Avian flu- coercive council behaviour



“Detected in wild birds” The truth is- a mere handful, and was this their real cause of death?

coercive control

not necessarily domestic partner but the state on its own people

Local authorities typically employ many people and use them to try to persuade others how to behave, or to “change their behaviour”, with some telling people how they should vote in complicity with their political paymasters. Unfortunately, they are also guilty of parroting a particular narrative, particularly that of top down “public health”- which is the biggest coercive control attempt of all.

But this mind bending comes directly from Government itself and its quangos like the former “Public Health England”. If you don’t believe me then read the document below, “Achieving behaviour change: a guide for local authorities” written in part by the Communist Witch SAGE member Michie among others in attempting “interventions” in the way in which people behave. Principally, this is based on their “behaviour change wheel”– which includes the word “coercion” as you can clearly see.




We have seen these “interventions” throughout the “covid 19 pandemic”, see page 38 onwards for example….


Truly evil people

But recent messaging from local authorities reveal steps towards the next grand human health hoax- avian flu. The playbook written in November 2020 includes very familiar scenarios like the ones below. Basically, get everyone to comply with something and punish those who do not and use the media to do this. It’s a communist technique, but so of course is the vile co author.



When this issue first arose in neighbouring boroughs, I asked Sandwell council to take certain measures, (perhaps you could call these “interventions” except their behaviour was weak), but which following the poor advice from DEFRA et al would according to their logic mitigate what they claimed was happening- transfer of virus from bird to bird via droppings through oral routes.

I asked for increased road sweeping in the park settings. This item had been discussed and agreed with former SMBC officer Max Cookson some time ago as a means of dealing with perceived bird droppings in parks and on pathways, when he stated at the time that these sweepers would not cost extra money to deploy in parks.

The purpose of doing this is that so called “Defra guidance” warned of not coming into contact with bird droppings to members of the public. This in the document mentioned above would come under “Provide clear, precise, credible guidance about specific behaviours”. Of course other wild birds would also not want to come into contact with infected bird droppings. You would think therefore that SMBC would want this outcome wouldn’t they?

It transpired that despite claims the sweepers were being deployed once a week, they were obviously not being. I also asked why this could not be increased as required- if the council wanted to mitigate risk from this pathway. It was stated by one Grounds maintenance officer that there may be cross contamination issues using these sweepers, which seemed to me like a feeble excuse for just not giving a shit about the so called “public health” issue. I then put in the following FOI request to SMBC.

Street sweepers and cleansing for use in parks – a Freedom of Information request to Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council – WhatDoTheyKnow

My questions in blue, and their response in red.

(i)Please provide the following information. How many street sweepers does
Sandwell council/Serco own?

10 sweepers in total, including 5 large and 5 small.

(ii)How many of these are deployed within park settings?

The parks are cleansed with sweepers on a scheduled basis. There is not a
specific parks sweeper, but the smaller vehicles will be used in parks
with small paths.

(iii) How often are the brushes on these sweepers cleansed, and what
disinfectant is used to cleanse them?

The vehicles are jet washed with water every evening when they are
returned to the depot. Brushes are used across the Borough on a daily
basis, therefore they wear out very quickly.  The brushes will be removed
and replaced on a weekly basis at the depot as part of their maintenance.

(iv) How does the council satisfy itself that bio hazardous human bodily
fluids and other animal waste materials are not spread from one point to
another by cross contamination when using said machines?

Serco road sweepers spray out a jet of water along the road/path as it is
moving. This assists in reducing dust and aids the mechanism of collecting
detritus. It is  an industry standard system.”


This request confirms

  • The council have the tools and equipment to perform the task specified.
  • The council only jet wash the contaminated sweepers and do not use disinfectants! This implies that human wastes and bodily fluids swept up as well as animal waste remains on the brushes and is capable of being “spread around” and cross contaminated on a regular  basis between points A and B before they are jet washed at the end of the working day. This arrangement continues all week before the brushes are changed when they “wear out”.
  • The council/Serco cannot stop biohazardous wastes being cross contaminated except using water jets which appears to be more of a dust suppression reason than anything else.

There is therefore no specific reason to justify the officer’s claims for caution, in that anything including the fabled covid 19 could be being spread by these machines- you either except that they may cause illness to spread and do not use them, or use them to prevent spread in the first instant. Avian Flu is not as contagious to humans as many other illnesses so the UKHSA et al claim.


“The public should avoid contact with wild birds, including  their feathers and waste.”

Compare and contrast the messaging with the situation at Smethwick Hall Park and false signs about human waste being “mud”. This was long after children had been playing in the water and the silt after a confirmed contamination that had happened before and is still happening due to combined sewer overflows being, shit. Were any of them sick after this, they would not have known the cause?




More multi agency fake statements after Severn Trent Water had turned down the SMBC application to remove all the contaminated silt.

I also wrote to The Director of Health at Sandwell at this time, yet on this serious public health matter did not receive the courtesy of any response. 

This also appears to be the case then that when it comes to economic interests of private water companies which are to blame for death and disease as they were at Smethwick Hall Park and elsewhere, the council and its public health managers appear to go rather silent, as do the UKHSA, the APHA, the RSPCA and just about every other of the organisations engaged in private zoom meetings talking fucking bollocks about how not to tell the public basic truths and information. Zoonotic diseases it appears are money spinners when you can develop a vaccine strategy to go with it. I did ask for minutes of the meetings held between these agencies, and yet unfortunately despite going to the information commissioner on this topic, this body is content and therefore complicit in allowing minutes of these discussions to remain hidden in case it prevents “the free and frank exchange of views” between these different bodies on this topic.

Other council’s have parroted the same message via the useless UKHSA and the examples are shown below as to how similar their coercive message is in trying to separate the public from wild birds, just as they did in attempting to separate people from those who were dying during their covid 19 health hoax- but not of the fake illness in hospitals, whilst the likes of Matt Handcock were shagging their fancy women and not following their own senseless rules.

Birmingham City Council.

This authority I have dealt with before concerning its complicity with ruddy duck culls, and also the issues surrounding “avian botulism”– of course another attempt to link manmade botulism creation via the sewage network  with birds as though it belongs to them and they were the origin of the event- which they were certainly not.

Their pools are without doubt the most dirty litter strewn piss and shit receptacles of all the West Midland authorities, meaning that they harbour disease and illness for anything unfortunate to live amongst the floating fermenting debris, and their obsession with life rings means that these useless orange objects are regularly chucked in but never removed from the water by their lazy staff. They also allowed the Commonwealth Games fireworks debacle to be launched from one of their lakes resulting in harmful chemical fallout over it.

The message even though they state the risk to be “very low” infection regarding people is to tell them NOT to do something in bold lettering, and then telling them to do something if they do. It is not “vital” then for any particular reason is it if the risk is “very low”? This is the first coercive attempt then at turning people in OCD nutters, whilst attempting to create the impression that birds are dirty. Don’t be fooled by it. The chances are that you are more likely to acquire an illness from a person than any bird in Birmingham, particularly on public transport, which they want you to use instead of cars, and that is a fact. CONTINUE TO USE THE CAR AND REJECT THEIR LTN BOLLOCKS! 

If you see a dead bird call the council, of you see an ill one, call the RSPCA is the message- with all birds regardless of how they came to be “ill” treated as though they have avian flu. The truth of the case could not be further from the fake narrative being presented here. Birds have long been ill on Birmingham City council lakes through a variety of causes usually linked to their own poor officer management.

An update of this then used pathetic cartoons just to insult people’s intelligence even further, illustrated as geese.


Wolverhampton City Council

This authority was the only one to respond to the lockdown litter campaign without having to prompt, but issues of angling on some pools remain a problem. The signs below are subtly coloured in the colours of Wolverhampton Wanderers, with the “do not” text in yellow. This obviously attempts to connote the sense of place and another form of coercion in that it is linked to survival in a microcosm area. In the background there is a watermark upward arrow as though in the shape of an “A”, which anchors the message of Avian influenza as though it belongs to the birds. This crap was of course repeatedly used in the pandemic covid 19 hoax by political liars like Boris Johnson and big pharma shills like Chris Witty standing on a lectern and  also conveys a hazard symbol.


There is also the use of cartoons with the goose standing in silhouette in the black text box. The anti feeding message and avoid contact message is of course central in the text.

We see through the intervention manipulation.

Dudley Council.

This authority miraculously escaped any confirmed cases of avian flu between 2021-2022. Unfortunately however and rather suspiciously, in October 2022 it arrived at various locations including Himley Hall- or at least birds became ill at these locations. I was suspicious of the use of pesticides in this and other authorities so pointedly asked an FOI request as I remain of the view that symptoms of convulsions reported in some birds as “avian flu” are nothing of the sort and these birds died by manmade circumstances or from Newcastle’s Disease. I am one of very few people in the world to have seen white phosphorus poisoning in wildfowl and I know the symptoms of that with bitter experience. The symptoms of circling to me suggest a nerve agent type of substance, and not any natural toxin. Other birds have demonstrated bent necks similar to lead poisoning. My questions in red, their responses in blue.

(I)Could you please reveal a list of the pesticides, herbicides, insecticides,
neonicotinoids and chemicals used for weed/crop management in parks and green spaces within the borough of Dudley.

1. Chikara 50g glyphosate additive, No mix Glyphosate Pro bioactive,
Katoum Gold, No MixDual, Crossbar, Eco Plugs, Rose clear insecticide, No
mix G CDA.

(ii) Are pesticides/ chemicals used near children’s play areas, areas of open water or are there any areas where they are restricted from use- and for what reasons?

2. In all areas a buffer zone of two metres away from watercourses and
play areas is actioned. Water courses is to prevent water contamination
and play areas is to prevent over spray onto the play areas.

(iii) Please indicate when said chemicals were last sprayed/applied or used in the following locations to the nearest accurate date
Himley Hall and park
Lakeside- Withymoor
Mary Stevens Park

3. These areas are not sprayed with any chemicals on the grass areas.
Although highways are sprayed, these were sprayed in the month of
September. Himley Hall was sprayed in September as well around the pool is
not sprayed or by brook courses, only trip rail and shrubberies and
building curtilages with Glyphosate. The highways are also sprayed with
The most telling thing from this is that “avian flu” occurred in these areas on the month following spraying. I would suggest that any use of glyphosate- a proven carcinogenic chemical is bad news, wherever it may be sprayed or leech into. I remain highly suspicious about this “outbreak” in the areas concerned and doubt that “avian flu” occurred there in the way in which they would have people believe. 


A later sign included the usual bullet point text boxes.

The message of this council was completely blown out of the water by their own avarice by putting on a fireworks event at Himley within weeks of this “confirmed” outbreak, and inviting people to do exactly what they told them not to or making it impossible to do what they wanted them to do. As for the ill birds that they knew about- the decision makers here could not give a shit.


The petition against launching fireworks from this site and relevant links showing the harm that fireworks cause to wild birds is still active and can be signed HERE. We will be promoting this in the run up to this years November activities in attempting to change Dudley Council’s behaviour on releasing harmful chemicals into the environment!

South Staffordshire County Council

This authority literally borders Himley Hall at Baggeridge and it was rather bizarre to see two separate signs just metres apart, but basically with the same misguided message. We see with this a full on attempt at coercion, suggesting that people are “protecting birds” if you do as they say. YOU ARE NOT, SO IGNORE THE MESSAGE AS IT IS COERCION TO SUGGEST THAT IF YOU DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT TO THE MESSAGE THEN SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN AND THE BIRDS WILL NOT BE PROTECTED. 

There is no direct evidence that feeding spreads the disease, as if this was the case then they would all be dead already. As for not attempting to rescue any ill birds, I would also ignore this, as they may be tangled in line and more likely ill from something else. It’s delay and indifference that costs birds’ lives, and protecting them is doing something sooner rather than later. On the dogs on leads issue however, I do agree with that, but not for the reasons hinted at here.

Staffordshire County Council

And so the very worst I have saved until last. I have already looked at what happened at Chasewater Country Park when these liars took over and closed the former duck pond. They first attempted to string people along that it would be reinstated claiming that it was to clean the pool, only then to come up with a different story and fill it in when challenged on the matter. 

The issue of lead poisoning and botulism on this site has also been going on for years, and in the former case, this is preventable if they took certain remedial measures, which they have not.

When the “avian flu” situation first occurred in the area, this site was heavily hit by bird deaths, though many never tested for avian flu. An FOI request to this council asked them a series of questions about this, and what became a theme of stopping people from feeding the birds at the site, even after avian flu had faded from every other area in the Midlands region. Their messaging about when people could resume feeding the birds and “assuming” that all bird deaths were caused by avian flu, when there was not a shred of any scientific evidence to confirm this was clearly becoming more difficult to fathom, and unfortunately, the gaslighting message made some people whose life was made purposeful by feeding and caring for the birds have been mentally destroyed by their ranger diktats.

With this in mind, and with NO DEATHS in neighbouring authorities, I challenged this authority to come clean about the bollocks they were spouting and the continued behaviour change crap that I recognised they were insulting good people’s intelligence with. Part of my FOI request asked the following, and please note their highlighted response at that time.

“…is the case that you intend to stop members of the public from resuming feeding forever, by the means of using “avian flu” as an excuse – a seasonal and this year supposed “unprecedented” event, then please reveal what legal basis you have to enforce this, again referring to communications as stipulated in part(ii) of this request? It is noted that where other local authorities advised on not feeding birds, after a period of time of no deaths, any such notices have now been removed. When do you intend to remove yours?

“Our approach is consistent with other authorities – there is no intention to stop people feeding the birds permanently. We will wait until we have a few clear weeks and then notices will come down. We had cases on 31 March / 1st April so are still being cautious but hopefully we will soon be able to remove AI information from the site.

We do have concerns about feeding birds in some areas of Chasewater as it can attract the birds to areas where they can be exposed to lead poisoning, among other issues, so we would not actively encourage feeding. This is however a separate issue and will be communicated as such.”

Once again, the silly cartoons with stop/go red and green imagery

Prior to this, I was amazed that in spite of claiming that there must be something harmful in the water- i.e infectious material spread by the birds, no one at this authority was stopping water sports, whereby members of the public unprotected, were coming into direct contact where birds were supposedly dying, even though local observers did not see any dead birds whatsoever, or ill ones either at the site.

One event held annually is the so called “ironman” competition triathlon across this borough, and whereby the first discipline of swimming is held at Chasewater- I.e hundreds of participants enter the water and remain in the water bathing where birds are supposedly ill or dying and should not be fed to reduce this- so their messaging claimed.

Even the leader of this authority, Conservative Alan White is a participant, and noted that in social media output from this council was promoting the event, without any mention of avian flu restricting it or human contact with the water being harmful. Indeed, could human contact with the water not spread disease to the birds, following the UKHSA hypothesis?


3000 people can enter bird flu infected waters and swim 1.2 miles within it- now that is a different kind of message is it not?


The leader participates in the swim


Straight from the horses mouth with subtitles


He has been training hard- does this mean swimming in the lake at Chasewater as well?




The swim, (in Chasewater lake) is 1900…..”


…metres in Chasewater….”

From what I have researched through his results, maybe he needs some more training.  🙂



Finished 630th, and he stayed in the water (at Chasewater) for 44 minutes and 22 seconds. 

What this means is that this authority and its most senior politician were quite happy to put on and participate in an event which no doubt makes them thousands of pounds in revenue despite putting out messages of doom, and outright lies about safety concerning “avian flu”. The message is bollocks, cannot possibly be defended, and shows the lie for what it is. 

A response from SCC was received by a member of the public and can be seen as their view at this particular time AUGUST 2022, when they were still claiming that feeding could resume if there was a period of time with no birds deaths. Actually, there were none at all during this time, but it is another lie on their part.

“…..When we do get some permanent signs on site they will be to try and encourage responsible feeding of all the wildfowl, we are never going to be able to stop people feeding the birds but if we can encourage the right food and the right amounts that would be a good start!
I’m sure this is something that you’ll understand, you’ve probably like me, seen people with a whole loaf of white bread at the water side, which can’t do any good for the birds or the water.
We are monitoring the situation with the avian influenza and will take guidance from FERA before we change the notices at Chasewater or elsewhere.”

I then had this response, after delay, and had to send them a reminder to get this. It continues the story from September 2022. 


The problem with liars, and corporate organisations which lie to and mislead the public like Staffordshire County Council is that their lies eventually become impossible to defend when put under scrutiny.

“Thank you for your email below regarding your correspondence to the Council in respect of the feeding of birds at Chasewater.

I can confirm that initial enquiries were made with staff at the Country Parks Team in respect of the issues that you raised in September 2022.  A further update was also provided in November to our team however we have checked our files and can see that whilst a reply was drafted for you, this was not sent out to you as it should have been. 

I have set out below the information that was received

September – Country Parks advised that signs asking visitors not to feed the wildfowl at Chasewater were put on display due to the previous Avian Influenza outbreak.   It was always the intention to remove these as conditions allowed and replace with signs encouraging visitors to feed the birds responsibly.   There was no intention to enforce any no feeding policy and they were aware that many people are ignoring signs and have continued to feed the wildfowl over the last few months.

Country Parks had been operating on a skeleton staff for many months and are aware that a few things across the Country Parks are not in the condition that they would like.  This includes the replacement of signage.

In respect of Avian Influenza, should another outbreak occur on site they would have to display signs and information along the guidelines from DEFRA.  At that point in time it was hoped that this would not happen.

November – A further update on the situation was provided by the Country Parks Team in November whereby it was confirmed that there were cases of Bird Flu at one of the country parks in North Staffordshire.  Signs were displayed at that particular park to request that people did not feed the birds along with the safety guidance and a contact for reporting any dead birds.  Whilst at that point (8 November) there were no confirmed cases of bird flu at Chasewater, the decision was taken to ask that the birds were not fed to discourage birds grouping together for food.

Current position – In light of your email below I have asked the Country Parks Team for a further update given the time that has passed.  They have now confirmed that new signs are on order which will outline the Council’s policy and requests that going forward, visitors to country parks do not feed the birds.

I am very sorry that you have not received a response to the issues you raised back in September 2022 and I hope that the above is of assistance. 

Yours sincerely

Sue Thomas | Team Leader –  Customer Feedback & Complaints  

In other words, this local authority has used the mantra of Michie and co to gaslight the public with behaviour change of not feeding the birds at the site at all in the hope that one day there would be a point in time, (never intentioned by them of course) where they could . They constructed the fake narrative that by feeding the birds, then you would harm them, but dismissed any risk that entering the water would not affect in any way Alan White and his chummy bunch of floaters. Their plan to restrict this by rule making follows the change, and the rest of it you can deduce with a reminder of the BCW table below.


The latest signs at this site once again use the same daft cartoons as well as gaslighting the public and even has one of those three phrase platitudes at the end of the message. This council may have “pride” and “purpose” in ridding the site of wildfowl so that water sports can prosper, but they are certainly not “with you” if you prefer wildlife.

There is NO risk, and people do not spread it.

The message is clear from this council in that they are about promoting water sports which makes them doe and removing wildlife from this site which does not, and have used underhand tactics and “avian flu” as the mechanism and excuse for this , just as they did to remove the duck pond before this. Staffordshire County Council, you are without doubt the most underhand crooked council I have ever had the misfortune to deal with, and that is saying something with the ones that I have! 

So I return then to Sandwell and its “public health” message. I was written to by the Director of public health, now gone, as well as some bloke from the UKHSA with something like the name “Dr Chapati”. I do not take kindly to people who assume that they are more intelligent than I am and can put one over on me, especially ones who are not even real doctors of medicine and promptly binned it.


Hannibal, Red Dragon | Filmes policiais, Vilãs, Cicatrizes

They attempted to suggest that as “an advocate of birds” , (appealing to my nature and personal ego), that I should advocate their message to the public about not feeding birds or touching birds and all of the other crap associated with the scumbags from SAGE. I declined to respond, GIVEN THE VAST RANGE  OF ISSUES MENTIONED PREVIOUSLY THAT THEY COULD NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT CHANGING IN SANDWELL WITHIN THEIR OWN PORTFOLIO BRIEF, but I will say this and say it as clearly as can be made publicly whether you unfortunately reside in a Tory authority or Labour one where there is no difference….

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