Avian flu origins #2. Bernard Matthew’s deathly drummers



Irish Independent February 2007

I have previously outlined how “avian flu” (H5N1), entered this country by the trade in importing birds into the UK by pathetic individuals. A second case occurred just a few months later in a whooper swan in April 2006,- a wild bird, but where had it been?

There was later speculation that this bird had in fact never arrived in the UK at all, but had washed onto the coast, being badly decomposed with a strain similar to birds found in Germany. You can see from that article that we get the same bunch of “experts” banging on about “potential” to infect humans. Well it never happened did it! 

The third recorded case of avian flu in the UK occurred at the Suffolk premises of this Turkey twat in January 2007. A number of points arise from reports about this at that time.

Irish Independent


  • The Matthews factory had close links with Saga Foods in Hungary. This was a subsidiary of his company. This site had had an outbreak of H5N1 the month previous.
  • There had been reports of the animal husbandry at the Suffolk plant being rubbish and hygiene standards also poor. Access for wild birds (gulls) was reported feeding from the uncovered remains of turkeys- IE A TRANSMISSION SOURCE and route FROM FACTORY FARMED BIRDS TO WILD BIRDS, AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.  
  • The firm delayed reporting the outbreak to DEFRA by a couple of days after the first dead and ill birds were found.
  • They attempted to deny links with the filthy Eastern Euro premises by blaming wild birds. The issue was a PR disaster for Matthews and his company, and he was not wheeled out to face the media, as its head and well known face until the press had started to ask questions about the denials. Even then, his apologies were pithy and insincere. 
  • It would later emerge that it was the same strain of avian flu as at the Hungary plant, meaning that it was almost certain that this was the source of the outbreak arriving in the UK- IE THE POULTRY INDUSTRY VIA BERNARD MATTHEWS HAD BROUGHT AVIAN FLU INTO THE UK FROM ONE OF THEIR ALLIED COMPANIES IN HUNGARY WHOSE HYGIENE STANDARDS WERE ALSO SHITE. 
  • Confidence in the sector and in this company in particular nosedived and there was a massive drop in sales of turkeys and loss of a reported £77 million.
  • British exports of poultry were banned.
  • The Blair Government’s incompetence of handling the situation mirrored their earlier failures of foot and mouth in 2001.
  • Some 160,000 turkeys were slaughtered- the same mass culling as had happened with foot and mouth- despite claims that if you cooked the food it would not harm you. Would anyone really buy that shit ?
  • Once again as now, the same “experts” reported doom and gloom in 2007

Same old chestnut project fear-  never happens but they spend the rest of their academic lives using public money to try to make it happen.

The 9th February 20th Irish Independent confirmed the link to Hungary. 

The 17th February 2007 Irish Independent speculated that the plant boss could face charges. Defra ruled out the wild bird theory in a report and said the most likely source was from Hungary. This country of course attempted to deny that, but no one really believes that do they? 

The most astute comment from the Liberal Democrat MP, is the essence of the issue, and that which I will reflect in this post.

“Allowing wild birds to feed on raw poultry meat left in the open is highly irresponsible. The impression is of organisations still in denial about the seriousness of events at its plant.”

It is this large scale farming which creates large scale illness and disease, not just in birds but in every other farmed animal. We have had dozens of scares and supermarket recalls, all involving meat and dairy products over the last thirty years in the UK. The industry is not safe and neither are their products and yet no politician of any party will address this issue. 

It should come as no surprise that birds packed into cages or sheds eating one another’s shit and then their body parts shrink wrapped in plastic to be eaten as convenience for some pathetic “cook” die suffering for another “animal” to then consume and ultimately become death themselves. 

There is nothing nutritious about the Matthews “turkey twizzler” or “chicken drummer” except they offer a pauper’s meal where the boss of the death camp gets fat feeding like a leech off their affordable ease of purchase. Supermarkets too are part of this problem. 

Matthews may as well have pulled down his trousers and pants, assumed dog scooting carpet arse wiping position,(legs aloft up to shoulders), and invited customers to stick their twizzlers in his arsehole for a turkey dip; literally they were eating his shit anyway! 

Intensive farming mutates illness in factory farms, not in the wild, and yet this industry always promotes the fantasy that their premises comply with laws and that it is some unseen invisible outside threat of wild birds that cause their losses. 

It should come as no surprise about the type of person that would work in this sector and with this company, and those like them who probably arrive in the UK on a boat with little language but are dead from the neck up. A year before two BM workers were filmed playing bat and ball with turkeys at his plant at Felthorpe near Norwich. Once again the source  I use is The Irish Independent of 8th September 2006. 

The Hillside animal sanctuary who captured the footage, and not of course any Government agency in their failed jobs, alleged that they had been targeted by this company with trackers and surveillance themselves. 

The most despicable part of the 2007 story is that these poultry killing cunts were granted £600,000 compensation by New labour for losses. So what then is the point of fining them for poor health and safety practices when this is the reward? What is the point of the Foods Standards Agency, The APHA and all the rest of their .GOV ilk? It seems very much the case that these fines pay the wages of these increasingly bone idle work from home snivel service workers. Perhaps they don’t like being cooped up in a warm office environment eh?

But this is not the end of the story. A 2009 outbreak at more of Matthews Treblinkas was not alleged to be of the highly pathogenic form, and yet none the less Bird Flu Bernard made the news for the wrong reasons. A year later, the helmsman got stuffed himself at the age of 80, and good fucking riddance to that!

The ghastly Boparan chicken empire appears to have consumed the bones of Bernard and is now a part of that Asian cuisine source. 

 In 2022 up to the present then, more evidence that the 2007 lessons had not been learnt, and that a pathway exists from this sector to contaminate and infect wild birds through their shite animal caged death camps. 

It is also the case last year that the HSE dealt with two cases where BM workers were badly injured by unsafe working practices, as though the source of meat through the metal grinders is jumping from bird to human transmission almost. 

“Colin Frewin was left permanently paralysed and spent six months in hospital following an incident at the company’s Suffolk manufacturing plant.

Mr Frewin suffered multiple serious injuries, including a pierced left lung, several broken ribs, four fractured vertebrae and a spinal bleed. He was put in an induced coma for three weeks and is now classed as a T6 paraplegic and has been diagnosed with autonomic dysreflexia (AD).”

The problem with all of this is that those in the Government agencies calling the shots are complicit and support this economy of death and disease. They are apologists and not enforcers- they are also consumers with a penchant for farming themselves. Their bias is therefore clouding their judgement. 

The whole focus of the unfolding recent avian flu farce has been centred around the economic interests of the poultry production industry, but more so on the “public health” façade spearheaded by the UK Health Security Agency, UKHSA. This body were formerly just known as “The Health Protection Agency” and before that “Public Health England”, but the new name suggests a more authoritarian approach, which is likely all a part of the plan.

A recent video has shown what the  industry they are protecting lies about and how it is a risk to public health from organisations like KFC and the pound shop Ghetto “innit” chicken box establishments , which probably use mice if they run out, not that the retards who consume such meals would even notice the difference. I tend to find that those who eat fried chicken have low intelligence and are not worthy of much to society as a whole. This is a must watch. Embrace it and reason that there is a serious problem. 

BREAKING: KFC & Niko Omilana EXPOSED in Shocking Scandal!! – YouTube

This then sets the standard of what Middlemiss, Brown and the shit stains at the Animal Plant and Health Agency, another part of the problem, are trying to “protect”, by the lie and false claim that it is wild migratory birds that cause disease and death amongst captive birds that are dying by the bucket load in close containment , from er, disease and suffering. They are nothing more than the servants and shills of this maximizing space for profit sadistic industry. I also question those “scientists” from Hungary working on avian flu today who may well know more than we do about the origins of the Matthews 2007 import to the UK. 

If as a consumer you are happy to continue eating such birds from an industry which does not care and is not safe then you do so at your own risk, but also a risk to wild birds in the future. 




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