Sandwell fishing policy- DELAYED


Just a brief but rather disappointing update on this matter which I last looked at back in October.

A consultation on fishing in Sandwell took place with a view to implementing a charges policy and clarity over which pools could and could not be fished. The outcome of that was discussed in the report which went to Scrutiny below.

Fishing Policy

Unfortunately, and because of local elections, the outcome of this going to cabinet for approval has been delayed until at least June. 😕 The forward plan sets this timetable, and it was also confirmed verbally by a senior officer in the council.

08a – Forward Plan

I can only say that we have seen 20+ years of a policy that was already there, but which for one reason or another has never really been implemented or enforced- and the lack of money made by the council confirms that. I suppose the impact of lost and discarded tackle won’t make that much difference to the birds in the next three months as they are well used to the scum who leave rubbish behind having engaged in a three day drug and drink induced stupor in a tent. Luckily there are those that care and do something about it. Only this week, the RSPCA were talking about the amount of call outs regards litter impacting wildlife, which in the case of birds is linked almost exclusively to this single activity, indeed a figure of 40% of the total litter call outs were angling litter.

RSPCA: Animal charity reports 13,000 calls about animals ‘trapped, mutilated, or killed’ by litter (

I can only see the issues seen in the pictures below on a pool where fishing is not permitted in Sandwell continuing over the next few months.

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