“Invasive non-native species pose serious threats to biodiversity, the water environment, economic prosperity, human health and welfare.”

So says a group of faceless unelected non entities of a Con-Dem Government quango obsessed with extermination of anything foreign. As a nation of mongrels, we are powerless to stop the corruption of a United states of Europe that no single country really wants to be a part of- except the politicians and businessmen who milk from it and us. The European Union and its bloated corrupt bureaucrats are usually where  insane ideas come from, and so it is with “non-native species”.

The so called “infrastructure bill” with its non- native species caveats has all the hallmarks of a Nazi authorship. Can anyone imagine a bill before parliament which allowed the culling of all non whites and extermination of all mixed race people for breaching racial purity?- this is exactly what this bill is advocating through its racist sublimation towards wildlife by those who drafted it. Let’s declare war on foreigners by imposing lethal sanction on animals and birds which came from your country many centuries ago. And yet some of these people then go on to proclaim that they are “passionate” about British wildlife – “for biodiversity” so long as they are not causing perceived damage to farming interests or business interests. When that happens it is time to get the shotguns and poison out against the “native” species.

Canada geese did not arrive here by accident or their own intention, but by human hand and intention. A bird to abuse for the ruling class on their land estates. The Canada goose has lived in this country since introduced here by the land owning class who  transported them  here as slaves for shooting and ornamentation in the 17th Century. Whilst invading the world under the guise of “the British empire”- a far worse entity than anything Hitler created, this class saw animals and birds as a cheap form of sport that could be abused for their pleasure and gratification. This was in addition to slaughtering and making extinct the native species of many of the invaded countries in the name of the British empire- or collecting species to stick in some university library draws, for the perverted to look at when wanting to “study” something. Unfortunately this bloodline is still in existence- but thankfully is starting to die out, and may that happen very quickly.

What proof can organisations like the one above offer that the Canada goose should be included on the list above? It is unfortunate that rather than look at the evidence that this quango do not possess, that some authorities simply copy and paste their lies for justification for culls, in the hope that a national body has some form of clout.  

It is quite clear that non- native species offer a great little earner for scum in the pest control industry and “land management” industries to do away with, which is probably what this group actually exists for – to misappropriate money from the public purse for their mates.