MURDER most fowl!

If you live in Great Britain, you will probably never see a ruddy duck, again, ever. These lovely birds , particularly males with their blue beaks have a peculiar head bobbing display that resembles a pneumatic drill. Originally a North American bird, their story started and ended in this country with the interference of man. Firstly their introduction through the wildfowling murdering scum bag Peter Scott- much lauded by mainstream society through the WWT . Many of the birds which he introduced to this country escaped and began to breed in the wild, with their numbers growing steadily, particularly in the land locked West Midlands.

There were no issues with the birds in this country- none at all, they were totally harmless. The West Midland Bird club even adopted them in its logo, for many years the bird fronting their literature and reports. But then came someone with influence from The European Union.

Prior to the planned destruction of this bird, two clandestine and insidious EU directives had already began to weed out anything that the fanatical agricultural business lobby fraud that is the European union, did not like. That is anything which is considered to be “non European” is “non native”, and should be eradicated. These directives were “The Habitats Directive” , and “The Birds Directive.”

The Habitats Directive (more formally known as Council Directive 92/43/EEC on the Conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora) is a European Union directive adopted in 1992 as an EU response to the Berne Convention.

Let’s look at how this ghastly EU legislation, backed up by the likes of Birdlife International (should be Birddeath International) and the RSPB treated the ruddy duck. These avian eugenicists preach about biodiversity, yet do nothing about hunting, which is what the current EU led directives protect and facilitate. This summary appears in one of the EU’s justification for avian slaughter citing their own warped law making, which unfortunately due to our membership of this corrupt bureaucracy, we are forced to participate in.

“Ruddy Duck Control EU Directive (79/409/EEC) on the Conservation of Wild Birds (Birds Directive) With regards to Ruddy Duck control, Article 11 of the EU Directive (79/409/EEC) on the Conservation of Wild Birds (Birds Directive) states that “Member States shall see that any introduction of species of bird which do not occur naturally in the wild state in the European territory of the Member States does not prejudice the local flora and fauna.”

EU Directive (92/43/EEC) on the Conservation of Natural Habitats and of Wild Fauna and Flora (Habitats Directive) Article 22 (b) of the EU Directive (92/43/EEC) on the Conservation of Natural Habitats and of Wild Fauna and Flora (Habitats Directive) states that “Member States shall ensure that the deliberate introduction into the wild of any species which is not native to their territory is regulated so as not to prejudice natural habitats within their natural range or the wild native flora and fauna and, if they consider it necessary, prohibit such introduction. The results of the assessment undertaken shall be forwarded to the committee for information.”
“Convention on Biological Diversity (Biodiversity Convention) Article 8 (h) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (Biodiversity Convention) states that “each Contracting Party shall, as far as possible and appropriate, prevent the introduction of, control or eradicate those alien species which threaten ecosystems, habitats or species.”

“Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern Convention) Article 11 (2) (b) of the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern Convention) states that “each Contracting Party undertakes to strictly control the introduction of non-native species.”

“Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) Article III (4c) of the Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) which relates to endangered migratory species states that “parties that are Range States of a migratory species listed in Appendix I shall endeavour to the extent feasible and appropriate, to prevent, reduce or control factors that are endangering or are likely to further endanger the species, including strictly controlling the introduction of, or controlling or eliminating, already introduced exotic species.”

These laws were passed into UK legislation by the useless Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981- an animal welfare fraud championed by the likes of the shooting and agricultural lobby  friends like the RSPB and the wildlife trusts, as well as Scott’s vile WWT. This introduced the concept of general licences to control so called “non-native species”. The directives are straight out of the Nazi handbook, supported by and serving the violent pitchfork wielding garlic smelling French farming Merde.

The alleged crime of the ruddy duck is that it was flying to Spain and mating with the female white headed duck, a species threatened by the actions of Spanish and Portuguese hunters. It is interesting to note that several statements are made in the following EU paper concerning the white headed duck.


“Declines are caused by habitat loss, over-hunting, unsustainable use of water resources and in long-term by the introgressive hybridization with non-native species such as the Ruddy Duck.”

“….Other threats include inadequate wetland management (leading to the dry out of wetland habitats), competition with introduced carp, drowning in fishing nets, lead-poisoning, pollution and human disturbance.”

Of course one could ask what were they doing about any of the aforementioned man made issues that are economically motivated and protected by the ghastly EU? Why were they not forbidding anglers introducing carp and banning lead in shooting and fishing permanently?

“All countries with records of Ruddy Ducks should endorse and implement the International Ruddy Duck Eradication Strategy of the Bern Convention, and produce official statements of intent regarding Ruddy Duck control. “

Thank you Adolf Hitler.

The fanatical EU species eugenicists sealed the fate of this bird, and no doubt that of the white headed duck in forbidding any “hybridisation”. Quite what business they have in duck fucking is anyone’s guess, but these zealots are manipulative in order to promote further hunting interests in the guise of fake altruism about the unimportant white headed duck.  I say unimportant because if it was to start with, why did the EU laws fail so dismally to protect this species from being persecuted by man?

You can see where I am coming from with this, and it is EU legislation that has proposed culls of grey squirrels amongst others.

Those who support Britain’s membership of the EU, do so in total ignorance as to what its Directives have done for urban wildlife. I like ruddy ducks, and with over 5000 of them killed in the UK to “protect” a Spanish bird that some gun toting  posse of Juans are responsible for making on the red list is a sick idea. Ban the hunting and stand up to those greasy Mediterranean murderers, but why should our ruddy have had to be shot?

It was the convicted criminal thief and liar Labour’s Elliot Morley who introduced the death warrant for ruddy ducks in the UK from 2005. From here the civil servant shooting industry confederates in DEFRA took the lead.

One principle name associated with Britain’s murder of Ruddy ducks is Iain Henderson. Operating under the guise of “wildlife management” ,Henderson actively began the process of extreme bird spotting in an attempt to kill every last ruddy duck in the UK. Many birders began to stop reporting sightings of the bird, though others were in cahoots with this vain Scottish avian slayer.



A bird offering no threat whatsoever to “animal health” of the UK.

Having been funded by The European Union, the nicely titled “rinse” programme set about the genocide of this one harmless duck. Birds were shot in  numbers around the country by scum from the Food and Environment Research Agency ( a cover organisation for the BASC) , and it is from here that this post looks at one particular site and Birmingham City Council’s part in this pre meditated murder.


Witton lakes is situated in a heavily urbanised area near Erdington in Birmingham. The area in general has little going for it, but this open space is an important site for wildfowl in The West Midands. In early 2013 I noted the presence of ruddy ducks at this site, and hoped that the birds would stay safe from the gunmen of FERA. Unfortunately it appears that someone, probably a “conservationist” c44t in local birding circles tipped off the .GOV hit squad.         .

When I learned about what had happened , I submitted a freedom of information request to Birmingham City Council. I asked for the email trail and what they knew about this cull, particularly if they had given permission as land owner.

The response was a convoluted mess of emails but which reveal several things.  Below is the cleaned up chronological chain between FERA and BCC which shows how Iain Henderson of FERA’s “wildlife management team” was in direct contact with several BCC officers, most notably Jo Haden – Ranger Services manager    and John Porter “constituency park manager”.


29/1/13 Henderson sends general email to BCC

He then contacts Darren share, a parks director in BCC  on 20/2/13



The attached letter is bullshit. It outlines the Government cull and the dubious reasoning behind it, revealing that 98% had already been killed in the UK. He asks BCC for permission to kill the birds by shooting, boasting that 130 sites have already been visited. Given that he knows how many birds were at the site already, some local twitching scumbag was obviously in direct contact with him.


The claims made by Henderson and by the Government’s cull programme in general are not supported by any direct evidence except supposition. THIS IS IMPORTANT AS I ASKED DEFRA THIS QUESTION IN ANOTHER FOI REQUEST AS TO SITES THEY HAD VISITED. There is no evidence other than presumptive that any of the UK birds were the ones that reached or migrated to Spain.

The threat to the white headed duck is of course a matter for the Spanish, and given their cruelty for killing birds, has nothing to do with the UK ruddy ducks. It is noted that Henderson’s letter also states that the “work”, i.e the murder of the ruddy ducks  is supported by the RSPB and the WWT- hardly surprising if you know the MO of  these fraudulent charities who claim to “protect” birds by killing others.


20/2/13 Share to Henderson, gives Jo Hayden’s contact details who contacted him the same day.


20/2/13 Hayden to Henderson giving his mobile number and requests risk assessment.


20/2/13 Henderson to Hayden -attaches risk assessment. It is clear that Henderson’s blood lust for his pathetic programme knows no bounds in how eager he is to kill the birds.

They would be able to visit with “24 hours notice”. Henderson also mentions “The Friends of Witton Lakes” , and having a cosy chat with them, no doubt to spin his bullshit lies about public enemy number ruddy. I will say more about this organisation as the emails unravel.



I am not outlining the full risk assessment here as it is of no consequence to the murder itself. This snippet however forms some interesting info. They intended to use air rifles and sound moderated shotguns, whilst also deploying look outs.



Hayden to Share attaching risk assessment.

This is perhaps the most important email of all as regards BCC’s involvement, and also that of the Nazis in the EU.


BCC did have a choice. It had a choice to stand up for wild birds in their city, but it failed miserably and only showed that these officers themselves were arse lickers to a FERA anus.

He also reveals that this would require a political decision, and that the cabinet member, local councillors and the chair of the friends of Witton Lakes should be informed. Thus we see this Pontious pilot deflect responsibility from himself. IT IS WORTH POINTING OUT THAT NOT ONLY WAS THIS A LABOUR GOVERNMENT CULL,WHICH THEN CONTINUED UNDER THE COALITION,  BUT A LABOUR COUNCIL WITH LABOUR LOCAL STOCKLAND GREEN COUNCILLORS- SO MUCH THERE FOR “THE PARTY OF ANIMAL WELFARE.”


27/2/13 Hayden to Porter and Danny Squire – head ranger re cull. It is stated that the deputy leader would be informed and that FERA would likely be given permission that day- hence what response was there from the Labour deputy leader- were they against it, where was the protest from “the party of animal welfare”. It is also apparent that BCC’s PR were involved in the murder plot, no doubt to try and deflect some of this fraud should it have become public knowledge.



Henderson also outlines this fact and fear of BCC to his own press department. “PR is one of their main concerns”- I bet it was, exposing the fraud that is Labour and animal welfare that supposedly opposes culls in opposition to win votes  yet allows culls in power and then tries to hide this fact.


27/2/13 Henderson to Hayden asking for timetable.



27/2/13 Hayden to Henderson – Share briefed director, who in turn briefed the deputy leader. Permission would likely be given swiftly for the kill, the next day.



27/2/13 Henderson to Hayden requesting vehicular access. Things would go “more smoothly” if they were allowed access, and he asks if the gates would be opened for them.


27/2/13 Hayden to porter regards key collection. I do not know why they have omitted Iain Henderon’s name in this email, it is obviously him who would be leading this cowardly “operation”, so let’s unredact that for starters.



27/2/13 Hayden to Henderson stating that keys can be picked up from Sutton park. Hand washing time again so it seems. They never do appear to have staff this council, perhaps they should have sent lazy Paddy from Brookvale to do something useful for a change.


27/2/13 Hayden to Henderson confirming key pick up from Sutton Park.


28/2/13 Unnamed to unnamed about the cull. Presumably one of these was Henderson.




28/2/13 Hayden to Henderson “hope it all goes well”. What a wonderful statement to make, as is this officer’s prime concern about the public learning of what is happening and showing some objection unlike he and his council.



4/3/13 Henderson to Hayden thanking him for arranging access “so quickly”.  Henderson reveals that six birds were killed, a male, a female and four young birds- ie a Birmingham based family and none that had flown to Spain to mate with the fictitious story of the white headed duck.  



8/3/13 Porter to Hayden re feedback. Porter states that he had met with the Friends of Witton lakes the night previously and it is revealed that they “all accepted the cull”. They heard gunfire and knew what was happening.


Hayden to Porter giving email of Henderson to feedback. It is revealed that seven shots were fired between 6.30 and 7.30 am. One person had approached the murderers from the Friends group.


8/3/13 Porter to Henderson feedback. The gunfire “alarmed” some locals- perhaps not surprising for an area riddled by gun crime. It is stated that the Friends group raised absolutely no objections to this cull, as revealed by porter. It is worth stating at this point when I found out about this cull at the time, I contacted Linda Hines- the chairperson of this group. SHE LIED TO MY FACE THAT SHE HAD EXPRESSED OBJECTION AND HAD WRITTEN TO FERA ABOUT THIS CULL. EARLIER EMAILS SHOW THAT SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN COPIED INTO THIS SCHEME, AND KNEW OF IT IN ADVANCE,

She is then quoted as supporting this “essential” murder in a newspaper article when I tipped off the Birmingham Evening Mail about what had happened. That’s some objection, yet the FOWL are an organisation who have received large amounts of funding from BCC, bizarrely as something that Hines called “ducking watch”. FOUR RUDDY DUCK DUCKLINGS WERE MURDERED THAT DAY! They and their parents had never even left The Midlands, let alone venture to Spain.



watch what

Er what?


8/2/13 Henderson to Porter re feedback. It is stated that a member of the gunmen were taken ill suddenly and that the air rifle was unavailable as a result. It’s just a pity the bastard did not shoot himself fatally or one of his mates instead.



I put in another FOI request to  DEFRA    questioning on which sites they had carried out this genocide. I also asked the following essential questions.

(ii) Could you please supply any direct factual evidence that you hold regards any ringed ruddy ducks in the UK reaching Spain that have subsequently bred with any Spanish White-headed ducks.
By factual I do not mean supposition, opinion or speculation by any civil servants , land owners or bird watching charities who have supported/taken part in this eradication scheme. If you do not hold any such factual direct evidence could you please confirm this.
(iii) Could you please confirm that any birds shot under this scheme on public or private land has only been possible with the agreement of the site owner or tenant.


It is clear from the answer “Following a search of our paper and electronic records, the information that you have requested is not held by APHA.” This is because we have no evidence of any ringed ruddy ducks from the Great Britain reaching Spain that have subsequently bred with any Spanish White-headed ducks”  that Henderson et als “science” and rationale behind this scheme is an EU sponsored fraud.  THERE IS NO EVIDENCE BECAUSE NONE EXISTS. His statements and literature sent out to the likes of Birmingham City Council is not founded on any factual evidence base which supports the statements. HOW CAN IT BE PROVEN THAT ANY BIRDS FROM THE UK EVER REACHED OR MIGRATED TO SPAIN IF THEY HAVE NO METHOD OF OR CANNOT IDENTIFY ANY SINGLE BIRD?


This statement confirms that Haden and Co from BCC did have the right of refusal to the Fera fanatic’s requests to set foot on the site with guns. That they caved in, and that it was also backed politically is perhaps an indication as to how these people operate in terms of obeying bureaucratic dictates from a foreign dictatorship that infests our everyday lives.

The cost to the UK economy from this senseless slaughter was reported to be at  £2400 per bird. This would have of course lined the pockets of the shooters, whilst depleting ours from the EU subsidy.

The full list of sites and number of birds killed , for no scientific purpose but under European Union “order”, can be read here.


Confirmation of the murdered Witton Lakes 6

I can only hope that the white headed duck in Spain does not become extinct. But this will have had nothing to do with any of the “work” of Henderson or those like him. There is a part of me that would like to see it become extinct however , only for Henderson to realise on his retirement that his whole civil service working life for this purpose was a complete and utter fucking failure; yet if ruddy ducks had not been persecuted by shooting and agricultural business lobby scum, it may have lived on with the spirit of the ruddy duck genes.


Rest in peace.

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