Avian flu origins #1- Bird slavers importing death



H5N1 in the highly pathogenic avian variety first visited the UK in 2005, and wild birds did NOT bring it here. It came from imported birds from Taiwan and South America at a privately owned “quarantine facility” in Essex, Pegasus Birds Ltd.

There is a considerable back story to this establishment and its criminal owner BRETT HAMMOND which I will look at in this post. It is a story of tax evasion, a network where smuggling birds from the wild in foreign countries causes unimaginable suffering to the few that even survive the journey and a threat to already persecuted species when they were sold as fake “captive bred” birds in the UK. The issue was notably dealt with in The Cook report exposing the network where the pre bird flu Hammond makes an appearance. 

Collections such as this are created by people with extreme personal vanity and narcissism , and as with zoos, they offer absolutely NOTHING to these animals except caged suffering. The “conservation” fraud is for the personal gain of individuals and “charities” who hide under the banner of “conservation” or “education”. None of the breeding programmes in these collections result in releases back into the wild of animals or birds in their natural countries of origin of these endangered species , as presumably some Neanderthal Chief Chirpa would kill them like they have for decades or some big white game hunting prick would instead. No, these animals and birds are pimped for money, with the offspring forever moved around establishments to continue the fraud of “conservation” and breeding programmes.

They should not be in this country and do not belong here, and the collections usually die off through being kept in unnatural close proximity, such as those penguins at Dudley Zoo in the link above. It is like the poem by Shamus Heaney, blackberry-picking where greed and avarice only results in a crop dying off.

“Each year I hoped they’d keep, knew they would not.”

If you contribute to this through the gates as a punter, or “adopt” anything YOU ARE VERY MUCH A PART OF THIS CYCLE OF SUFFERING AND THE FRAUD IT ENTAILS. 

The 2005 doomed “avian flu” birds came to the UK, not by their migration flight, but by cargo plane, no doubt a flight assisted by some greasy slant eyed sloth and Pedro chihuahua fuckers who would be involved in people smuggling if they could get away with that too. They and their trade and all the gophers involved in it are nothing but pathetic backward retarded scum, and they are worse than human slave masters.

The following report was carried out by DEFRA, via the then Veterinary Laboratories Agency a then fairly new Quango set up after the disastrous MAFF foot and mouth debacle. What is astonishing is that Hammond’s dodgy  establishment was actually adjacent to the traced source of the foot and mouth outbreak of 2001! What a fucking backward animal disease bearing shithole Essex must be as well as being the stomping ground of wannabe gangsters with Turkey teeth! 


The report showed that mesias, a type of Asian finch imported from Taiwan , were the most likely source of the infection, which then transmitted to a parrot from Surinam, originally thought to be the “bird zero”. What we see hear is the start of the problem. Imported birds that would never have come into contact with one another in nature arriving in a country that they would never naturally visit. Hammond brought disease and death to his fake “quarantine” centre. He brought avian flu into the UK. 

Additionally, in death the birds were also mixed up with some never even tested. This also rings alarm bells with what I have said before about the amateur methodology of the department scientists and their acumen.

In my dealings with the VLA at around the same time as this, I found them to be an extremely thick organisation in terms of identifying the obvious chemical poisoning pollution at Rattlechain lagoon, and you can read that story HERE. 

The worst part of the tale in Essex was that those that had even survived the flight were automatically put to death, even those that never had anything wrong with them. NOT ALL THE BIRDS HAD AI. This is another major criticism of DEFRA to this day and their sledgehammer mentality of murder everything to cover over their failed surveillance and scrutiny of why cunts like Hammond were even able to operate in some wooden shed hovel in a field. 

The following report is taken from The Irish Independent of 16th November 2005, and discusses the findings of the DEFRA report and issues I have raised above.

The most telling point in the report is that the real origin of the strain originated in China.

“13. Subsequent laboratory examinations revealed that the isolate was H5N1 and not a strain that the Avian Virology Unit at VLA Weybridge have isolated previously. The strain most closely resembles an isolate from wild ducks in China earlier in 2005.

Though these are classed as “wild ducks”, the farming practices of this shithole overpopulated country are once again the origins of animal disease running rampant. The curiosity of scientists to store and experiment with such viruses in laboratories around the world then also offer an alarming opportunity for escape via more unnatural means. Perhaps the lack of any crack down on this trade by the authorities is all part of the plan to allow such pathways to exist so that the vaccine profitability is more plausible.


When news of the phoney “quarantine” centre flew out, it was not long before at least some due diligent journalists began to look at the owner of Pegasus Birds. We also see the utter hoax of the “conservation” bollocks spoken of previously.

‘Mr Bird Flu’ is convicted fraudster | Daily Mail Online

The daily Mail piece stated

“Mr Hammond, who has refused to answer questions about the case, trades in rare and wild birds for collectors and zoos, but in 1997 was sentenced to 18 months jail – later reduced to 12 months on appeal – for VAT fraud.

His ramshackle premises, in West Horndon, Essex, are next door to the Orchard Farm – not connected to his company – where foot and mouth disease was first spotted in 2001.

It is understood that the divorced trader, who lives in a luxury home in Upminster, Essex, had kept the parrot in quarantine at a separate site, where it was infected by a bird imported from Taiwan.”

“It also emerged Mr Hammond was confronted in 1992 by TV reporter Roger Cook, who was investigating allegations of bird cruelty and illegal importing in the trade. Mr Hammond walked away from the camera without answering questions about fellow traders.”

The crooked Hammond was indeed jailed when coming up before the beak, as other sources prove. The 10th October 1996 Dunmow Observer revealed how the budgie smuggler was not alone in the crime and accomplice Eric Foster had also been charged. Oddly, they had been remanded, so must have been considered a “flight risk” if you’ll excuse the pun. No records were kept of sales, though obviously, many birds died before even being sold. 

Once again with this I would ask, why was the taxman more interested in this aspect than the animal cruelty? Where the fuck were the RSPCA or police wildlife crime officers from Essex?

The following year, The favourite paper of this fraudster reported his sentencing on 20th February 1997. Both got 18 months , though this was later reduced as reported. 

What an absolutely gob smacking pack of lies from his solicitor.

Not only was this crook a danger to birds, but so were the individuals who called themselves his clients. The Sunday World paper exposed another Irish dealer Richard O’Brien, (not of Rocky Horror Show fame), in a special report who had bought birds from Hammond and was also a bird smuggler.


Another Guardian article is interesting in revealing how much money some firms would make from a round of DERFA culls of Avian Flu took hold, as with Foot and Mouth.

Defra plans mass cull of poultry if avian flu hits UK | Health | The Guardian

It also states the backstory to Hammond

“Brett Hammond, 43, is at the centre of the first H5NI virus case in Britain. Yesterday his firm, Pegasus Birds Ltd, in Horndon, Essex, one of the UK’s biggest wild bird importers and retailers, hired extra security to patrol its aviaries. The firm has been watched by the RSPCA for several years. In the past Mr Hammond was jailed for not paying £650,000 of VAT. He has declined to comment since a parrot died in quarantine at his firm.”

It is incredible that the RSPCA were just “watching” as so many birds died. They too have blood on the hands from their failure to act to stop this vile trade in death. 


Roger Cook is a journalist to be admired, and not one of those propagandists who reprint the lies of corporations and politicians. His 1992 documentary exposed how rare and exotic birds at the centre of the later avian flu outbreak were being smuggled into the country after being caught in the wild. Please do watch the youtube video below.

Images and main points of the programme.

An African savage boasts to camera how it catches wild toucans using a dead hung Toucan as a decoy fixed to a branch

Cook meets Phil Dobinson, a man who on his linked in profile today claims that he grew up in Zambia and Zimbabwe, posing as a responsible bird dealer where caged birds can cost thousands of pounds. You can tell with the facial distorted expression tells when this lying piece of crap tells a falsehood or is talking out of his arse, and Cook would have been astute to this, as would anyone with NVC familiarity.

Phil Dobinson of the smuggling bird front “safari select”

Dobinson claims that rain forests are being destroyed which threatens the birds, yet his direct involvement and dealers like him are the real cause of birds being stolen and becoming extinct.

Cook then visits Guyana, a primitive South American jungle country and meets a retard who likes catching macaws using decoy macaws to sell as well as damaging them.

The scum renders birds flightless by damaging and clipping their wings. Someone should cut off its dick


A consignment of caged stolen birds from the wild arrives in the UK

Some 170 of these birds were bought by Dobinson to be housed in a “quarantine facility”- Pegasus birds owned by Hammond. It is claimed that this site is “ministry approved”, and yet on a visit to this place, it is revealed that many are dying due to an unnamed “highly infectious disease”. 

The close proximity of these wild birds would not happen in nature, but the quarantine and shipment is entirely responsible for their demise. All 170 birds it is stated died or were put down by Ministry vets. 

Andy Jones of RSPB investigations states that almost a third of imported birds to the UK die in transit.

The Cook report receives a tip off from an ex copper revealed to be David Neville.

The Zimbabwe front bird laundering connection

Dobinson was laundering birds using Zimbabwean Danny Swart whose set up was a wild bird captive breeding front for Dobinson’s business.

Goffin’s cockatoos aka Tanimbar corella    are only found on remote Indonesian islands. Cook traced  shipments  from Singapore to Zimbabwe to Swart who then exported to Dobinson. The false narrative is that the birds were captive bred- they were stolen from the wild. 

Someone in a dodgy bird business in Singapore lets slip what Dobinson is doing

The Cook team buy a cockatoo in poor condition, with the age also being a lie. It is deemed to be a wild bird.

Swart is confronted in Zimbawe about the stolen laundered birds and Dobinson’s sham operation. He says very little.

Dobinson then confronted by Cook at his Safari company sham.

Dobinson tells ridiculous lies and it is revealed that he is a repeat criminal who has 13 convictions including cruelty to birds and selling them without correct paperwork- ie laundering them.

Ex Copper David Neville spills the beans about his former associates dodgy illegal business.

I have to say I find Neville’s involvement with this a little strange. Having done some research the article below from two years earlier connects the two individuals at this point in time.

How odd that a bookkeeper would be required for this tax evading business.

21st September 1989 Newspaper: Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser

Not only were there “thefts”  but also “accidents” where even more birds died. The Horley and Gatwick Mirror of 1st February 1990 revealed how a storm had caused carnage. The advertisement on the right is quite ironic, and I have included it here.

I find Nevilles distancing from Dobinson unconvincing. He must have known the crook that Dobinson was, or could have found out. Why the fuck would he have wanted anything to do with him in the first place in business let alone suddenly have grown a conscience?

Cook then reveals all the amazon parrots died in Hammonds fake quarantine business fraud operation that launders feathered cargo stolen from the wild.

Hammond the “conservation” fraudster is collared by Roger Cook about the death of several birds. 

A scum accomplice in wildlife crime has nothing to declare- like his taxes. Hundreds of bird deaths are down to him and his activities. 

I have researched Hammond further going back to his fake bird dealings as early as 1989, where he was apparently looking for a golden eagle that had escaped him. The origin of this bird is questionable, and I would also state that this type of bird should not in my opinion be captively allowed as some type of ornamental  sideshow doing tricks or to return to a human arm. I have low regard for falconry in general, as many of the individuals behind it have a trouser problem and use their plastic birds illegally in wildlife crime or for their own personal gratification and low self esteem. I have seen this; I have reported it to relevant authorities. Cook did another great investigation into this trade in birds going the other way, usually to tea towel heads in the far east with stolen peregrine falcons which you can see HERE. 

What this shows early on is that Hammond was a shite animal husbandry Walter Mitty character who knew nothing about bird welfare needs. The lavish lifestyle of this twat would continue to grow as he traded in the feathered slaves that he imported to Essex.

31st May 1989 Daily Mirror

As well as Golden Eagles, we see that this man had for some time been importing birds that had no place to be in this country, except the old excuse of “conservation”. As I mentioned earlier, Toucans and how they were trapped using dead decoy birds and their wings cruelly cut would make an appearance of course in The Cook report.

If you were a zoo or or private collector supplied by Hammond or Dobinson, you are fucking scum, and are a part of the trade in wildlife crime from which they profited.

20/1/1989 Brentwood Evening Gazette HAMMOND IS A LIAR

What we then see is the cover trail of covering up bird deaths, due largely to the import of them into the country. A number of “thefts” were reported by Pegasus. In one report I saw, Hammond claimed to be using micro chipping of birds to prevent “crime”- of them being “stolen” from his crim business. I’m not sure how a wildlife thief can get burgled? Was it an insurance fiddle or was his business that unlucky, sorry, I mean were the birds that had been stolen from the wild unlucky as they were the only ones who actually suffered any form of loss?

Always with these characters there is talk of “stock” and the value of money and nothing else. The 13th January 1989 Brentwood Gazette makes the astonishing claim that “bird burgling is big business according to Brett Hammond. ” A wildlife thief stealing from a wildlife thief is not a crime- it is the same practice. 

A similar story the following year in 16th March edition of the same paper.

Perhaps these reports alerted the authorities into the dodgy dealings going on at Pegasus, though not it appears crucially the animal welfare concerns.

Incredibly, even though apparently on the radar of the RSPCA- (what the fuck were they actually doing?) his spell behind the bars he so deserved did not end his dealings in the trade. It is incredible, and shoddy journalism and editorial by the Brentwood Gazette, that they failed to even mention his past form and that he had served less than half his term for tax crime.

11th December 1997

Today in 2023, it appears that Hammond is no longer directly involved with bird smuggling and has attempted to reinvent himself as a respectable antiques dealer. One can only hope that none of his exhibits are , erm, stuffed parrots, or come from hawking, and he won’t be appearing on the Antiques rogue, (sorry for the Freudian) Road show anytime soon.

Dobinson has relocated to Zimbabwe, and its just a pity that Mugabe didn’t catch and bag him with a noose on safari. 😆

The most telling thing about the Cook investigation and the cancer that still lingers today is that bunch of bureaucratic, undoubtedly woke as fuck suit wearing political globe trotters known as CITES .

This organisation is a waste of fucking space and does more to fuel the trade in illegal bird and animal smuggling than it does to stop it.

The more endangered a species becomes or is classified as being such by them, the more lucrative the value in profits that will be made in selling them.

As with the UK authorities, these office based plankton are no doubt all signed up to the globalist one health bollocks looking for zoonotic opportunities to produce vaccines. One wonders to what extent secret esoteric societies of academia are joined in the criminal trade in animal and birds- probably the kingpin slave masters at the very top of the tree. 

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