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Green space in Sandwell has been under threat for years. The population density of people remains the highest in all the local Black country boroughs, and well above the national average- it isn’t fair and the regions politicians of all mainstream parties appear to like it that way. 

We have seen the destruction of Londonderry playing fields to make way for the bankrupt Birmingham Commonwealth Games, the threat of Lion Farm fields hanging in the balance for years, and more recent uprooting of wildlife from the Tipton Coneygree site, left abandoned in ruinous condition by a bunch of con-artists. All of these supported wildlife habitat and yet the demise will see it lost forever.

I’m not a fan of golf courses as they tend to be elitist and anti-wildlife by definition, but the Brandhall Golf course closure and subsequent building of houses on that site is another net loss of green space. This was opposed by a large number of people, but money talks with SMBC.

At Friar Park, the council have been in cahoots with environmental terrorist water company Severn Trent into bringing forward land that is also green space and has been for decades. Severn Trent as I have previously exposed have a track record of never remediating land in their ownership which they admittedly “landbank” and have made millions out of the same con– the con in that it is the taxpayer who appear to have to meet the remediation costs of this privately, but once publicly owned land.

Added to these sites, the destructive Midlands Metro has destroyed a re-wilded corridor between Dudley and Wednesbury all thanks to the Midlands Riddler chump- Andy chu chu four points man Street and his undemocratically unmandated “West Midlands Combined Authority”.

His  sinking it in the brown first agenda is an even bigger threat to local wildlife, though not his greenbelt mates in rural Worcestershire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire who get to land bank their shit agricultural land for another day. He seems to think it acceptable to fund clean up of contaminated private land that the polluter never paid for, and allowing conman scum to profit from the sale of such. Look into land banking Mr not so Quality Street and you will find a pattern of tax evasion in the Channel islands and beyond.

Labour controlled SMBC as we know have a terrible wildlife legacy. 😥

A recent Sandwell council tender invited parties into

“Monitoring and Closure of Badger Setts at Oldbury and Tipton Cemetery
There are currently several badger setts at both Oldbury Cemetery and Tipton Cemetery. Bereavement Services are looking to close all badger setts at Oldbury Cemetery and to undertake a period of monitoring of the badger setts at Tipton Cemetery. Outline of work is as follows; –
1) Apply for the relevant licences from Natural England for both Oldbury Cemetery and Tipton Cemetery.
2) To monitor and install the relevant fencing, badger gates and any other equipment required in order to close the sett(s) at Oldbury Cemetery
3) To monitor the current badger setts at Tipton Cemetery with a view to identify ‘high active’ areas within the cemetery, to undertake a soft fill of these setts, with a view to potential closure.”
So oppose culls politically but uproot badgers from their homes in Sandwell privately appears to be council policy. 
Now to the point of this post now the backstory has been explained.

A current consultation document the so called “The Sandwell Plan”, is even more brazen about the sale and destruction of green space and wildlife habitat. This plan for housing and land use allocations up to 2041 is a mandate for developer land banking and the destruction of remaining wildlife habitat.

Their big idea and the scam is to use so called “biodiversity credits” for uprooting and evicting wildlife from one area so long as developer scum plant some token trees somewhere else.

The wildlife protection garbage policy in the plan is easily defeated by using this scam and it is clear to see that definitions of “harm” , “benefits”, “minimised” and “mitigation” are not identified. It is a plan for allowing development therefore whatever designation has previously been granted, so long as the scum can tick some useless boxes.

“Where, exceptionally, the strategic benefits of a development clearly outweigh the importance of a local nature conservation site (Sites of Local Importance for Nature Conservation), species, habitat or geological feature, damage must be minimised. Any remaining impacts, including any reduction in area, must be fully mitigated. A mitigation strategy must accompany relevant planning applications. Compensation will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.”

Even more alarming is that another policy, SNE2 cites “The Local Nature Recovery Network Strategy”,  and “The Black Country Local Nature Recovery Network Opportunity Map.” This is code for another meaningless tick box exercise where the planners pretend they care about protecting what is already there.

The idea that nature can be somehow “measured” by calculation is ludicrous, but perhaps a part of the current Government’s interest in the environment and how it can be exploited for developer gain.

Someone is Sandwell council appears to have put figures into their twat computer let’s call it and come up with a collection of shit sites that they claim can be used as fall back to allow the rape of others- particularly it seems in the Tipton/Tividale area.

Whoever came up with this crap- please fuck off and die now! All of these areas already exist- nothing is being created so let’s just drop the mass tree planting bullshit and concentrate on areas that have good potential like Rattlechain area and the canal network connected to Sheepwash Nature Reserve, which is threatened by development in this shit plan. 

“Menzies open space” does not exist and appears to be a newly created area that the former demolished school, now in private ownership did not want. Apart from the ugly fencing which has closed off much of the once open area, this site includes the heavily polluted Millpool- contaminated by the so called “clean up” of a brownfield site that housed the WH Quays. This operator made bitumen products and the  site was heavily polluted with said material in the soils. The conman outfit Mar City Developments came along- a company run by two Irish nationals- The Ryans who appear to make a very nasty habit of going into liquidation only to re-emerge as a new phoenix entity with basically the same initials of Margaret Anne Ryan.  The millpool via The Groveland Brook took the impact of the “remediation” environmental fraud and was “marred” by the bituminous crap that got flushed out from that process, and I will be looking at that story in the new year, as I have quite a bit to say on that. Safe to say that SMBC and the EA cared nothing for the evidence that was put to them at the time, the contaminated birds that had to be rescued, and let the con-artists do what they liked on site to create housing. So much for environmental protection policy there!

The cracker has always been basically a pikey horse parking area. Tividale park a drug dealing chicken shop Mecca. Where was the strategy in choice of these sites?! Is this the extent of Sandwell Council’s ambition for wildlife?

Please object to the ideas in This plan. You have just one week until December 18th to register your objections, and the best way to do this is to create an account at the link below and comment on the speech bubble oportunites. Unfortunately however it appears that whatever the scale of public opposition, SMBC will ignore you and create habitat for developers to soil with their shovels. Expect a hard hat wearing wanker on your doorsteps for a photo opportunity where once wildlife thrived. 😥

“Draft Regulation 18 Sandwell Local Plan”


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