OPINION- Severn Trent Water , regulators and the political class- From the River to the Sea, they pollute with shit and wee



It is now five years since the disgraceful episode affecting Smethwick parks and the wildlife killed by Severn Trent and Sandwell council’s poor management regime.


Like with many other things, I had to investigate the sheer lies of this corporate privatised polluter myself to get to the truth of what had happened. 


Their and the wider water industries combined sewers are a national disgrace, and one orchestrated by the scum in Westminster- OF ALL PARTIES who sit on their arseholes only to defecate more mistruths that they actually care about the environment. 

They are all in on it together with their mates. 

Severn Trent led by their liar PR merchant Liv Garfield are one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with, and nearly as bad as Albright and Wilson/Rhodia in their denials that their operations directly led to the deaths of wildfowl. They have a longstanding shameful record which I looked at HERE. They discharge years worth of sewage into watercourses every year, and it is not getting any better, whatever the claim.

“64 years worth of raw sewage dumped into rivers and streams by Severn Trent”


2020 figures and the “proud” bint sips from her bottled water in political company

The latest press offers more shame for this failed CEO and her garbage environmental terrorist company. The Mirror thus reported

“Severn Trent was responsible for more than 60,000 sewage spills last year, as the amount of wastewater discharged by the company rose by a third.”

Garfield’s personal wealth increased by £3.2 million in 2023 as did the rotten shareholder scum. If you are a STW shareholder reading this, then I hope you die of cancer, it is that simple.

Of course, STW fit hand in hand with the corrupt politicians and their land banking and construction industry house building brownfield fraud. They buy and sell land for this purpose, as I investigated HERE. 

The Express and Star recently interviewed the lame duck joke Sunak with one question regard the increased interest in sewage spills. I have to say this paper were not in the least fucking interested in reporting the truth in 2019 on their own patch about STW and just regurgitated their lying spin rather than listening to what I was saying. At least there is some momentum now in this regard and a little less protection of these bastards from Coventry.


Disgusting water industry lies promoted by mainstream media

In this snippet from that interview, for some reason, the “journalist” asked Sunak about The River Severn- not in any way a part of the Black Country area. I digress, E/S however appears to be dying out as a title, and the smart money is that it will fold in its current form very soon indeed. They appear to now front an “East Edition” whilst on social media they now hide most articles behind a paywall and something called “national world”- nothing to do with this area either.

Sunak reveals himself to be a bare faced fucking liar- no surprise there. The EA have not been given any powers, as I have already pointed out, they allow the polluters to mark their own work. They fail to take action by using the useless NIRS scheme downplaying anything non fish related as a lower ranked category of incident. They allow sewage pollution to continue with pride and I question many who work for this organisation and their integrity in public office.

The EA like this Government are not fit for purpose, and the truth is after being set up by Labour and run by that Government for many years after, they never have been a competent authority. Ofwat similarly are an industry shill joke. The politicians have made it this way. THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT. 


Scumdog millionaires

One incident recently linked to the disgraceful botulism deaths in the Erdington area suggests that there was a sewage spill into one of the lakes in question according to a local. A pipe way into the pool is very suggestive of what we also saw in Smethwick and the adjacency to the so called “eco hub” built quite recently may also suggest a misconnection to further shame and embarrass the useless fucking Labour council who built and approved it.

The EA of course did not attend, but a so called “supervisor” from STW rang me back claiming that the ammonia levels were low. I did say that the spill had been claimed to have happened a few months earlier coinciding with the first noted deaths. It would therefore not be unreasonable to believe that solids may have sank weeks later and that birds could have ingested these when feeding. Once this botulism cycle starts, it continues long after the sewage floaters have sunk. As with the rattlechain story, they don’t test water when it is the solids below it that are the  problem. This joker also told me that they did not test oxygen levels as some types of algae skew the results. What absolute fucking bollocks!


Sewer serves part of this estate apparently

He also mentioned their River rangers scheme, with one based in Sutton Park. I did remind him that his company had been fined half a million for polluting that place with raw sewage, but he claimed that he did not work in the area at that time. 😆

Another incident I reported definitely involved sewage as I could smell it. This watercourse, The Hockley Brook I am unfamiliar with, but it appears to also originate in the Smethwick area leading towards Birmingham and joining The River Tame. The view from Cuckoo Road shows the stained brickwork and sludge- growing green algae. I wonder if this type of algae skews the oxygen results? 😆

Despite this, and reporting the same a few weeks later someone claiming to be from the EA claimed that I had reported the wrong location and it had not been put through, also stating that there were no Severn Trent assets in the area. Well “Angela”, are you talking about the several miles of this brook. I do not enjoy being gaslighted by Severn Trent “assets” planted within the public sector.

These issues in both Smethwick and Birmingham show how botulism is entirely caused by sewage releases and environmental poor management. Botulism is the truth of death that fake “avian flu” is being constructed to hide. The politicians are keen to promote fake bird flu as it forms a distraction away from the public health farce of the failed privatised water industry which they created. Botulism has killed and continues to kill more wildfowl in waterways than avian flu. The authorities have just created a system where the real cause of death is not tested for. They cover up the truth as do the media. Their globalist “one health” agenda steered by the Microsoft child jabber weirdo is geared towards another pandemic hoax like covid 19. 

Once again, we are asked to vote for the scum in Westminster next month. I decline, I am not going to participate. Just as they attempt to say we should be prepared for some emergency eventuality that they suggest may happen, (including packing bottled water not from the tap) 😉 such as a climate change hoax, a plandemic hoax or WW3 hoax, they also pass laws for ever more draconian fascist enterprise to feather their own nests by resetting industries to which they have invested their money. If you cannot see this by now there really is no hope for you.

We are taught history as being simply “good guys” and “bad guys” and that point of view is based upon the victors view of the world after war. They press us with D days dabbing their eyes plotting to send more young men to die in some foreign country camel dung shit holes  and talk of how our freedoms were won by this previous generation which is nothing more than messiah religious bullshit. Victory in 1945 merely spawned a whole host of Adolph Hitler imitators planning a one world Government agenda from the shadows. Cenotaphs and memorial days serve as recruiting sergeants for an equally fooled next generation that freedom can be won whilst they are in charge. The present political class appear to paint themselves as good guys, but it is not their view to make. At times in our history there have come moments when the ballot box is simply no longer a valid means of overcoming oppression. Maybe the only thing we should be packing in our grab bags for freedom are the bomb and the bullet- history has taught us that it is never votes that change anything.


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