For the not many goose



It should come as little surprise to regular blog readers of this campaign, that I am not a Labour voter, and for good reason.

Whatever the impression others may have nationally about this party being “the party of animal welfare”- this is far from the truth in the corrupt pocket borough of Sandwell.

The evidence is clear. A labour council with no opposition councillors chose to murder 220 Canada geese in two green flag parks in 2013/14 on the back of a heavily plagiarised report, written by a man who was a labour party member, and who lived in one of the said parks. The conflict of interest here was clear, yet the Oldbury comrades were silent about this cull, in fact there was no record of any meeting where the matter was even approved.

This liar and several officers stated that no birds had been culled. Again the labour councillors were silent on the truth of the matter and the fraud was officially unravelled in a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman.

When I unravelled what had happened through FOI requests, a labour councillor lied on air about the council’s policy. There were claims about there being “too many” geese- and complaints- though when challenged the figures were too few. A so called “scrutiny” committee (of all Labour councillors) did nothing of the sort when we handed in a petition against the council’s cull and scrutiny of it- despite clear failings of the officers and of the council’s policy. This labour council also lied in an FOI request about not lying! You really could not make this shit up.

I contacted the group calling itself “the Labour animal welfare society” (LAWS) as to what it made of all this, yet received no response whatsoever. I similarly received very little in the way of support from the two main Labour MP’s in the area Tom Watson and Adrian Bailey. It is also noted that in Birmingham, it was two of Jeremy Corbyn’s party who were advocates of killing geese in a park there. A labour administration also were privy and gave permission for six ruddy ducks to be murdered at another Birmingham park in 2013- more on this soon.

We are now once again in the midst of that period of local elections, when candidates will be looking for votes. In fact the last time that many of these same set of councillors were up in Sandwell in 2015, I emailed them asking for their thoughts on the cull issue, and of the councils’ lies and manner in which it had conducted itself. I received just two very brief responses from those standing as serving councillors in the 24 seats- the rest didn’t bother at all.

Sandwell has 72 elected members in the 24 wards. If you look at those who are councillors and do some homework, you can quickly identify the cronyism and nepotism that exist amongst these few. Husband and wives, siblings- they are many. Whilst some have many relations, there are also those who appear to be having them with one another. 😆

There are too many councillors. This is not a democracy, in fact it is an elitist façade where certain families appear by default to be promoted to a highly paid job where they do very little except pass on information to council officers, who unfortunately are usually of the same political persuasion. They read from and nod through scripts written by these same middle class champagne socialist civil service luvvies. Many get top ups with so called “special responsibility” bonuses for positions of convenience funded by more taxpayers cash.

Julian Saunders aka The Sandwell skidder has uncovered a multitude of corruption and lies within Sandwell Labour council and amongst its labour supporting partisan officers, yet when faced with the truth it appears the socialists turn on one another in factions, fighting amongst themselves for power and control. They also regularly use the police force that has become corrupted itself by political left leaning ideology.

In these circumstances, I cannot see why anyone in their right mind would vote for such continuance, where so few get so much for so doing so little. For these reasons whatever your politics, it is time to vote for any other party but Labour in these Sandwell council elections. If the same 24 seats are again re-elected for this one party, there will remain no opposition and scrutiny of any activities. A cull could happen again. You cannot trust Labour in Sandwell.


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