is often none at all. This is certainly true of many of the Victorian parks in Sandwell.

Unfortunately, too much emphasis was put into Green flag status parks by this council in the last 20 years. Some parks such as West Smethwick have undergone “restoration” schemes that have destroyed the greenery that was there, as well as the cowboy contractors who carried out the work and damaged the aeration cables which have still not been fixed after a year out of action. Why the council have not sued this company I do not know, but if they ever get another lottery grant, (and that body must now be somewhat weary), it can only be hoped that they will block Casey from applying any tender, because they are the very worst shoddy shit. 


An absolutely rotten “restoration” of the main lake

For cygnets in such parks where they cannot gain access to grass, I would suggest finding a source of willow tree leaves, which usually grow by water, but are often out of reach for the parent birds to pick. This early spring food source is a natural food of choice for swans. 

Don’t pick leaves that are overhanging or within reach that the adult birds could reach, but ones which are not in their reach. Strip downwards along the length of the stem and then remove any stems to leave just the leaves.

It is then best to grind up the leaves and throw them towards the adults, who will probably pick them up and drop them again to show the cygnets that it is food to eat. They may also start paddling their legs in the water to bring up weed. 

Another good cheap food source are small peas, which are just 28p at present in Aldi and I have found that these are well liked. Either put these on the side, or throw them in one at a time, and they will dunk for them. 

Of course, we will continue to be on the case of our local council and hope that they will plant more natural food in their pools, especially where works have left a clear vacuum of available survival for our birds. 

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Severn Trent Water- Land banking to pollute water

Severn Trent Water became a privatised company in 1989, and ever since then they have been progressively flogging off land once in public ownership primarily for housing. This toxic cycle is confounded by the fact that such “crap sites for residential” just add into the network to which they do not invest , but which they claim to but are not with their combined sewer nightmare being inflicted on the environment on a daily basis.

on crap

Powered On Crap

Sewage Work sites such as Tividale and Roway Lane went this way early in the process, with the former being one of the most controversial planning applications ever considered in Sandwell, and where the council turned down numerous applications before a dickhead planning inspector reversed it. The site was built next to the notorious rattlechain lagoon, even described by a planner in Sandwell as being “a crap site for residential”.

During this process, one individual from this company made it his business to attempt to subvert the planning process even though they had already sold the former works off to a bunch of cowboy foundry sand dumpers- even demanding a meeting with the chief executive of the council when it looked like the planners were going to turn it down. The cheeky fucking bastard him! Obviously there was some get out clause at work here if the site did not get planning permission, and no doubt would screw the deal leaving STW stuck with the site. I wonder how much He stood to lose as a bonus if the deal went tits up?

STW did nothing or spent next to little to remediate this crap abandoned land which caused blight and misery for local residents for years. This is a theme which reoccurs with STW owned land , whereby it seems that the public purse pays for their soiled leftovers, through some bent entity like The Black Country Development Corporation, or of late The West Midlands Combined Authority. NEITHER OF THESE BODIES HAVE OR HAD ANY PUBLIC MANDATE FOR THEIR CREATION- THEY ARE THE INVENTION AND  HOBBY OF POLITICIANS WHO INVARIABLY INVEST THEIR OWN PERSONAL WEALTH IN THE HOUSING MARKET OR THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY, OR WHO ARE PRIVATE LANDLORDS . 

One recent site at Friar Park which I also looked at HERE, saw some pieces of SMBC land tacked on to STW land for a sale package, and this too will be met with remediation from the public purse, and not STW’s. The “consultation” for this proposed scheme has been a corrupt farce and has also suffered from a ghastly PR firm trying to convince locals that it is a good idea, when they will only get 100’s of new houses added to their local area, and of course coming with it will be the shite that each house produces.

From an earlier time before they were privatised, we see the legacy of industrial landscaping by dumping toxic dredged waste from The River Tame dumped on this land now being proposed for housing. The Friar Park Water Reclamation Works were dumped upon due to that old chestnut of “preventing flooding”. This absolute fraud has been going on for decades, and still they lavish money from the public purse again on this fake and falsified claim, even building houses on this very flood plain itself! There’s an “emergency” don’t you know.  🙄

STW applied to SMBC to demolish tanks and fill over the site with all the crap which had gone into their network , and likely flooded the Tame with sewage over a long period of time. They were not killing birds, though they of course have been caught out doing this, but killing two turds with one stone, by dumping crap from water to land. The deluded individual from SMBC is of course part of the problem, and how incredible that this authority itself should end up having to now clean up the site again to “make it safe” FFS!




Sandwell Evening Mail November 14th 1986

This sell off of sites appears to have operated under Severn Trent Water Holdings, but the following company was incorporated on 10th March 2011 to handle 11 sites which they still had control of, based at their headquarters in Coventry.


There are four current directors, Gemma Eagle, Shane Anderson, Robert McPheely, (who has no less than 93 other appointments as a director of STW offshoots also based at the same location address), and Alan Durham.      .

Most of the people at the top of the pups at STW have a background in the banking industry or utilities, and so are well placed to squirrel away the pocketed money from this “buying and selling of own real estate”. They certainly have no background in environmental matters.

Midlands Land Portfolio represent the very worst of land banking, that political immoral creation championed by the privateer capitalists who no doubt own all the shares and stand to gain from the dividends. Little investment as possible- maximum sale is what it is all about.

Even MLP themselves admitted that they are land bankers in 2012 to describe their 300 acre area of land not available at that time of course.


A bunch of bankers

Another article reveals that they partnered with Northern trust to pursue the marketing of this land, a firm controlled by the late Billionaire property developer and race horse owner T J Hemmings.

A rolling scrutiny of MLP’s annual returns to Companies House reveals the scandalous wealth building of how this land they are sitting on, once in public ownership has grown in value for them and their parent company, who continue to fail to invest in the infrastructure they are polluting water courses with like in Smethwick. This is profit for their scummy shareholders and for the CEO Fatcat Garfield also.



For the first year period ending in March 2012, we see this company explain its raison d’etre and the key statement that its 11 sites were at this point valued at £7,127,100. Remember this figure, which I will compare it to at the end of 2022, some 11 years later. 




This report confirms no sale of any of the 11 sites, yet look how the value of land banking has paid off for them with a rise of nearly a million squid to  £8,049,000



This report confirms that one of their sites was sold in this period for £2.25 million. 

Despite this, look how much their land had made them. They had sold one site out of 11, and yet were up on what the value of 11 sites had been some two years earlier. £7.272,000




This report confirms that another site was sold in this year for £2,251,000, thus leaving 9 sites left. 



The value of these 9 sites still stood at £6,620,000



In this year, this report confirms that this entity was no longer just concerned with flogging off its own land. It was now buying sites as well, perhaps to bolt on bits to others in their portfolio? Another site was sold, leaving 8 from the original, though the extra five now meant that they were standing at 13 sites. This sale garnered them another £3.025 Million. 


They now call this land “inventory” in the report, and confirms that the 13 sites were now worth £10, 258,000. Remember they had started with 11. 




This report confirms they sold none of the 13 sites in this year, but bought another 5 , now making 18!


This now put them on £16,292,000




In 2018, MLP sold two sites, thus leaving 16 now. This gave them another £4.182 million. 


The value was now £20, 492,000






This year saw MLP cash in 4 more sites , with talk of one site generating a stream of income over 5 years. I wonder where this is? All in all, this disgusting entity made over £21 million from this, in the year when they first came onto our radar in polluting Smethwick Hall Park and killing birds.


The total assets now stood at £16.680,000 and still owning the 12 sites.



Another flog off was made during the plandemic with a further 5 sites cashed in, thus leaving 7 remaining.


This saw another figure of around £8.5 million into the squirreled away coffers of the Coventry Crapsters. 


For some reason, the land value had now rocketed to £22,833,000



This must have been an Annus horriblis given that they sold no sites. Therefore still retaining 7.



But pity them not, as despite this, the land value had gone up, now standing at £25,625,000. 



The most recent statement to hand shows that another two sites were sold, thus leaving five left. This gave them another £7,837,000. 



The land value had also now gone up to £27, 056,000



2014 £2.250,000. 

2015 £2,251,000

2016 £3,025,000 

2018 £4,182,000

2019 £21,327,000

2020 £8,465,000

2022  7,837,000



So there you have it. No matter what claims are made about investment in the future, their insincere “apologies”, or the ear ringing currently going on in Parliament or elsewhere, they have spent years making money out of once publicly owned land and polluting more of it. Whilst this water industry sits on its land bank, it shits in our water. 

money crap

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Political sewage



Striking image, but the truth is that politicians of all parties are currently talking shite about sewage.

You cannot of late escape the sudden interest in an issue that we have been dealing with for some time regards the failure of the privatised water industry to stop the pollution of controlled waters with raw sewage. Unfortunately, it seems that only when political characters start throwing turds at one another in a blame game of pass the poo parcel that the media become interested in the issue, except their interest is in the politics of it rather than the real problems that it causes like the bird deaths in Smethwick.

The Labour Party appear to have launched a cascade of memes and accusations about how this very longstanding issue is a Tory cause like the one above, and yet appear to forget that they had a decade in power between 1997- 2010 when successive general elections resulted in majorities of: 1997 (179), 2001 (167),  2005 (66) for them, and yet they made no attempt to renationalise this industry or hold it to any form of account during their years in power. Let us also remember that the first 13 years of the useless Environment Agency failed regulator also occurred on their watch. 

Why then should we believe anything that they spout when in doing so the entire focus appears to be to blame their political rivals, rather than the water companies and their abysmal fat cat CEO’s like Liv Garfield?  When is Garfield ever put under any real pressure from either Government or shadow Government. She just isn’t, and that is the point. 

Severn Trent Water and their staff have persistently lied about issues in this part of the world and the fact that “avian botulsim” was really just botulism caused by their network failures over many years.  This is not a political issue, and nor should anyone have the temerity to claim that it is the fault of another political actor. WHY FOR EXAMPLE, HAS THE MP FOR THIS AREA, JOHN SPELLAR, FAILED TO EVER MENTION SEVERN TRENT WATER POLLUTED LAKES IN HIS OWN CONSTITUENCY, AND FAILED TO EVER CONDEMN THIS ACT BUT SOMEHOW BLAMES THE TORIES GENERALLY FOR THIS ALONG WITH EVERYTHING ELSE? THE LOGIC IS SHITE AND IT IS ALSO LAZY. 


All very well, but not a single local Labour politician IN SANDWELL have condemned Severn Trent Water publicly or pressed them through legal means for compensation.


For these reasons I do not trust politicians. Full stop. Until they grasp that brownfield building is the cause of the issues surrounding failure of capacity in the water industry networks, until they stop doing corrupt deals with companies who leave behind polluted land like that at Friar Park for the tax payer to clean up and then turn them into more homes to pollute the network then I will not be voting for any of them, they can fuck off.

The media can also fuck off, especially the Express and Star who persistently offered not a shred of criticism of the polluter and printed their lies without scrutiny, but when a politician speaks, it is somehow more relevant than those who are actually having to save lives on the ground because of their failure to act. The sewage “crisis” is very reminiscent of the toxic dumping  cyanide “crisis” of the early 1970’s in the way in which the media are behaving. I have looked at some of this on our sister blog.  One wonders that any knee jerk reactions of promised legislations or policy to stop water companies dumping sewage will similarly fail in every regard to solve the problem.

The latest Rivers Trust mapping report makes depressing reading in Spellar’s constituency and are relevant to previous issues we have mentioned of raw sewage polluting the Smethwick parks and water courses which feed them.

Permit number: T/09/35149/O 

In 2022, this sewer storm overflow spilled 27 times for a total of 0.58 hours , discharging into the Stony Lane Brook.


Permit number: T/09/30212/O 

In 2022, this sewer storm overflow spilled 5 times for a total of 3.14 hours , discharging into the Stoney Brook Via Sws.


Permit number: T/08/35704/O 

In 2022, this sewer storm overflow spilled 11 times for a total of 71.45 hours , discharging into the Thimblemill Brook


Nothing will change on May 4th or at the next General Election either, it is all just a pile of steaming shit and hot air and political sewage. 


Politicians are more concerned with wiping the backsides of the privatised water industry. Pucker up.

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Avian flu- coercive council behaviour



“Detected in wild birds” The truth is- a mere handful, and was this their real cause of death?

coercive control

not necessarily domestic partner but the state on its own people

Local authorities typically employ many people and use them to try to persuade others how to behave, or to “change their behaviour”, with some telling people how they should vote in complicity with their political paymasters. Unfortunately, they are also guilty of parroting a particular narrative, particularly that of top down “public health”- which is the biggest coercive control attempt of all.

But this mind bending comes directly from Government itself and its quangos like the former “Public Health England”. If you don’t believe me then read the document below, “Achieving behaviour change: a guide for local authorities” written in part by the Communist Witch SAGE member Michie among others in attempting “interventions” in the way in which people behave. Principally, this is based on their “behaviour change wheel”– which includes the word “coercion” as you can clearly see.




We have seen these “interventions” throughout the “covid 19 pandemic”, see page 38 onwards for example….


Truly evil people

But recent messaging from local authorities reveal steps towards the next grand human health hoax- avian flu. The playbook written in November 2020 includes very familiar scenarios like the ones below. Basically, get everyone to comply with something and punish those who do not and use the media to do this. It’s a communist technique, but so of course is the vile co author.



When this issue first arose in neighbouring boroughs, I asked Sandwell council to take certain measures, (perhaps you could call these “interventions” except their behaviour was weak), but which following the poor advice from DEFRA et al would according to their logic mitigate what they claimed was happening- transfer of virus from bird to bird via droppings through oral routes.

I asked for increased road sweeping in the park settings. This item had been discussed and agreed with former SMBC officer Max Cookson some time ago as a means of dealing with perceived bird droppings in parks and on pathways, when he stated at the time that these sweepers would not cost extra money to deploy in parks.

The purpose of doing this is that so called “Defra guidance” warned of not coming into contact with bird droppings to members of the public. This in the document mentioned above would come under “Provide clear, precise, credible guidance about specific behaviours”. Of course other wild birds would also not want to come into contact with infected bird droppings. You would think therefore that SMBC would want this outcome wouldn’t they?

It transpired that despite claims the sweepers were being deployed once a week, they were obviously not being. I also asked why this could not be increased as required- if the council wanted to mitigate risk from this pathway. It was stated by one Grounds maintenance officer that there may be cross contamination issues using these sweepers, which seemed to me like a feeble excuse for just not giving a shit about the so called “public health” issue. I then put in the following FOI request to SMBC.

Street sweepers and cleansing for use in parks – a Freedom of Information request to Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council – WhatDoTheyKnow

My questions in blue, and their response in red.

(i)Please provide the following information. How many street sweepers does
Sandwell council/Serco own?

10 sweepers in total, including 5 large and 5 small.

(ii)How many of these are deployed within park settings?

The parks are cleansed with sweepers on a scheduled basis. There is not a
specific parks sweeper, but the smaller vehicles will be used in parks
with small paths.

(iii) How often are the brushes on these sweepers cleansed, and what
disinfectant is used to cleanse them?

The vehicles are jet washed with water every evening when they are
returned to the depot. Brushes are used across the Borough on a daily
basis, therefore they wear out very quickly.  The brushes will be removed
and replaced on a weekly basis at the depot as part of their maintenance.

(iv) How does the council satisfy itself that bio hazardous human bodily
fluids and other animal waste materials are not spread from one point to
another by cross contamination when using said machines?

Serco road sweepers spray out a jet of water along the road/path as it is
moving. This assists in reducing dust and aids the mechanism of collecting
detritus. It is  an industry standard system.”


This request confirms

  • The council have the tools and equipment to perform the task specified.
  • The council only jet wash the contaminated sweepers and do not use disinfectants! This implies that human wastes and bodily fluids swept up as well as animal waste remains on the brushes and is capable of being “spread around” and cross contaminated on a regular  basis between points A and B before they are jet washed at the end of the working day. This arrangement continues all week before the brushes are changed when they “wear out”.
  • The council/Serco cannot stop biohazardous wastes being cross contaminated except using water jets which appears to be more of a dust suppression reason than anything else.

There is therefore no specific reason to justify the officer’s claims for caution, in that anything including the fabled covid 19 could be being spread by these machines- you either except that they may cause illness to spread and do not use them, or use them to prevent spread in the first instant. Avian Flu is not as contagious to humans as many other illnesses so the UKHSA et al claim.


“The public should avoid contact with wild birds, including  their feathers and waste.”

Compare and contrast the messaging with the situation at Smethwick Hall Park and false signs about human waste being “mud”. This was long after children had been playing in the water and the silt after a confirmed contamination that had happened before and is still happening due to combined sewer overflows being, shit. Were any of them sick after this, they would not have known the cause?




More multi agency fake statements after Severn Trent Water had turned down the SMBC application to remove all the contaminated silt.

I also wrote to The Director of Health at Sandwell at this time, yet on this serious public health matter did not receive the courtesy of any response. 

This also appears to be the case then that when it comes to economic interests of private water companies which are to blame for death and disease as they were at Smethwick Hall Park and elsewhere, the council and its public health managers appear to go rather silent, as do the UKHSA, the APHA, the RSPCA and just about every other of the organisations engaged in private zoom meetings talking fucking bollocks about how not to tell the public basic truths and information. Zoonotic diseases it appears are money spinners when you can develop a vaccine strategy to go with it. I did ask for minutes of the meetings held between these agencies, and yet unfortunately despite going to the information commissioner on this topic, this body is content and therefore complicit in allowing minutes of these discussions to remain hidden in case it prevents “the free and frank exchange of views” between these different bodies on this topic.

Other council’s have parroted the same message via the useless UKHSA and the examples are shown below as to how similar their coercive message is in trying to separate the public from wild birds, just as they did in attempting to separate people from those who were dying during their covid 19 health hoax- but not of the fake illness in hospitals, whilst the likes of Matt Handcock were shagging their fancy women and not following their own senseless rules.

Birmingham City Council.

This authority I have dealt with before concerning its complicity with ruddy duck culls, and also the issues surrounding “avian botulism”– of course another attempt to link manmade botulism creation via the sewage network  with birds as though it belongs to them and they were the origin of the event- which they were certainly not.

Their pools are without doubt the most dirty litter strewn piss and shit receptacles of all the West Midland authorities, meaning that they harbour disease and illness for anything unfortunate to live amongst the floating fermenting debris, and their obsession with life rings means that these useless orange objects are regularly chucked in but never removed from the water by their lazy staff. They also allowed the Commonwealth Games fireworks debacle to be launched from one of their lakes resulting in harmful chemical fallout over it.

The message even though they state the risk to be “very low” infection regarding people is to tell them NOT to do something in bold lettering, and then telling them to do something if they do. It is not “vital” then for any particular reason is it if the risk is “very low”? This is the first coercive attempt then at turning people in OCD nutters, whilst attempting to create the impression that birds are dirty. Don’t be fooled by it. The chances are that you are more likely to acquire an illness from a person than any bird in Birmingham, particularly on public transport, which they want you to use instead of cars, and that is a fact. CONTINUE TO USE THE CAR AND REJECT THEIR LTN BOLLOCKS! 

If you see a dead bird call the council, of you see an ill one, call the RSPCA is the message- with all birds regardless of how they came to be “ill” treated as though they have avian flu. The truth of the case could not be further from the fake narrative being presented here. Birds have long been ill on Birmingham City council lakes through a variety of causes usually linked to their own poor officer management.

An update of this then used pathetic cartoons just to insult people’s intelligence even further, illustrated as geese.


Wolverhampton City Council

This authority was the only one to respond to the lockdown litter campaign without having to prompt, but issues of angling on some pools remain a problem. The signs below are subtly coloured in the colours of Wolverhampton Wanderers, with the “do not” text in yellow. This obviously attempts to connote the sense of place and another form of coercion in that it is linked to survival in a microcosm area. In the background there is a watermark upward arrow as though in the shape of an “A”, which anchors the message of Avian influenza as though it belongs to the birds. This crap was of course repeatedly used in the pandemic covid 19 hoax by political liars like Boris Johnson and big pharma shills like Chris Witty standing on a lectern and  also conveys a hazard symbol.


There is also the use of cartoons with the goose standing in silhouette in the black text box. The anti feeding message and avoid contact message is of course central in the text.

We see through the intervention manipulation.

Dudley Council.

This authority miraculously escaped any confirmed cases of avian flu between 2021-2022. Unfortunately however and rather suspiciously, in October 2022 it arrived at various locations including Himley Hall- or at least birds became ill at these locations. I was suspicious of the use of pesticides in this and other authorities so pointedly asked an FOI request as I remain of the view that symptoms of convulsions reported in some birds as “avian flu” are nothing of the sort and these birds died by manmade circumstances or from Newcastle’s Disease. I am one of very few people in the world to have seen white phosphorus poisoning in wildfowl and I know the symptoms of that with bitter experience. The symptoms of circling to me suggest a nerve agent type of substance, and not any natural toxin. Other birds have demonstrated bent necks similar to lead poisoning. My questions in red, their responses in blue.

(I)Could you please reveal a list of the pesticides, herbicides, insecticides,
neonicotinoids and chemicals used for weed/crop management in parks and green spaces within the borough of Dudley.

1. Chikara 50g glyphosate additive, No mix Glyphosate Pro bioactive,
Katoum Gold, No MixDual, Crossbar, Eco Plugs, Rose clear insecticide, No
mix G CDA.

(ii) Are pesticides/ chemicals used near children’s play areas, areas of open water or are there any areas where they are restricted from use- and for what reasons?

2. In all areas a buffer zone of two metres away from watercourses and
play areas is actioned. Water courses is to prevent water contamination
and play areas is to prevent over spray onto the play areas.

(iii) Please indicate when said chemicals were last sprayed/applied or used in the following locations to the nearest accurate date
Himley Hall and park
Lakeside- Withymoor
Mary Stevens Park

3. These areas are not sprayed with any chemicals on the grass areas.
Although highways are sprayed, these were sprayed in the month of
September. Himley Hall was sprayed in September as well around the pool is
not sprayed or by brook courses, only trip rail and shrubberies and
building curtilages with Glyphosate. The highways are also sprayed with
The most telling thing from this is that “avian flu” occurred in these areas on the month following spraying. I would suggest that any use of glyphosate- a proven carcinogenic chemical is bad news, wherever it may be sprayed or leech into. I remain highly suspicious about this “outbreak” in the areas concerned and doubt that “avian flu” occurred there in the way in which they would have people believe. 


A later sign included the usual bullet point text boxes.

The message of this council was completely blown out of the water by their own avarice by putting on a fireworks event at Himley within weeks of this “confirmed” outbreak, and inviting people to do exactly what they told them not to or making it impossible to do what they wanted them to do. As for the ill birds that they knew about- the decision makers here could not give a shit.


The petition against launching fireworks from this site and relevant links showing the harm that fireworks cause to wild birds is still active and can be signed HERE. We will be promoting this in the run up to this years November activities in attempting to change Dudley Council’s behaviour on releasing harmful chemicals into the environment!

South Staffordshire County Council

This authority literally borders Himley Hall at Baggeridge and it was rather bizarre to see two separate signs just metres apart, but basically with the same misguided message. We see with this a full on attempt at coercion, suggesting that people are “protecting birds” if you do as they say. YOU ARE NOT, SO IGNORE THE MESSAGE AS IT IS COERCION TO SUGGEST THAT IF YOU DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT TO THE MESSAGE THEN SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN AND THE BIRDS WILL NOT BE PROTECTED. 

There is no direct evidence that feeding spreads the disease, as if this was the case then they would all be dead already. As for not attempting to rescue any ill birds, I would also ignore this, as they may be tangled in line and more likely ill from something else. It’s delay and indifference that costs birds’ lives, and protecting them is doing something sooner rather than later. On the dogs on leads issue however, I do agree with that, but not for the reasons hinted at here.

Staffordshire County Council

And so the very worst I have saved until last. I have already looked at what happened at Chasewater Country Park when these liars took over and closed the former duck pond. They first attempted to string people along that it would be reinstated claiming that it was to clean the pool, only then to come up with a different story and fill it in when challenged on the matter. 

The issue of lead poisoning and botulism on this site has also been going on for years, and in the former case, this is preventable if they took certain remedial measures, which they have not.

When the “avian flu” situation first occurred in the area, this site was heavily hit by bird deaths, though many never tested for avian flu. An FOI request to this council asked them a series of questions about this, and what became a theme of stopping people from feeding the birds at the site, even after avian flu had faded from every other area in the Midlands region. Their messaging about when people could resume feeding the birds and “assuming” that all bird deaths were caused by avian flu, when there was not a shred of any scientific evidence to confirm this was clearly becoming more difficult to fathom, and unfortunately, the gaslighting message made some people whose life was made purposeful by feeding and caring for the birds have been mentally destroyed by their ranger diktats.

With this in mind, and with NO DEATHS in neighbouring authorities, I challenged this authority to come clean about the bollocks they were spouting and the continued behaviour change crap that I recognised they were insulting good people’s intelligence with. Part of my FOI request asked the following, and please note their highlighted response at that time.

“…is the case that you intend to stop members of the public from resuming feeding forever, by the means of using “avian flu” as an excuse – a seasonal and this year supposed “unprecedented” event, then please reveal what legal basis you have to enforce this, again referring to communications as stipulated in part(ii) of this request? It is noted that where other local authorities advised on not feeding birds, after a period of time of no deaths, any such notices have now been removed. When do you intend to remove yours?

“Our approach is consistent with other authorities – there is no intention to stop people feeding the birds permanently. We will wait until we have a few clear weeks and then notices will come down. We had cases on 31 March / 1st April so are still being cautious but hopefully we will soon be able to remove AI information from the site.

We do have concerns about feeding birds in some areas of Chasewater as it can attract the birds to areas where they can be exposed to lead poisoning, among other issues, so we would not actively encourage feeding. This is however a separate issue and will be communicated as such.”

Once again, the silly cartoons with stop/go red and green imagery

Prior to this, I was amazed that in spite of claiming that there must be something harmful in the water- i.e infectious material spread by the birds, no one at this authority was stopping water sports, whereby members of the public unprotected, were coming into direct contact where birds were supposedly dying, even though local observers did not see any dead birds whatsoever, or ill ones either at the site.

One event held annually is the so called “ironman” competition triathlon across this borough, and whereby the first discipline of swimming is held at Chasewater- I.e hundreds of participants enter the water and remain in the water bathing where birds are supposedly ill or dying and should not be fed to reduce this- so their messaging claimed.

Even the leader of this authority, Conservative Alan White is a participant, and noted that in social media output from this council was promoting the event, without any mention of avian flu restricting it or human contact with the water being harmful. Indeed, could human contact with the water not spread disease to the birds, following the UKHSA hypothesis?


3000 people can enter bird flu infected waters and swim 1.2 miles within it- now that is a different kind of message is it not?


The leader participates in the swim


Straight from the horses mouth with subtitles


He has been training hard- does this mean swimming in the lake at Chasewater as well?




The swim, (in Chasewater lake) is 1900…..”


…metres in Chasewater….”

From what I have researched through his results, maybe he needs some more training.  🙂



Finished 630th, and he stayed in the water (at Chasewater) for 44 minutes and 22 seconds. 

What this means is that this authority and its most senior politician were quite happy to put on and participate in an event which no doubt makes them thousands of pounds in revenue despite putting out messages of doom, and outright lies about safety concerning “avian flu”. The message is bollocks, cannot possibly be defended, and shows the lie for what it is. 

A response from SCC was received by a member of the public and can be seen as their view at this particular time AUGUST 2022, when they were still claiming that feeding could resume if there was a period of time with no birds deaths. Actually, there were none at all during this time, but it is another lie on their part.

“…..When we do get some permanent signs on site they will be to try and encourage responsible feeding of all the wildfowl, we are never going to be able to stop people feeding the birds but if we can encourage the right food and the right amounts that would be a good start!
I’m sure this is something that you’ll understand, you’ve probably like me, seen people with a whole loaf of white bread at the water side, which can’t do any good for the birds or the water.
We are monitoring the situation with the avian influenza and will take guidance from FERA before we change the notices at Chasewater or elsewhere.”

I then had this response, after delay, and had to send them a reminder to get this. It continues the story from September 2022. 


The problem with liars, and corporate organisations which lie to and mislead the public like Staffordshire County Council is that their lies eventually become impossible to defend when put under scrutiny.

“Thank you for your email below regarding your correspondence to the Council in respect of the feeding of birds at Chasewater.

I can confirm that initial enquiries were made with staff at the Country Parks Team in respect of the issues that you raised in September 2022.  A further update was also provided in November to our team however we have checked our files and can see that whilst a reply was drafted for you, this was not sent out to you as it should have been. 

I have set out below the information that was received

September – Country Parks advised that signs asking visitors not to feed the wildfowl at Chasewater were put on display due to the previous Avian Influenza outbreak.   It was always the intention to remove these as conditions allowed and replace with signs encouraging visitors to feed the birds responsibly.   There was no intention to enforce any no feeding policy and they were aware that many people are ignoring signs and have continued to feed the wildfowl over the last few months.

Country Parks had been operating on a skeleton staff for many months and are aware that a few things across the Country Parks are not in the condition that they would like.  This includes the replacement of signage.

In respect of Avian Influenza, should another outbreak occur on site they would have to display signs and information along the guidelines from DEFRA.  At that point in time it was hoped that this would not happen.

November – A further update on the situation was provided by the Country Parks Team in November whereby it was confirmed that there were cases of Bird Flu at one of the country parks in North Staffordshire.  Signs were displayed at that particular park to request that people did not feed the birds along with the safety guidance and a contact for reporting any dead birds.  Whilst at that point (8 November) there were no confirmed cases of bird flu at Chasewater, the decision was taken to ask that the birds were not fed to discourage birds grouping together for food.

Current position – In light of your email below I have asked the Country Parks Team for a further update given the time that has passed.  They have now confirmed that new signs are on order which will outline the Council’s policy and requests that going forward, visitors to country parks do not feed the birds.

I am very sorry that you have not received a response to the issues you raised back in September 2022 and I hope that the above is of assistance. 

Yours sincerely

Sue Thomas | Team Leader –  Customer Feedback & Complaints  

In other words, this local authority has used the mantra of Michie and co to gaslight the public with behaviour change of not feeding the birds at the site at all in the hope that one day there would be a point in time, (never intentioned by them of course) where they could . They constructed the fake narrative that by feeding the birds, then you would harm them, but dismissed any risk that entering the water would not affect in any way Alan White and his chummy bunch of floaters. Their plan to restrict this by rule making follows the change, and the rest of it you can deduce with a reminder of the BCW table below.


The latest signs at this site once again use the same daft cartoons as well as gaslighting the public and even has one of those three phrase platitudes at the end of the message. This council may have “pride” and “purpose” in ridding the site of wildfowl so that water sports can prosper, but they are certainly not “with you” if you prefer wildlife.

There is NO risk, and people do not spread it.

The message is clear from this council in that they are about promoting water sports which makes them doe and removing wildlife from this site which does not, and have used underhand tactics and “avian flu” as the mechanism and excuse for this , just as they did to remove the duck pond before this. Staffordshire County Council, you are without doubt the most underhand crooked council I have ever had the misfortune to deal with, and that is saying something with the ones that I have! 

So I return then to Sandwell and its “public health” message. I was written to by the Director of public health, now gone, as well as some bloke from the UKHSA with something like the name “Dr Chapati”. I do not take kindly to people who assume that they are more intelligent than I am and can put one over on me, especially ones who are not even real doctors of medicine and promptly binned it.


Hannibal, Red Dragon | Filmes policiais, Vilãs, Cicatrizes

They attempted to suggest that as “an advocate of birds” , (appealing to my nature and personal ego), that I should advocate their message to the public about not feeding birds or touching birds and all of the other crap associated with the scumbags from SAGE. I declined to respond, GIVEN THE VAST RANGE  OF ISSUES MENTIONED PREVIOUSLY THAT THEY COULD NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT CHANGING IN SANDWELL WITHIN THEIR OWN PORTFOLIO BRIEF, but I will say this and say it as clearly as can be made publicly whether you unfortunately reside in a Tory authority or Labour one where there is no difference….

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APHA FOI request and avian flu- the vaccine production line “one health” scam


Question- which came first, the avian flu chicken, or the “avian flu” research funding golden egg? 

RT-PCR tests and Avian flu


This request to The Animal and Plant Health Agency follows the often strange diagnosis and inexplicable circumstances that have surrounded this alleged virus of “natural” origin of which I remain highly suspicious. I will explain why and my concerns about this after looking at questions asked and the responses received from the APHA. As they state on the response to this request, “APHA is an Executive Agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and also works on behalf of the Scottish Government, Welsh Government and Food Standards Agency to safeguard animal and plant health for the benefit of people, the environment and the economy.”

I am more concerned that “economy” and more specifically some people’s private commercial interests and those of academic institutions are being looked after more than the benefit to the environment and wildlife and also the growing globalist conspiracy to develop “vaccines” for human and animal linked diseases- links made by certain types of big pharma organisations who fund and press the ears of Governments with wild and exaggerated claims made through their “research”.


The APHA responded to my request for information which can be read HERE.

(i) Please disclose the country of origin and manufacturer of RT -PCR tests used in the UK by the APHA to determine avian flu.

All but two have their origin in the UK (APHA Weybridge). The tests were designed, validated and published by APHA Weybridge. The two which do not have their origins at APHA Weybridge are the generic influenza A virus screening RT-PCR which was developed by, and therefore originated from the team of Alexander Nagy (Czech Republic) as described in Nagy et al., 2021 and the RT-PCR for specific detection of subtype N1 avian influenza virus (Payunporn et al., 2006; Thailand). Both the Nagy et al. and Payunporn et al. tests have been adapted and validated for use by APHA using reagents manufactured in the UK.

(ii) What is the cost of these tests for financial years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 so far?

The following table was provided showing a progressive increase in spending over the period.

(iii) What is the claimed accuracy of these tests?

The accuracy is 100% following heavy validation, which has shown these tests to be highly robust and resilient with reliable reproducibility and repeatability.


(iv) It is my understanding that if a “positive” test is found from either a cloacal or Oro-pharyngeal swab that no further examination is allowed for “health and safety ” reasons- even if the positive test may be incidental to cause of death- e.g a bird was known to have been shot. Which body made this ruling or enforces it and please provide any manual or procedural document that examiners at the APHA have been given which states that this is the case.

Avian influenza (AI) virus is a Specified Animal Pathogen Order (SAPO) Containment Level 4, and Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) containment level 3 pathogen. APHA follow Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation for this pathogen. Please find details here: Biological agents: The principles, design and operation of Containment Level 4 facilities.

APHA also work to the primary legislation that applies to contained use of specified animal pathogens, here: The Specified Animal Pathogens Order 2008

High Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) virus is also classified as an Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act (ATCSA) Schedule 5 agent, details here: https://www.gov.uk/government/groups/advisory-committee-on-dangerous-pathogens and HSE recommend it is handled at ACDP CL3.

Great Britian is currently in an Avian Influenza (HPAI) outbreak with risk level in wild birds currently rated as very high. All wild birds are first tested for HPAI through cloacal and oro-pharyngeal swabs before any further work can be undertaken. If these tests confirm the presence of HPAI, APHA are then limited in what further work can be undertaken due to the containment requirements required to comply with the legislation. APHA must operate in compliance with this legislation. Further information can be found here: Management and operation of microbiological containment laboratories.”


I asked the APHA about the country of origin and manufacturer of RT -PCR tests used in the UK by the APHA to determine avian flu.

Real time PCR tests have been widely employed concerning covid-19 and they are highly controversial in that setting whereby their use has been used by authority to prevent people’s freedom for some “greater good” which is a fallacy. The lockdowns were a fascist mechanism that have destroyed people’s health, rebooted economies into which corrupt politicians have invested their wealth by insider trading and we are now seeing the consequences of fake scientific advice by the likes of the charlatan epidemiologist and adulterer “Professor” Neil “chicken little” Fergusson. Whilst advocating prison camp lockdown of others, with their predictions of doom which never materialised, both he and Hat Mancock were performing cunnilingus with other men’s wives. Fergusson has a major track record of abysmal prophecy of such “pandemic” events, which I will look at in more depth in another post.

“The generic influenza A virus screening RT-PCR” that the APHA mention formulated the ones developed by the APHA in the UK and cannot be disassociated. APHA staff were directly involved with the Nagy “team” study mentioned and yet they omit stating this.

This study can be read below.


The APHA are increasingly becoming an officious and authoritarian body of tickers, and the abysmal handling of situations like the murder of Geronimo the alpaca which they claimed had BTB have seriously questioned their professional integrity as a governmental body in which they operate. My own personal experience of them has not been very great when they were known as the VLA in being able to determine the impact of manmade chemicals on animals, and their direct incompetence is clearly evidenced in this post.

Bizarrely they have come up with a “mitigation strategy” for wild birds and avian flu, a strange choice of phrase which is usually used by developers where manmade destruction of habitat for development is “replaced” with some token crap like a hedgerow to tick a box. I am not sure why they have used this, but it does imply a manmade situation has created “avian flu”.

They are becoming bureaucratic bullies and in my opinion are out to shut down the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals, hand in hand with their DEFRA hunt scum farming financiers. 

The APHA is now more of a commercial business than an independent UK civil service entity and this needs to be considered and for whom their employees are acting for in such a capacity.

The conflict of interest whereby the public are financing this is a disgrace, as is the ability of those in academia to garner more funds for endless “research” when they are whispering advice into the ears of those who control the purse strings. The question arises as to what benefit would it be to such an organisation or individuals to ever find a solution to the research problems which they constantly set or reset? Is there any benefit in ever finding a conclusion with the “one health” system? Would the money run out at that stage if the gravy train vaccine quest elixir was derailed?

pcr fake1

“The mutual dependence of human and animal health is central to the One Health initiative as an integrated strategy for infectious disease control and management. A crucial element of the One Health includes preparation and response to influenza A virus (IAV) threats at the human-animal interface.”

The so called “one health” initiative is an insidious bought non science conglomerate funded by “philanthropic” liberal coercive controlling organisations in the background. One can see here that these are driven purely by economic and financial interests.

“In 2004 the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Bank proposed a One Health Initiative as a holistic perspective on the management and control of influenza A virus (IAV) threats at the human-animal interface.”

“The One Health concept is based on the realization that human and animal health allied to environmental safeguarding are inextricably linked.”

Yes of course they are, in extracting public funding for climate/virus hoaxes where the researchers  offer “solutions” if you’ll just give them more money. I’ve re-summarised the real purpose and idea of “one health” in the graphic below.

But let us look more closely at the authors of this study starting with the APHA’s own Ian Brown, not to be confused with the front man from The Stone Roses.  The list of contributions shows him as “funding acquisition, ResourcesWriting – review & editing4

4 Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA-Weybridge), Addlestone, Surrey, United Kingdom.


According to the APHA, Ian H Brown “is responsible for operational delivery of Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) science and science related matters, including topics related to Avian Influenza, Newcastle Disease, Swine Influenza and laboratory outbreak preparedness.

Ian was previously Head of Virology at APHA Weybridge.” I.E at the time of this study that was his position. He is a member of the board of the APHA which meets 6 times per year. Additionally, he has also been listed as “Director of EU/OIE/FAO International Reference Laboratories for Avian Influenza, Newcastle Disease and Swine Influenza.”

It is interesting that Newcastle’s disease, (VND), is lumped in the same category as avian influenza, a factory farming caused illness, and I have already speculated that the so called symptoms put forward by this body were more akin to VND and whether they were attempting to distract attention away from the vile poultry production factory farming industry and instead blame wild birds? I STAND BY THAT OBSERVATION.




“Ian holds a visiting Professorship position in Avian Virology at the University of Nottingham and Honorary Professorship in Pathobiology and Population Sciences with Royal Veterinary College, London.” Note those two academic institutions, they will reappear in a while. 

In this blog, Brown claims that  “The arrival of AI is connected to wild bird migration in the autumn and winter months”  and yet birds have been migrating for thousands of years along the same routes without apparent detection until a group of scientists in the early 2000’s came along and decided that they were- strange that.  😮 

A series of measures is described including registering flocks of more than 50 birds, so my advice to people who wish to keep birds would be to only ever keep 49 at the maximum and do not register with the APHA under any circumstances. Failure to adhere to APHA rules means fines- and you can see where this is leading along the covid-`19 rule slide.

The biggest problem for Brown and co is their gaslighting message to the public about not touching dead wild birds. This is an area which they cannot possibly control and they know it. If the public were to do this and nothing happened at all- which is the likely case, it would throw their one health initiative to the wolves as it would show that human contact with such is NOT A HUMAN HEALTH ISSUE and avian flu is not going to be a pandemic– and there goes their funding in attempting to suggest it is.



Of course, anyone with any compassion would touch them, but the APHA are not an organisation which deals with such.

In this article, Brown totally contradicts himself where it is suggested he implies “it was not known exactly why there have been record outbreaks for two years in a row, as well as a rare human case this winter.”

“But he told The Independent these events suggest something is changing and “we need to understand what is driving it”. “

As I have already stated, migration is NOT to blame here, and I would agree that “something has changed” in the last two years. We then get into the absolute bollocks of academic “climate change” proposals and you can see where the funding mechanism with “one health” is going again. Basically, “we as scientists cannot explain what is happening, but if you give us a shitload of money we might give you some conclusions.”

Brown concludes by calling for a “multinational, collaborative effort to understand and track what is happening with wild birds”. In other words, “give us your money”.

And so they did. 

“APHA, Defra and BBSRC have today announced a major new research consortium in the UK’s battle against bird flu.”

BBSRC stands for Biotechnology and Biosciences Research Council, basically a public funded university research war chest run by academics, for academics. 

golden egg

Headed by Ian Brown

This is not a grant to aid wild birds, but to aid the millionaire farmers who are probably at the centre of creating avian diseases with their ghastly genocidal chicken death factory farming practices. What we see here are a collection of academic institutions being funded, including The University of Nottingham, and The Royal Veterinary College London, (there they are).

We also get the vile Imperial College London from which the rat Fergusson outpoured his pro Lockdown  shite.

Then there is The Pirbright Institute. I will look in more detail at this organisation and its links with its insidious funders like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the (Un)Wellcome Trust and The World Health (HOAX) Organisation, except to say that it has been meddling with avian and other animal viruses including coronaviruses such as IBV for a very long time in order they allege to find vaccines, and even filing US patents to that end. These funders are also the main bankrollers of Imperial College London. 

As an important quick note, The Wellcome Trust was the supposed “philanthropic” body set up on the death of Henry Wellcome, the Freemason Godfather of big pharma who founded The Boroughs Wellcome & company, which later became Glaxo Smith Kline– one of the very worst. GSK control the purse strings for this “charity” front and are therefore beneficiaries of any “pandemic” event. 

The Wellcome Trust in particular has one individual who has been the catalyst for pushing the globalist avian flu agenda and also meddling in Covid 19 circles, and is increasingly being exposed for his role in disinformation about the Chinese “natural” origins of the latter.  Whilst I would not accuse such laboratories outright of deliberately releasing harmful pathogens into the environment, the fact that they are meddling and changing the nature of such viruses out of curiosity, academic gain amongst their peers and the valued vaccines that would come from injecting farmed animals against such make the prospect of release of said viruses into the wild more possible through accidental release. The fact that their funders have also been involved in funding gain of function research is even more troubling.

  • “inform risk mitigation measures in birds to reduce disease burden thereby protecting against zoonotic transmission occurring from animals to humans, to prevent future spillovers of influenza with pandemic potential into humans.”

I think we need to stop funding these prophets of doom who appear to want to create a worse case scenario with everything. 

“Professor Ian Brown, APHA’s Head of Virology and project manager, said:

“This investment in a new research consortium will bring together the greatest minds from eight world-leading British institutions to address gaps in our understanding of bird flu, helping us to control the spread of the disease, while furthering UK animal health science and ensuring we maintain our world-leading reputation in the field.” “

Well why have the “greatest minds” not been able to offer any advice of any meaning to date? Like looking for weapons of mass destruction maybe, they are difficult to find.

A follow up piece in The Daily Mail to news of this funding again quotes Brown making astonishing unfounded claims about avian flu.

“Professor Brown, head of virology at the Animal and Plant Health Agency, told The Observer cases were ‘in big commercial farms all the way down to somebody keeping two chickens in their back yard’.

….’The more humans are in contact with birds in an uncontrolled way, the greater is the theoretical risk that people can get infected.’ “

To compare keeping a few chickens not for consumption free range in your back garden to commercial death factories which he and the APHA defend is outrageous, as is his coercive attempt at policy setting  that everyone should be registered to keep birds at all- and there is no doubt as to where his aims are going with this, so do not even attempt to deny them!   Some of the comment responses to this article cannot be better expressed and I fully agree with the ones below.


The most recent article , I take this one from the BBC, ramps up the narrative of a link being made between avian flu and other mammals tested for presence of this virus.

This article claims “spill over”, and yet there is no proof that avian flu was the cause of death of any of these animals who died after testing positive for avian flu. The circumstances as to how they arrived at the APHA for testing is not explored, and many of them could have been road kill. I see dead foxes, badgers and hedgehogs floating around in the canal system every week that have drowned. And then there is deliberate cruelty which appears to have taken a clear backseat after AI has come on the scene; little is investigated any more, and wasn’t really before all this started.


Did this dead fox in the canal which could not get out die from “avian flu”?

As with the wild birds, the DEFRA doctrine of no further testing after positive PCR test result is a convenient mechanism for failing to complete any scientific post mortem looking for the real cause of death. 

For Brown and co, the narrative however is to get their pitch reported in such a way as to alarm the public via the media into believing that all of these animals died from “bird flu”.

“In the UK, the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) has tested 66 mammals, including seals, and found nine otters and foxes were positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N1.”


 This piece is nothing more than alarmist fake news reporting where “possibilities” and scenarios are the only real thing that the APHA have to offer- for which of course they will get more research funding. The risk to humans , as stated at the end of the article is very low. 

Brown is not the only author of this study from the APHA, there are two others. Marek Slomka, is listed in the study as Funding acquisitionProject administrationResourcesSupervisionValidationVisualizationWriting – review & editing. “

His Linked In profile reveal that he is the “Avian influenza research leader at the APHA” where he has been for the last 19 years. I would like to know more about “Disease control & mangement  (sic) policies centred on (i) research interests in avian host responses to infections & (ii) development, optimisation & validation of novel disease testing strategies, together with epidemiological understanding “ has panned out? Maybe like a turkey voting for Christmas? Oh, and look where he studied for his PHD…..





AI vaccine take up be like……


Samuaya Thomas of the APHA is listed in the study as contributing  Data curationInvestigationResourcesValidationVisualizationWriting – review & editing”. and linked in profile lists her as  “Research Scientist/ Molecular Virologist at APHA, Weybridge”


Both Slomka and Thomas were also authors along with several other APHA staff on another paper called ” Avian influenza: a veterinary pathogen with zoonotic potential.” which is worth reading as it also states that Newcastle disease symptoms are very similar to those cited for AIV’s but only distinguishable because of the laboratory tests. In terms of human zoonotic potential

“AIVs are host- adapted, hence human cases are infrequent and transmission between human hosts is very rarely observed. To date, the H5Nx HPAIV goose Guangdong (GsGd) lineage  and the China- origin H7N9 LP and HPAIVs represent strains responsible for the majority of human AIV infections within the past two decades. However, other subtypes have been linked to human infection (e.g. H9N2, H5N6).”
In other words these diseases were found in backward Asian countries with poor bio- security in their commercial bird farming practices. Why are scientists looking to find something which is just not there and the obsession with trying to turn animal diseases into human ones? It’s almost as though they want this to happen and bring this unnaturally about so they can show how clever they are and develop their coveted vaccines. 

The APHA’s PCR testing method can be read in the PDF below.


“1.2 Background information 1.2.1 The N1 RRT-PCR described by Payungporn et al (J Virol Methods (2006) 131;143-147) has been adapted to work in RRT-PCR chemistry (Slomka et al, Avian Pathology (2012); 41:177-193) . It is a rapid, sensitive and specific method for the detection of N1 AIV viruses. “

N.B this refers to the other Thailand study mentioned in the request and also shows that Slomka and Brown were involved with another study in 2012 concerning AI in Vietnam, so this has been a pipeline continuation until it arrives in the UK.

The main others including Nagy are from the Czech Republic and Slovakia and their equivalent of the APHA.

There are three Hungarians who complete the team, with all of them having links to private pharma companies from this country, stated as “commercial affiliation” in the study. Don’t worry however as it states “The funders provided support in the form of salaries for authors [ÁD, TV, MM] but did not have any additional role in the study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.”– yeah sure

Firstly Adam Dan Formal analysisInvestigation, Methodology, SupervisionValidation” , has an interesting record. Let’s take a peek, it would be rude not to wouldn’t it.  😆 

pcr fake2

As can be seen here, funding for this study was partially direct from this man’s own business!



On leaving that job, he got a new one at another of the studies funders SCG Diagnosztika KFT, who also includes another study author molecular biologist Tünde Varga. Here he is below on their website where they describe their business, translated from the Hungarian as 

“Our company offers modern and affordable animal health diagnostic services primarily for farm animal owners, but we also perform post-mortem and additional diagnostic examinations of pets.” 

So no wild birds there then, but would you Adam and Eve it, the molecular biologist has been looking for links between all manner of animal to human virus transmission for some time.





The final private foreign company funder from Hungary is Prophyl Animal Health Ltd.

It appears that their services are largely related to providing eggs to test viruses and vaccines.

“Our activities now comprise mainly the production of SPF eggs and RDI services in the field of veterinary medicine. All areas are closely linked to animal health and human and veterinary vaccine production.”


But not only that they also admit to playing with viruses themselves. “Uniquely in Hungary, we also have biosecurity level 3 animal houses, where we can work with pathogens of high pathogenicity, such as avian influenza, poultry plague or the African swine fever virus.”

I do hope that that their biosecurity is er …safe! (and not on any migration routes)  😮


Disgusting chambers of death! 



“The BSL-3 animal house was established in 2011 to enable us to perform tests involving BSL-3 priority pathogens or other test material requiring BSL-3 isolation. The facility has four fully segregated animal enclosures for the housing of animals, each equipped with a vestibule and a handling area. Each unit has a floor area of 16 m2 dedicated to animal housing, either in a deep-litter, grid floor, battery or cage housing system, depending on the requirements of the test and the breed.” 

Most people would regard looking for something harmful or creating something harmful which was not there by artificial means “bio-terrorism”. But it seems that if it is a State Government funded “research project” under some  cumbrella like “one health” then that term does not apply at all. 


Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens and “terrorism” 

The final part of my FOI request related to the APHA role of testing and factors preventing them from undertaking further tests – which may have been the real cause of death and not “avian flu”, as I looked at in a previous post. A number of links are made in the request , but they basically claim the Health and Safety Executive are making the call concerning failing to look for any other cause of death under the tool of the Specified Animal Pathogens Order (SAPO).

“SAPO prohibits any person from having in their possession:

  • any specified animal pathogen listed in Part 1 of Schedule 1 of SAPO; or
  • any carrier in which they know such a pathogen is present.

Similarly, in the absence of a licence, it also prohibits the introduction into any animal or bird of any pathogen listed in Parts 1 and 2 of Schedule 1 of SAPO.”

But basically the likes of Pirbright get licences from the HSE to potentially fuck us all over with their experimenting with such.

“What is the purpose of SAPO?

The purpose of the Order is to prevent the introduction and spread into Great Britain of specified animal pathogens which are not endemic and which, if introduced, would cause serious disease and economic loss to the livestock industry.”

We see here the real reasons for the APHA surveillance and how they are only ever interested about farming and the vile industry of animal torture and murder for gain. SAPO is another gaslighting technique of government into shutting down any investigations into animal deaths by claiming a “positive test”. No examination of manmade chemicals, harmful biocides or anything else that might cause economic loss to those industries.

The documents links the APHA gave include the “Management and operation of microbiological containment laboratories” written in 2018 by the Advisory committee on dangerous pathogens. It defines a hazard group in the following way.

“▪ HG1: unlikely to cause human disease,

▪ HG2: can cause human disease and may be a hazard to employees; it is unlikely to spread to the community and there is usually effective prophylaxis or treatment available;

▪ HG3: can cause severe human disease and may be a serious hazard to employees; it may spread to the community, but there is usually effective prophylaxis or treatment available; and

▪ HG4: causes severe human disease and is a serious hazard to employees; it is likely to spread to the community and there is usually no effective prophylaxis or treatment available.”

Therefore “Avian flu” according to them is category 3, and yet this document does not mention avian flu once!

The APHA also referred me to The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens and that High Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) virus is also classified as an Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act (ATCSA) Schedule 5 agent.”

The terms of reference for this committee are

“To provide as requested independent scientific advice to HSE, and to ministers through DHSCDefra, and their counterparts under devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, on all aspects of hazards and risks to workers and others from exposure to pathogens.

In addition, to provide as requested independent scientific risk assessment advice on transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) to ministers through DHSCDefra, and their counterparts under devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and to the Food Standards Agency.”

The term “independent advice” is of course an utter load of bollocks when you see the line up of big pharma shills on this committee, a cabal of academia all advocating pumping us and our animals full of laboratory produced devil semen shite.

Here are the official register of members interests (February 2022), and surprise surprise who do we find near the top of this list- the charlatan shagger Neil Fergusson! The lockdown willy bonker lists three big pharma companies. He should not have been allowed to remain on this committee. 

acdp-members-interests-declaration-updated-february-2022-accessible (1)


Fergusson’s links with big pharma have already been exposed , as are his ludicrous previous fake “pandemic” predictions with the WHO backed  swine flu fraud. His stated links in this table are at odds with that which he stated in the Express article dated earlier. Clearly, academic research and commercial interests may be good “for science” and for those few it pays, but not the general public when their freedom is taken away from them with wildly incorrect white coated divination. Worst of all is the scenario where “the only way out” of lockdowns are their vaccines. A clear gaslighting fraud and extortion racket of death. 

Then there is the current chair of this committee Tom Evans of The University of Glasgow‘s school of infection & immunity.


One can see from the list of grants that no less than 4 were provided by The Wellcome Trust, so this man and his place of work owe a debt to this insidious organisation. As far as I am concerned, any funding by this “charity” is a direct conflict of interest, but he declares no interests.






The other similar connections involve those connected to The University College London, just continuing the London centric clique. These are Peter Chiodini and Simon Mead. According to his CV, Chiodini

“is consultant parasitologist at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, honorary professor at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and director of the Public Health England (PHE) Malaria Reference Laboratory and the PHE National Parasitology Reference Laboratory.” His wife has a website and some apparent commercial interest in similar travel medical advice work.

But just look where he gained his PHD, yes, another “Wellcome ” man on the committee.

“gained his PhD in parasitology at the Wellcome Research Laboratories.” 


From UCL London hospitals we have Dr Gee Yen Shin. From University of Liverpool we have Tom Solomon. 


But from where did he get direct funding for his career development…well, you don’t need me to tell you do I  😥


But the worst link of all with the University College London is its list of partners, a subdivision of its reach. We see here the absolutely detestable creature Susan Michie, the zero covid zealot who dispensed advise from the SAGE and Independent Sage platform. She has no medical qualifications and is not a doctor of medicine, but of mind bending. Her wikipedia page reveals quite a bit more. 

“In 2002, Michie joined the Psychology Department of University College London (UCL), where she is Professor of Health Psychology. She is director of UCL’s Centre for Behaviour Change and of its Health Psychology Research Group

“She leads the Human Behaviour-Change Project funded by the Wellcome Trust.”

“In July 2022, Michie was appointed chair of the WHO’s Behavioural Advisory Group. She will advise the WHO on how to increase adherence to vaccination campaigns and other initiatives that influence national health policy. Some social media users expressed concern over her hiring due to Michie’s stances during the COVID epidemic.”

No shit. This vile communist witch was largely responsible along with others in shutting down our entire lives with absolute lies and a psychological warfare operation against the British people with Fergusson’s debunked figures of death doom which never materialised, and clearly now invented garbage about the spread of this so called “animal disease”. She can fuck off with her vaccination behaviour change, mask mandates and covid passports, shove them right up her dried up soy sauce smelling CCP old Doris and take her rightful place squatting on the teeny weeny spike protein  of Xi Jinping.




We can therefore see that this Government committee is a confederacy of The Wellcome Trust and those who owe some form of debt to it. In addition we also have their connection to Imperial College London, another of the triumvirate whom the NHS gave away our personal details without consent to receive unsolicited vaccine propaganda.

Professor Robert Shorten

” I am Professor of Cyber-physical Systems at the Dyson School of Engineering Design at Imperial College London. I am also Deputy Head of Department. I am also affiliated with University College Dublin.”

Perhaps the only light relief in investigating these characters was when I saw the dead ringer for James McAvoy aka Kevin Wendell Crumb from the film Split. The Open University man appears to talk in circumlocutions where just a few words would have sufficed.  😆



At the last minuted meeting of this cabal in June last year, the following were recorded as present.


We also get an update on avian flu from yet another sub group acronym HAIRS.

This stands for “Human Animal Infections and Risk Surveillance group”, and not to be confused with the useless former body known as CHaIRS group, from which I concluded could not detect urine if they were standing in a bath full of their own piss. 

We see the main point at 6.2 in that the deadly future pandemic is nothing of the sort, and that situation has not changed, just the ramped up reporting from alarmists in the APHA et al have steered it that way.


In this case we can definitely conclude that the tortoise came before the HAIRS.

In conclusion, the PCR tests being used here are leading us down a certain path, an avenue that I would argue was not envisaged or certainly not welcomed by its talented inventor Kary Mullis who won The Nobel prize for such. Mullis was a maverick scientist who was totally anti-disestablishment, and I have read his book “Dancing Naked in The Mind Field” where his views are clearly evident about the way in which some scientists have jumped on a research funding bandwagon.

He was invited to speak at a GSK conference event for a fee but was famously uninvited   when he told them his topic of speech would be about the harms of the AIDS drug AZT which Glaxo had made – “I was thinking that this technique of killing people with a drug that was going to kill them in a way hardly distinguishable from the disease they were already dying from, just faster, was really out there on the edge of the frontiers of medicine.”  

He wanted to see DNA to “predict and avert” things which were real and there such as “children born with genetic defects”. He wanted PCR to “solve murders”, and also to reveal past migrations of early man and even, if man ever set foot on other planets, if he had been related to anything that had been there before.

“We have to be aware- when someone comes on the seven O’clock news with word that the global temperature is going up or that the oceans are turning into cesspools or that the matter is going backward- that the media are at the mercy of the scientists who have the ability to summon them and that the scientists who have such ability are not often minding the store. MORE LIKELY THEY ARE MINDING THEIR OWN LIVELIHOODS.” 

Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, that a bunch of latter day grifters are now using to sell us bad medicine. Never “trust the science” until you have followed the money that funded it. 

The Stone Roses – Fools Gold (Official Video) – YouTube

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The Duck’s ARSE- THE TRUTH about Sandwell’s fake “avian flu confirmation”

The first thing to learn is a quick duck biology lesson which are important to topics mentioned in this post which will become clear.


Note the throat area- Oesophagus, or sometimes referred to as “pharynx” and hence “pharyngeal” to mean it emanates from this area.

Cloaca is the only orifice of birds from which they reproduce and also excrete material- in crude terms- the duck’s arse. 

In 2021/22 there were outbreaks of “Avian flu” across the country which are still ongoing and as yet unexplained by the likes of DEFRA as to why this should be the case. Science so far up until now has gone into lockdown on this subject and answers by all accounts- particularly as to why it appears to affect larger birds like geese and swans and very much less so smaller birds like ducks which share the same waters, the same food and presumably ingest the same contaminated material coming out of one another’s backsides.

In Sandwell, I first noted ill and dead geese in Tipton. The comatose way in which this council operated I have looked at previously, an inaction which certainly led to more deaths, just as the inaction to do anything about botulism in Smethwick claimed more lives there.

I called for a number of measures, practical interventions which were ignored, largely it seems because some unnamed “experts” knew better- well did they fuck.

The dead birds being picked up and taken for post mortem were a small fraction of the ones that died or that the RSPCA rounded up still alive and put down- some of these were not even AI cases, but birds which could not outrun their boat and were not in perfect condition.

Of those which were sampled by the Animal and Plant Health Agency at Shrewsbury, an FOI request revealed that just over half of the birds that SMBC sent off even tested positive for AI. WHICH MEANS THEY DID NOT DIE FROM THIS CAUSE, YET THE REAL CAUSE WAS NOT INVESTIGATED FURTHER. 


This therefore means that despite dozens of deaths, only 6 out of 13 birds tested positive for AI in Sandwell during this period. The rest were just fucked off without a care by SERCO et al and DEFRA did not care either. It is also the case that a positive test does not imply that AI was the cause of death. 

These deaths subsided over the Spring and into Summer, despite the doom and gloom of other local authorities like Staffordshire who want to eradicate wild birds from Chasewater so that water-based activities can exist there.

Then in September, I noticed a few suspicious deaths of smaller birds in one location. One of these birds had a broken wing, and so I suspected either powerlines or foul play. Then by chance I noticed two pieces of shite firing catapults in this same location, and thus it became clear as to the likely cause of deaths of these birds.

With this in mind, we actively retrieved a number of birds, some decomposed but others still fairly fresh, and approached Sandwell Council to take them to Shrewsbury. All I can say is at first, they were not interested, but I insisted they had a duty of obligation as I considered that a wildlife crime had taken place on one of their sites. They were sent clear evidence of individuals I had taken pictures of, which I also sent to West Midlands Police and the RSPCA.

Three birds were taken by SMBC to the APHA at Shrewsbury. These were a coot, and a male and female mallard. For the purposes of this post, I will refer to the duck as “Alice”.

The coot which was retrieved from off an island was in good condition and tested negative for avian flu, at both ends.



Due to blood being found in the head and air sacs this bird likely died as a result of trauma injuries- I.E it had been killed by catapult. 



The drake mallard found dead between two islands was also tested for avian flu which was not detected. It also had injuries to the head and blood in the lungs. I.E IT WAS ALSO KILLED BY CATAPULT. 




And this is where the issues begin. The female duck “Alice” was found dead off the same island as the coot. No avian flu was detected in the oral swab, and yet her arse detected it. I am stumped as to how this can be the case, and this offers the view to myself that this testing process is both flawed and also open to misrepresentation of results.

As a result of the “positive” test, the APHA were forced by health and safety rules, set by, I have yet to find out which body, from any further examination. I have no doubt whatsoever as a result of the other two birds, that there would have been trauma injuries found on Alice, suggesting she too had been killed by the pathetic white trash scum with catapults.

Public Health England has not existed since October 2021, and so I am not sure why this oversight was present in this report.



Alice did not appear on the Government APHA statistics for the week in question, and if you view the APHA confirmed list of avian flu cases in wild birds, you can see that for yourself in that the last confirmed case in the borough of Sandwell in 2022 was in week       three- JANUARY 2022. We are now in week 45 as of writing. 


Despite this, someone in Sandwell council was responsible for putting out a press release via their press office. This lie states that

“Bird flu is currently affecting wild birds across the UK, including in Sandwell.”

This was picked up by The Birmingham Mail, without any context of the circumstances as to why the birds were picked up to start with- I.E A WILDLIFE CRIME, or the fact that two other birds had been killed which there was direct evidence of from post mortem. Alice had not received a post mortem, and this was not mentioned either. Nor was it mentioned that the positive test had only been found at one end, and that this was not the confirmed cause of death, but probably incidental. Even worse, the paper used a picture of the RSPB Forge Mill Lake sign, which connotes to the public that avian flu had been “confirmed” there- IT HAD NOT IN THE PRESENT TIME, AND SO THE ARTICLE IS MISLEADING HAVING BEEN MISLED BY THE SMBC PRESS OFFICE. Alice and the other two dead birds were NOT found on this site. 

In two months, there have been no further dead or ill birds found at this site, and no outbreak of avian flu has occurred either.

Despite being in full knowledge of the results, the circumstances and the issue with catapults, someone on Sandwell council then went ahead with putting up more signs that had been placed in parks and open spaces from the previous year. There is no context as to why, no confirmation that any NEW cases have been found, and so the public is being misled as to the circumstances of the case. THE COUNCIL ARE MISLEADING THE PUBLIC WITH THESE SIGNS. 


“Detected in wild birds” The truth is- a mere handful, and was this their real cause of death?

“The public should avoid contact with wild birds, including  their feathers and waste.”

Compare and contrast the messaging with the situation at Smethwick Hall Park and false signs about human waste being “mud”. This was long after children had been playing in the water and the silt after a confirmed contamination with human faeces that had happened before and is still happening due to combined sewer overflows being, shit. Were any of them sick after this, they would not have known the cause?




More multi agency fake statements after Severn Trent Water had turned down the SMBC application to remove all the contaminated silt.

After a year of trying to press this authority for information, coming up with practical suggestions as to how they could stop avian flu and limit any spread, the council are not interested with communicating anything of substance in return back to me. They do not want to stop avian flu, they want to spread it in people’s minds as though it is endemic, which it is not. Much of my contact with birds is as a result of their mismanagement of angling over the last 25 years, and despite communicating much of this to councillors and senior officers, they have failed to ever engage in the matter either. I will not stop helping injured birds, handling them, least of all from a fraudulent “public health” message being promoted by certain individuals and organisations.

I have no confidence that the officers or current leadership of the council will change tack on this, indeed it is quite obvious they do not care about the wildlife in Sandwell or what the public knows to be the truth of the matter. Perhaps if they used their time detecting scum who kill birds on their sites, they may not have any more dead birds, but this is the council who murdered 220 geese in cold blood because of a then corrupt parks officer with vested personal interests for doing so in 2013-14, so what do you really expect if you can spread a false message that they are dying from something else? 

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Commonwealth Games and beyond- fireworks are harming wildlife

Now that the pointless Commonwealth Games of Birmingham are history, it is clear to see that the boasts of “carbon neutrality” and other buzz phrases were part of an orchestrated hoax by the event organisers, and enthusiastically backed by many a pointless politician. The one thing that these people seem to enjoy is a basic shock and awe firework show, and they continue to resist bans on fireworks on Guy Fawkes night firework events as well as meaningless fantasy religious festivals to commemorate events which never even happened in real history. Are you sick and tired of the bangs – yes it really pisses me off too and I do not want it for a fucking three months!

The Commonwealth Games was typical of wanting to let off some bangs, as is standard for sporting event ceremonies it seems. On seeing the set up, I was concerned at the likelihood of fireworks being launched from the lake next to The Alexander Stadium, where the opening ceremony was to take place. I also made the RSPCA aware of this as it could have resulted in problems for roosting birds as well as other animals in the vicinity. I also contacted the parks manager for the area at BCC outlining my concerns but received no response. 


The spud barge on the lake with fireworks primed by a company called “Titanium Fireworks Limited”

These fireworks were let off on that night, and also for the closing ceremony. In light of this I put in an FOI to Birmingham City Council regards how this had been decided.


Picture- Birmingham Live. Spud barge and fireworks shown top left from the lake in Perry Park.

On 25th July 2022 industrial fireworks were let off in the dark from an anchored spud barge next to The Alexander Stadium as part of the CG22 opening ceremony. Pictures of this were published on the Birmingham Live website, and in the week proceeding, I witnessed Titanium Fireworks Ltd setting up and testing rockets from this barge.
As landowners of this lake and site, please provide by electronic means any communications to yourself indicating that this company/organisers of the games would be releasing fireworks from the lake environment.
Can you confirm that you were given or took part in any risk assessment regards letting fireworks off from this lake.
Please disclose any communications involving this risk assessment, including the document itself.
Please disclose any observations/comments or concerns that officers of the council expressed concerning letting off fireworks to the organisers/pyrotechnic company with regard to animal welfare and roosting birds on this lake. If none was made, then please indicate that this was the case.”

The council replied with a large 69 page PDF of emails and attachments which were jumbled up in no particular order.

This can be read unedited HERE, and much of it consists of disclaimer notices with some repetition of emails. I have pieced this jigsaw together and put the key and interesting documents together in chronological order. In general, it appears that some officers in the City Council WERE also concerned about the fireworks impact on wildfowl on this lake, and also the pollution that chemicals being set off would leave behind. Their views were however snuffed out by that blob of inconsequential unnamed who were organising the ceremony. Their name redactions make it very difficult to work out which body was communicating with whom. It does appear that this was a fairly late in the day request with just 4 months from the idea being pitched.

30/3/22 email from venue management ceremonies to BCC?

This requests details of who should be contacted, making it clear that the ceremonies team had had the idea.



30/3/22 Someone from BCC replies, presumably in a senior position and forwards the email on. 


6/4/22 Emails within BCC to different departments within the council asking for views from them. 


7/4/22 Someone from Alexander Stadium explains that a BCC team has been working with the organising committee. I am confused here as to whether they mean Birmingham City Council , or “Birmingham Commonwealth Ceremonies”. Either way, it once again shows that this was a late in the day request and had not really been thought out that well- hence the request for who the stakeholders were.



7/4/22 email from BCC ranger service based at Kings Heath.

In response to the consultation, the rangers do clearly state that the lake has a population of wildfowl and that they would still be likely to be nesting.


7/4/22 BCC arboriculture environmental input appears to echo that of their colleagues, but further expands on the dangers of fireworks.

Not only are the noise issues raised, but also the litter from fireworks, and potential chemical contaminants. It also states that balloon and Chinese lantern releases have already been banned by BCC for this very reason.


Undated April but part of response from officer in BCC connected with flood risk.  States that they would have “major concerns” about a pontoon being anchored on this lake.


7/4/22 Response from Alexander Stadium thanking for feedback, which they would later ignore.


10/5/22 Email from CG organising committee to respondents claiming that comments had been taken on board. This asked for just three days to respond with any objections to 4 documents which had prepared. These were supplied in the email and I have broken them down into separate PDF’s to discuss each in turn. The two plans can be found at the very end of the 69 page email chain supplied with the request.



perry barr fireworks method statement

This statement is dated 28th April 2022, so 3 weeks after the BCC internal comments.

It is stated that the pontoon would be built on site and that a 60 second firework barrage would be let off from this vessel comprising 75mm and 100 mm shell racks. One wonders for such a great deal of set up why this crazy plan would only deliver 1 minute spectacle? What was the point, as it certainly was not worth all the time that went into the idea? What a waste of money these people have to burn!

An itinerary starting on 21st July would see the barge set up and the first stage ending with the opening ceremony on 28th July. It is stated that there would be a test firing event, and this is what I directly observed, and which prompted my complaint because of the noise and impacts I knew it would have.



Pontoon being set up on 22/7/22

This would be repeated on the closing ceremony on August 8th. It is claimed that a boat would scan the reservoir for debris, but how would this be possible when there are extensive reed bed areas, and some debris could have already sunk? There are also large areas of overgrown bramble.


Yes, I’m sure they went looking for paper and other chemical residue fragments in all that…..


I would also point out, and none of the respondents from BCC pointed out, that there is an immediate outfall from this lake and the position of the pontoon which flows into a brook which leads into the River Tame. If they came back the next day to look for debris, it would most likely have “gone down the shitter” the night before they launched the boat. Of course, it’s convenient that they do not look at that offsite pathway is it not?



The risk assessment considers debris fallout and wind speed, where it is claimed that certain parts of the display could be terminated “with the click of a mouse” if they exceeded certain criteria levels.

The model appears to show potential debris beyond the lake itself and onto the Canal and embankment towards the direction of the M6. Whatever their claims about not creating an issue with this highway, the effects of a sudden burst like this would certainly create a distraction for drivers! Of course, all the birds at roost on the lake would be in the firing line, but this is not considered. 




The Perry Reservoir embankment from the Tame Valley Canal, with the M6 bridge in view

It claims that the only hazardous substances are the class 1.3G fireworks themselves, though it does not state the chemical makeup of those dangerous substances contained within each shell.

It is claimed that the reading of up to 93 db from the fireworks would be detectable, and yet in the valley from which the lake is set, I believe that the delayed echo that reverberated around the area was in excess of this, and to state that it would be no louder than a propeller noise and a hairdryer FFS is absurd!

The claim that there is no chemical residue from the fireworks not being detrimental to the environment is also debateable, as we shall see.

They also claim that it would not need any security, yet it was quite evident that plod was on hand to guard the explosives and the operators on at least one occasion when I took the picture below on 28/7/22- the day of the opening ceremony.


It is also revealed that Titanium fireworks are resp0nsible for Khant’s London firework display, so are used to putting on firework displays of pompous grandeur from the public purse.

Perry reservoir pyrotechnics operations plan


The loaded explosives are ready to go

This 6 pager consists of guff about the Commonwealth Games and reveals that “Birmingham Ceremonies Limited” is a company which the organising committee have appointed to run the opening and closing ceremonies. Set up in 2020, this company has two directors, a Simon Pizey and Gary Beestone.  In 2021 they moved from London to Birmingham, maybe it was with Stella and the dreamers.

It is clear to see that they only considered the police and fire service and departments within BCC to be relevant stakeholders, and therefore no other body such as the RSPCA. There is not much else in this plan that is not already included in the other previous document.


9/6/22 Someone in BCC stating that there were no objections from the supervising engineer regards heavy machinery or digging in the dam.



10/6/22 Unknown to people in BCC, but presumably from Commonwealth Games organisers. 

This tripe opens with a bland statement about potential negative impacts being unavoidable. I would state that the whole lake firework spectacle was pointless and avoidable to start with, contributed nothing whatsoever to the opening ceremony, and was a negative impact on the wildlife on this lake. The titanium fireworks environmental policy I will look at further on.

It talks of “anecdotal evidence” of no harm to wildfowl in displays of greater size- well of course they would say that wouldn’t they?

No survey of the lake appears to have been done of nesting birds before the firework people arrived on site. This is an oversight from Birmingham City Council, and they should have insisted that one was done.



titanium fireworks environmental policy

This company bang on about their “carbon footprint”, but this is not bloody relevant to anything associated with real environmental damage- i.e the chemicals in the fireworks- most of which are supplied by Fu Manchu land. 

They talk about generally not using fireworks that contain plastic, but it is not clear if they used these at this display.

Their claim that what is left over from fireworks is “inert” is debateable. They even have the guile to mention the RSPCA and its largely anti fireworks display message, yet this organisation I believe did raise concerns after I had contacted them about the proposed display. Here is what the RSPCA say about fireworks. 

And so, to the main beef- the pollution from fireworks in chemical form. They disingenuously state “there is an ongoing discussion within the fireworks industry about the use of perchlorate and other metal compounds … (in).. fireworks.” 

In other words, this industry is fully aware that these are harmful to receptors and the environment but pretend they are not. This article sets this record straight with the dangers of the chemicals in fireworks.

“The colours of fireworks are the result of chemistry and physics made visible. Specifically, fireworks’ colours depend upon solid metal salts and chemical explosives (this is the chemistry part) that create colours when heated to the correct temperatures (this is the physics part).

 Different metal compounds give different colours. For example, lithium (Li) salts produce pink, sodium (Na) salts make yellow or orange, copper (Cu) and barium (Ba) salts generate green or blue, and calcium (Ca) or strontium (Sr) give red.”
“During the explosion, these metal salts do not ‘burn up’. They are still metal atoms, and many of them are end up as aerosols that poison the air, the water and the soil. When inhaled or ingested, these metals can cause a huge variety of short- and long-term reactions, ranging from vomiting, diarrhea or asthma attacks, to kidney disease, cardiotoxic effects and a variety of cancers.”
Many displays produce elevated levels of chemicals in the air which could be harmful to human health. These chemicals are not those which break down or are “inert” and quite the opposite can persist in soils and other matter for longer than the 60 second barrage that they were birthed from. 
The graphic below summarises the issues. 
firework pollution
Perchlorate fireworks poison wildlife. Perchlorate blocks iodine uptake by the body’s thyroid glands, reducing their ability to produce sufficient levels of thyroid hormone. They are a particular danger to pregnant women. 
It is the solubility of these chemicals that make it more dangerous, and so firing this over water was a foolish action by the ceremonies display organisers and all those involved in these games. The fact that it would also have migrated off site via the River Tame, which was not even mentioned in any of the method statements make it even more unforgiveable.
Send endocrine disruptors down the river, is the legacy of Birmingham 2022. 
It appears that Birmingham have applied for the European Athletics Championships in 2026 at the same site. I hope they fail in that bid, and we do not get a repeat of the spectacle from 2022
Elsewhere locally despite the claimed “cost of living crisis”, events involving large firework displays are to go ahead in Sandwell and Dudley. They obviously enjoy burning our money, as well as polluting the environment with the aforementioned chemicals. WILL THEY NEVER LEARN? 
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Sandwell’s Green Space Strategy- Old rope or new broom?

Sandwell Council has recently published its green space strategy, which includes parks, nature reserves, and other spaces within the borough, many of which have little or no protection from development or being sold off for such. Many pockets have previously fallen foul of this fate when one thinks of The Londonderry Fields which was turned into the aquatics centre, whilst others such as Lion Farm fields in Oldbury and the former Brandhall Golf Course have a crooked axe hanging over them.

There have of course been major problems with Sandwell Council’s parks and countryside services over many years, and we need not go over these again, as its the reason why this website exists and we continue to raise issues such as pollution, from which there appears little to no political will from any side to fix.

It would probably be unfair therefore to dismiss the new 113-page document against this previous backdrop, but it is the yardstick however that we know and so it is inevitable.

The strategy can be downloaded at the link below.


The council states;

“The Green Spaces Strategy Implementation and Business Plan 22 – 25 was approved by Cabinet on the 20th June 2022. This strategy is a continued commitment to improving the quality and value of all our green spaces and includes the development of a new green space education and outreach team, a volunteer development officer, and a nature reserves development officer. The strategy also commits to at least £800k of spend in the financial year 22/23 (before the end of March 2023), with a programme of planned works for green spaces and facilities (including playgrounds) focusing on those with the lowest quality.”

I have to say that this is largely favourable, particularly on tackling long standing mismanaged issues such as angling, where the council makes absolutely nothing from this ASB activity.  If it is to be spent wisely, and not on yet more play equipment which clutters “green” spaces- e.g. Farley Park then it is to be welcomed.

There are many things wrong with the way in which the council have operated in the last 15+ years. Primarily they were focussed on the status symbol green flag park. This involved large lottery bids where a disproportionate amount of money and officer time was thrown at parks like Dartmouth, with others getting nothing at all. A political decision, and one involving nepotistic bias, it saw wastes of money like the vacuous useless “Fort” in Dartmouth Park that does not even have a viable roof.

I recently dropped into this outbuilding due to a heavy rain shower and was astounded that some fools gave this crap planning permission. The place is literally like a jailhouse landing with open metal gridded flooring. A cascade of rain poured down in the centre, see pictures below, with steps being sodden. I’m not sure how this building complies with modern day health and safety. An afterthought appears to have been putting down some green canvas over the metal, to at least give the poor bastards sheltering from the elements some respite.

Never mind masks and social distancing, look at the fooking wet floor. FFS!

This is, I am afraid what we have seen large amounts of money spent on in Sandwell’s parks, and from this you could perhaps forgive my negativity that if the same mindset persists- i.e let’s do the same again somewhere else, then we will see yet another waste of space taken over rather than spent on something more useful.

Nature conservation has long been the whipping boy of this department’s aims and objectives. For too long, formal parks have had vast amounts of money spent on them, and nothing in the way of management has materialised in the nature reserve areas- except of course Sandwell Valley which has downgraded itself as an events tourist attraction rather than a “nature reserve”. If money is to be spent on management plans that were never even commenced- eg Sheepwash in Tipton, then that is money well spent.

The one controversial aspect of this document appears to be its interface with “Friends of” parks groups and proposed ways of “working” with them. Disquiet has been expressed by some that there are intentions to “take over” these groups or use them for political means to obtain money. I’m not sure I fully agree with this as these groups were originally always set up by the council to get the biggest shouters and moaners together in some sort of Crystal maze adventure and task them with unrealistic intentions and “visions” for their site, fete them at council meetings and make them feel important.

The council and its officers would then quietly retreat, and leave them to argue amongst themselves in factions, and the lack of council care would be forgotten in this new dystopian crux.  Too many of these groups are run by people who used to work for the same council or hold political intentions. I can see why the council want to get away from this set up, as it can and has dropped them in embarrassing compromise and allegations of corruption. Is it acceptable for example that work carried out by someone connected with a “friends of ” group and has a business secure a council contract for similar works carried out in its green spaces?

What concerns me more however about lack of public engagement is the use of the “expert” device, where some external body or individual, usually nameless, has elevated power of authority over people who use these sites every day. We see this on a regular basis with the fraudulent “environmental consultancy” industry, who write lies for their clients to obtain planning permission on green spaces, mitigating the loss of wild open space with the inclusion of a fucking token hedge.

The council needs to listen to its groups as a critical friend and not override them with faceless bureaucrats. A degree does not mean automatic intelligence, as we often see in the decision-making process. 

We do desperately need a new broom in Sandwell and its parks, and we may well have that in the new director team. What they have to be careful of however is that they do not upset those who have for a long time campaigned for change in Sandwell’s green spaces in attempting to better their local area; they need to give them the tools and opportunities to improve their areas in partnership. The broom cannot sweep things under the carpet either, as many instances have before- think disastrous firework displays, missing tractors and containers up for sale on ebay.

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CG0222- The birds pollution protest relay



There are two sets of supporters who have been bigging up these Commonwealth Games, and the obscene tax payer gravy train circus waste of money that it is. As usual it is that symbiotic rimming relationship between media outlets and the political class. For the last two years they have collectively attempted to coerce the public with fear and hoax. The reverse side of this coin is ludicrous euphoria in something which they claim “unites” people, from the area, presumably so that they will forget what a fucking shit hole it has been made by the aforementioned.


The reality story of Birmingham- Chapters written by litter strewn shit holes, peppered on the page with graffiti, and punctuated by the stabbings and shootings of ethnic gang violence.

Into this mix comes the third part of this axis of avarice in the form of corporate scum like Severn Trent Water. They all literally piss and shit in the same corrupt pot.

The scheme to include a run down area of Sandwell into Birmingham’s Commonwealth Games spotlight- an oxymoron if ever there was one, was instantly championed by those at Sandwell Council using the device of local pride. They promised a “world class sporting centre” in Smethwick, but most people do not want such a thing, they just want something accessible, which this swimming baths will not be to the public for another year at least.

Juxtaposed with this event was the pollution of Smethwick Hall Park by the privatised water company. Their denials, and outright lies were not corrected by the likes of The Express and Star, and weak political figures in the council failed to ever criticise STW publicly, or threaten or instruct legal action. STW further made SMBC look like fucking idiots by sending their officers on a wild grant application con job, to which they never had any intention of giving the piss poor authority a penny. SMBC then had to save some face by undertaking a bodge job decanting of some of the raw shite, which only saw it layered into a newly dug latrine off Margaret Gardens. Throughout this, SMBC failed to communicate the risk to the public and called the operation “mud” moving.

The distance between these two pools is around 400 metres, as the Bing image shown below illustrates.

two pools

Petitions were organised and delivered, and we even paid a visit to the Coventry Crapsters lair itself. But little in terms of accountability has been shown in the run up to the inflated sporting event which Severn Trent Water shamelessly promote themselves as “sponsors for nature and climate change”

The Pollution Protest Tour

At the baton relay, we made our presence known by unfurling a banner showing STW for what they are, which is wildlife killers and environmental terrorists. Pathetic security and even some council officers attempted to stand in front of this banner to block out the words, but their attempts failed , as the picture below demonstrates.


We protested with others outside at Council meetings, but again virtually nothing was said by those with the power at the council. Swanderwoman decided to take Gooseman’s goosemobile, and even customised it with leaflets.



She pimped his ride! How dare she!

The makeshift display stand raised a few eyebrows for sure.


There was even time for a swift half with some of the locals.




Is that a swan crossing?

And then to the aquatics centre. The old council logos are good for doctoring with a deserted ship sailing in a sea of dirty crap. Don’t forget the nuggets of sweet corn and carrot.


Leaflets were delivered house to house, and even to a few idiots waiting to go in to the building- obviously not much of a cost of living crisis for them if they can afford to spectate this garbage and the associated service station/London food prices etc.


We then got our collars felt by plod, after being alerted by one of the fluorescent clad army of twats marshalling the closed off road. We refused to give our names to this line of poo-ty, having done nothing wrong or illegal at all, except of cause telling the truth about the  scum sponsors of the games and continued our mission, leaving the armed plod, apparently from Derbyshire  with a leaflet.


Urgent exit required!

Next, the scene of the grime at Stony Lane, where Severn Trent have failed to rectify their faecal assault. Gooseman unfurled the banner, and an explanation of events can be seen in the youtube video below. Please watch.

Commonwealth Shames – YouTube







The Alexandra Stadium home of the athletics events is being held up by scaffold away from the cameras, as has already been noted, but the message of the leaflet was also communicated there. Once again, the cost of plod and those involved at this event must be astronomical.




waiting for another VIP or vile Windsor/Cambridge royal  to arrive?

On the lake, there is some evidence of goose feathers around the fenced off area where the pyrotechnics were let off during the opening ceremony. I would imagine the event will be repeated at the closing ceremony, and wonder if any of these rockets killed any birds that night?




And so to the final part of the relay protest, a road trip down the 42 to crapster Central- St John’s Street Coventry, and the lair of the polluting shits themselves.


We decided to target them up the rear, delivering a Barnes Wallis banner statement against the façade of their greed and avarice.



You know the message by now.

Once again, swanderwoman was on hand , and had picked up the weight watchers version of bully off bullseye- the mascot of the sewer games.





Around the front, it was pretty deserted, and we contemplated going inside. The garbage association with these games is plain to see on the entrance.


Corporate polluters are “proud” to be associated with another corporate polluting event.


“nature supporters”- by killing nature with raw sewage.



Up yours stinkers!


As for the mascot itself, the turd medal certainly goes to Perry and Birmingham itself. If the organisers of these games associate themselves with such a vile proven polluter, the “legacy” of these games will be that they were happy to look the other way whilst the environment perished and wildlife died at the hands of the sponsors incompetence and corporate greed. The liars of the media will spin their story, as the filth from the political class tell them to, but the real truth will always be known by those who lived through these times, and it will never be silenced. 

Birmingham CG2022- The Games of The Sewer



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