The Smethwick Turdberg- POO DONE IT?


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Some time ago Sandwell council famously used the threat to public health and public safety to justify the murder of 220 Canada geese in two of its green flag parks. One of the often quoted nonsensical rubbish lifted from a Defra paper stated that geese “defecate every few minutes, and that the droppings may be harmful if swallowed.” Councillors like then head of Environment Maria Crompton , who appeared to have been dropped in the brown stuff by a certain ex parks manager recited this garbage to anyone who would listen.

There is of course no evidence whatsoever from any study which confirms the transmission of such pathogens to humans, but this sells the idea of lazy culling, propagated by the pest control/agricultural industry and their bought shill confederates of civil service frauds in organisations like Natural England. In the last couple of weeks the general licences issued by this fraudulent quango have come in for some scrutiny that they should have years ago with Chris Packham’s organisation WILD JUSTICE challenging their use to slaughter vast numbers of birds for spurious reasons, without having to demonstrate any valid non lethal methods or even proof that these birds ARE causing any harm to public health. Sandwell council’s reasons for culling were a total fraud, and we exposed this. I will go into more detail about the issue of general licences as it unfolds in due course.

What is clear from any casual internet search is that the confederate frauds of “scientists”, bought by the aforementioned industries pack their meaningless studies onto the internet for all to see- this is particularly the case in America where their aviation industry is intent on destroying any birds anywhere near to an airport , trying to frame birds like Canada geese for any illness that they claim could be transmissible to humans- even though they cannot prove any direct links. But what about the other way around? What about human excrement flowing into brook courses and lakes, and then causing significant damage to the environment, birds and ultimately human health itself?

A swarm welcome to Smethwick Hall Park.

It is quite clear that such an occurrence has occurred in Smethwick Hall Park, in Smethwick, and has been occurring there over many years. I have gone into great detail about problems in Victoria Park Smethwick and the effect on birds there, specifically the way it has been managed by Sandwell council and the fault of Severn Trent water. I believe that as a result of the occurrence at the other site, which is only half a mile away, this human waste transmission is the cause of the illness in these birds at both sites.

It of course suits the main protagonists, those involved in multiple failure to prevent this occurrence from happening and to detect it to call this “avian botulism” ,with the emphasis entirely being on the fault of the birds and it being somehow “natural”, and also that it has occurred on many other sites across the country. But this fraud can be exposed when into Smethwick Hall Park, birds have exhibited exactly the same clinical signs associated with AB from ingesting this foul brown water and human turds.

It was clear a couple of weeks ago that this site was giving off the pungence of a sewage works filter bed- and that is precisely what it appears to have been acting as for considerable time. I was contacted by a concerned member of the public about a sick goose. I was at work and unable to attend, but my friend and local campaigner Mike Allen was in the area looking at Victoria Park Smethwick and this lake when he intervened and caught the bird that was beached upon a slew of litter and debris that Sandwell council and their contractors had failed to clear for some time. The level of the crud was over 1 foot from the drop, whereby from here it allegedly flows into the Birmingham Canal.


Mike gets the weak flaccid winged bird from the blocked outlet.



Mike got onto SMBC who then cleared this course, taking away a great volume of debris. As the water level dropped, so the stench got worse however, and we could clearly see human excrement flowing through the shit bath of a pool. I reported this to the environment agency, yet they initially came back to me stating that Severn Trent (stench)had claimed that the smell and appearance of excrement was “mud”. This was clearly bollocks!

I met an EA officer at the site and told him that there was a serious issue, and he agreed that there was. Mike and fellow campaigner Sue O’dell then met him on site later in the week where the tale of Severn Trent was quickly unravelled. There were two sources of human excrement flowing into the lake, one from a manhole in Londonderry Lane, and the other from the inlet fed by a brook course that flows from Manor Road, openly through the allotments in this same street.



EA officer tests water in the allotments brook, and confirms human waste and low oxygen levels. Picture credit Mike Allen


shit flowing freely in the brook, just feet away from growing vegetables. Picture credit Mike Allen.



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It appears scrutiny is now falling on a housing development built in 1996 by Barratt Homes (aka the UK’s dodgyist house builder) of 108 dwellings and encompassing Hitchcock Close, Bartleet Road, Jackson Drive and Small Close. Quite what if any sewage network was put in here is now open to scrutiny, and no doubt there will be legal ramifications here played out as to who is going to foot this clean up bill. Barratt Homes of course were involved in another housing development next to rattlechain lagoon, hazardous waste landfill site containing white phosphorus that I proved was poisoning birds,  building on a Severn Trent former sewage works at Tividale- “a crap site for residential” . Isn’t it funny how shit clings together in close association?

Severn Stench, now it appears under strict supervision from the EA are attempting to pump out the crap , which they initially denied and lied about was in there) whilst adding clean water in.





The inlet from Margaret Gardens, fed from the housing estate via the allotment brook course.

The water level has dropped significantly which has exposed the turdburg in all its smelly glory. At this site yesterday I observed children playing and standing on top of the solid mass. A young girl tested the firmness by putting in a stick which broke. She picked up the stick with her hand making direct contact with the burg.

There are no health and safety notices on site put there by anyone, and no sign of Sandwell council, or even the useless and ignorant Councillor Gavan- alleged Head of Parks in Sandwell who has not bothered to respond to anyone concerning the issues at Victoria Park which are undoubtedly related to this fiasco that his council are a big player in creating.

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This has been a multi agency f$$k up of the worst order, and I have been reporting issues of pollution into this pool for years. They were aware of the misconnections, yet it is not clear that these were ever fixed. There was even one occasion in 2013 when the site was turned into this ludicrous spectacle of swan boats sailing on this shithole site.


picture facebook

It is quite ironic that the former leader of SMBC Darren Cooper lived just over the road from this site, and the blocked manhole from this direction may well have served his house.


Cooper fronted the ridiculous “no shit Sherlock” campaign of SMBC regards dogs, and getting owners to pick up their mess. In fact SMBC appear to be obsessed with animal excrement and coprophobic anxiety. They must be having shitemares with all this going on now, and what a wonderful spectacle , when the Commonwealth Games site for aquatics is to be built, right opposite the site where the turds  are free flowing from! 😆


The entrance to Londonderry Lane playing fields, opposite the Barratt Homes development.

If only the great man had been here to see the opening.



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