APHA FOI request and avian flu- the vaccine production line “one health” scam


Question- which came first, the avian flu chicken, or the “avian flu” research funding golden egg? 

RT-PCR tests and Avian flu


This request to The Animal and Plant Health Agency follows the often strange diagnosis and inexplicable circumstances that have surrounded this alleged virus of “natural” origin of which I remain highly suspicious. I will explain why and my concerns about this after looking at questions asked and the responses received from the APHA. As they state on the response to this request, “APHA is an Executive Agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and also works on behalf of the Scottish Government, Welsh Government and Food Standards Agency to safeguard animal and plant health for the benefit of people, the environment and the economy.”

I am more concerned that “economy” and more specifically some people’s private commercial interests and those of academic institutions are being looked after more than the benefit to the environment and wildlife and also the growing globalist conspiracy to develop “vaccines” for human and animal linked diseases- links made by certain types of big pharma organisations who fund and press the ears of Governments with wild and exaggerated claims made through their “research”.


The APHA responded to my request for information which can be read HERE.

(i) Please disclose the country of origin and manufacturer of RT -PCR tests used in the UK by the APHA to determine avian flu.

All but two have their origin in the UK (APHA Weybridge). The tests were designed, validated and published by APHA Weybridge. The two which do not have their origins at APHA Weybridge are the generic influenza A virus screening RT-PCR which was developed by, and therefore originated from the team of Alexander Nagy (Czech Republic) as described in Nagy et al., 2021 and the RT-PCR for specific detection of subtype N1 avian influenza virus (Payunporn et al., 2006; Thailand). Both the Nagy et al. and Payunporn et al. tests have been adapted and validated for use by APHA using reagents manufactured in the UK.

(ii) What is the cost of these tests for financial years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 so far?

The following table was provided showing a progressive increase in spending over the period.

(iii) What is the claimed accuracy of these tests?

The accuracy is 100% following heavy validation, which has shown these tests to be highly robust and resilient with reliable reproducibility and repeatability.


(iv) It is my understanding that if a “positive” test is found from either a cloacal or Oro-pharyngeal swab that no further examination is allowed for “health and safety ” reasons- even if the positive test may be incidental to cause of death- e.g a bird was known to have been shot. Which body made this ruling or enforces it and please provide any manual or procedural document that examiners at the APHA have been given which states that this is the case.

Avian influenza (AI) virus is a Specified Animal Pathogen Order (SAPO) Containment Level 4, and Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) containment level 3 pathogen. APHA follow Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation for this pathogen. Please find details here: Biological agents: The principles, design and operation of Containment Level 4 facilities.

APHA also work to the primary legislation that applies to contained use of specified animal pathogens, here: The Specified Animal Pathogens Order 2008

High Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) virus is also classified as an Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act (ATCSA) Schedule 5 agent, details here: https://www.gov.uk/government/groups/advisory-committee-on-dangerous-pathogens and HSE recommend it is handled at ACDP CL3.

Great Britian is currently in an Avian Influenza (HPAI) outbreak with risk level in wild birds currently rated as very high. All wild birds are first tested for HPAI through cloacal and oro-pharyngeal swabs before any further work can be undertaken. If these tests confirm the presence of HPAI, APHA are then limited in what further work can be undertaken due to the containment requirements required to comply with the legislation. APHA must operate in compliance with this legislation. Further information can be found here: Management and operation of microbiological containment laboratories.”


I asked the APHA about the country of origin and manufacturer of RT -PCR tests used in the UK by the APHA to determine avian flu.

Real time PCR tests have been widely employed concerning covid-19 and they are highly controversial in that setting whereby their use has been used by authority to prevent people’s freedom for some “greater good” which is a fallacy. The lockdowns were a fascist mechanism that have destroyed people’s health, rebooted economies into which corrupt politicians have invested their wealth by insider trading and we are now seeing the consequences of fake scientific advice by the likes of the charlatan epidemiologist and adulterer “Professor” Neil “chicken little” Fergusson. Whilst advocating prison camp lockdown of others, with their predictions of doom which never materialised, both he and Hat Mancock were performing cunnilingus with other men’s wives. Fergusson has a major track record of abysmal prophecy of such “pandemic” events, which I will look at in more depth in another post.

“The generic influenza A virus screening RT-PCR” that the APHA mention formulated the ones developed by the APHA in the UK and cannot be disassociated. APHA staff were directly involved with the Nagy “team” study mentioned and yet they omit stating this.

This study can be read below.


The APHA are increasingly becoming an officious and authoritarian body of tickers, and the abysmal handling of situations like the murder of Geronimo the alpaca which they claimed had BTB have seriously questioned their professional integrity as a governmental body in which they operate. My own personal experience of them has not been very great when they were known as the VLA in being able to determine the impact of manmade chemicals on animals, and their direct incompetence is clearly evidenced in this post.

Bizarrely they have come up with a “mitigation strategy” for wild birds and avian flu, a strange choice of phrase which is usually used by developers where manmade destruction of habitat for development is “replaced” with some token crap like a hedgerow to tick a box. I am not sure why they have used this, but it does imply a manmade situation has created “avian flu”.

They are becoming bureaucratic bullies and in my opinion are out to shut down the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals, hand in hand with their DEFRA hunt scum farming financiers. 

The APHA is now more of a commercial business than an independent UK civil service entity and this needs to be considered and for whom their employees are acting for in such a capacity.

The conflict of interest whereby the public are financing this is a disgrace, as is the ability of those in academia to garner more funds for endless “research” when they are whispering advice into the ears of those who control the purse strings. The question arises as to what benefit would it be to such an organisation or individuals to ever find a solution to the research problems which they constantly set or reset? Is there any benefit in ever finding a conclusion with the “one health” system? Would the money run out at that stage if the gravy train vaccine quest elixir was derailed?

pcr fake1

“The mutual dependence of human and animal health is central to the One Health initiative as an integrated strategy for infectious disease control and management. A crucial element of the One Health includes preparation and response to influenza A virus (IAV) threats at the human-animal interface.”

The so called “one health” initiative is an insidious bought non science conglomerate funded by “philanthropic” liberal coercive controlling organisations in the background. One can see here that these are driven purely by economic and financial interests.

“In 2004 the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Bank proposed a One Health Initiative as a holistic perspective on the management and control of influenza A virus (IAV) threats at the human-animal interface.”

“The One Health concept is based on the realization that human and animal health allied to environmental safeguarding are inextricably linked.”

Yes of course they are, in extracting public funding for climate/virus hoaxes where the researchers  offer “solutions” if you’ll just give them more money. I’ve re-summarised the real purpose and idea of “one health” in the graphic below.

But let us look more closely at the authors of this study starting with the APHA’s own Ian Brown, not to be confused with the front man from The Stone Roses.  The list of contributions shows him as “funding acquisition, ResourcesWriting – review & editing4

4 Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA-Weybridge), Addlestone, Surrey, United Kingdom.


According to the APHA, Ian H Brown “is responsible for operational delivery of Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) science and science related matters, including topics related to Avian Influenza, Newcastle Disease, Swine Influenza and laboratory outbreak preparedness.

Ian was previously Head of Virology at APHA Weybridge.” I.E at the time of this study that was his position. He is a member of the board of the APHA which meets 6 times per year. Additionally, he has also been listed as “Director of EU/OIE/FAO International Reference Laboratories for Avian Influenza, Newcastle Disease and Swine Influenza.”

It is interesting that Newcastle’s disease, (VND), is lumped in the same category as avian influenza, a factory farming caused illness, and I have already speculated that the so called symptoms put forward by this body were more akin to VND and whether they were attempting to distract attention away from the vile poultry production factory farming industry and instead blame wild birds? I STAND BY THAT OBSERVATION.




“Ian holds a visiting Professorship position in Avian Virology at the University of Nottingham and Honorary Professorship in Pathobiology and Population Sciences with Royal Veterinary College, London.” Note those two academic institutions, they will reappear in a while. 

In this blog, Brown claims that  “The arrival of AI is connected to wild bird migration in the autumn and winter months”  and yet birds have been migrating for thousands of years along the same routes without apparent detection until a group of scientists in the early 2000’s came along and decided that they were- strange that.  😮 

A series of measures is described including registering flocks of more than 50 birds, so my advice to people who wish to keep birds would be to only ever keep 49 at the maximum and do not register with the APHA under any circumstances. Failure to adhere to APHA rules means fines- and you can see where this is leading along the covid-`19 rule slide.

The biggest problem for Brown and co is their gaslighting message to the public about not touching dead wild birds. This is an area which they cannot possibly control and they know it. If the public were to do this and nothing happened at all- which is the likely case, it would throw their one health initiative to the wolves as it would show that human contact with such is NOT A HUMAN HEALTH ISSUE and avian flu is not going to be a pandemic– and there goes their funding in attempting to suggest it is.



Of course, anyone with any compassion would touch them, but the APHA are not an organisation which deals with such.

In this article, Brown totally contradicts himself where it is suggested he implies “it was not known exactly why there have been record outbreaks for two years in a row, as well as a rare human case this winter.”

“But he told The Independent these events suggest something is changing and “we need to understand what is driving it”. “

As I have already stated, migration is NOT to blame here, and I would agree that “something has changed” in the last two years. We then get into the absolute bollocks of academic “climate change” proposals and you can see where the funding mechanism with “one health” is going again. Basically, “we as scientists cannot explain what is happening, but if you give us a shitload of money we might give you some conclusions.”

Brown concludes by calling for a “multinational, collaborative effort to understand and track what is happening with wild birds”. In other words, “give us your money”.

And so they did. 

“APHA, Defra and BBSRC have today announced a major new research consortium in the UK’s battle against bird flu.”

BBSRC stands for Biotechnology and Biosciences Research Council, basically a public funded university research war chest run by academics, for academics. 

golden egg

Headed by Ian Brown

This is not a grant to aid wild birds, but to aid the millionaire farmers who are probably at the centre of creating avian diseases with their ghastly genocidal chicken death factory farming practices. What we see here are a collection of academic institutions being funded, including The University of Nottingham, and The Royal Veterinary College London, (there they are).

We also get the vile Imperial College London from which the rat Fergusson outpoured his pro Lockdown  shite.

Then there is The Pirbright Institute. I will look in more detail at this organisation and its links with its insidious funders like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the (Un)Wellcome Trust and The World Health (HOAX) Organisation, except to say that it has been meddling with avian and other animal viruses including coronaviruses such as IBV for a very long time in order they allege to find vaccines, and even filing US patents to that end. These funders are also the main bankrollers of Imperial College London. 

As an important quick note, The Wellcome Trust was the supposed “philanthropic” body set up on the death of Henry Wellcome, the Freemason Godfather of big pharma who founded The Boroughs Wellcome & company, which later became Glaxo Smith Kline– one of the very worst. GSK control the purse strings for this “charity” front and are therefore beneficiaries of any “pandemic” event. 

The Wellcome Trust in particular has one individual who has been the catalyst for pushing the globalist avian flu agenda and also meddling in Covid 19 circles, and is increasingly being exposed for his role in disinformation about the Chinese “natural” origins of the latter.  Whilst I would not accuse such laboratories outright of deliberately releasing harmful pathogens into the environment, the fact that they are meddling and changing the nature of such viruses out of curiosity, academic gain amongst their peers and the valued vaccines that would come from injecting farmed animals against such make the prospect of release of said viruses into the wild more possible through accidental release. The fact that their funders have also been involved in funding gain of function research is even more troubling.

  • “inform risk mitigation measures in birds to reduce disease burden thereby protecting against zoonotic transmission occurring from animals to humans, to prevent future spillovers of influenza with pandemic potential into humans.”

I think we need to stop funding these prophets of doom who appear to want to create a worse case scenario with everything. 

“Professor Ian Brown, APHA’s Head of Virology and project manager, said:

“This investment in a new research consortium will bring together the greatest minds from eight world-leading British institutions to address gaps in our understanding of bird flu, helping us to control the spread of the disease, while furthering UK animal health science and ensuring we maintain our world-leading reputation in the field.” “

Well why have the “greatest minds” not been able to offer any advice of any meaning to date? Like looking for weapons of mass destruction maybe, they are difficult to find.

A follow up piece in The Daily Mail to news of this funding again quotes Brown making astonishing unfounded claims about avian flu.

“Professor Brown, head of virology at the Animal and Plant Health Agency, told The Observer cases were ‘in big commercial farms all the way down to somebody keeping two chickens in their back yard’.

….’The more humans are in contact with birds in an uncontrolled way, the greater is the theoretical risk that people can get infected.’ “

To compare keeping a few chickens not for consumption free range in your back garden to commercial death factories which he and the APHA defend is outrageous, as is his coercive attempt at policy setting  that everyone should be registered to keep birds at all- and there is no doubt as to where his aims are going with this, so do not even attempt to deny them!   Some of the comment responses to this article cannot be better expressed and I fully agree with the ones below.


The most recent article , I take this one from the BBC, ramps up the narrative of a link being made between avian flu and other mammals tested for presence of this virus.

This article claims “spill over”, and yet there is no proof that avian flu was the cause of death of any of these animals who died after testing positive for avian flu. The circumstances as to how they arrived at the APHA for testing is not explored, and many of them could have been road kill. I see dead foxes, badgers and hedgehogs floating around in the canal system every week that have drowned. And then there is deliberate cruelty which appears to have taken a clear backseat after AI has come on the scene; little is investigated any more, and wasn’t really before all this started.


Did this dead fox in the canal which could not get out die from “avian flu”?

As with the wild birds, the DEFRA doctrine of no further testing after positive PCR test result is a convenient mechanism for failing to complete any scientific post mortem looking for the real cause of death. 

For Brown and co, the narrative however is to get their pitch reported in such a way as to alarm the public via the media into believing that all of these animals died from “bird flu”.

“In the UK, the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) has tested 66 mammals, including seals, and found nine otters and foxes were positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N1.”


 This piece is nothing more than alarmist fake news reporting where “possibilities” and scenarios are the only real thing that the APHA have to offer- for which of course they will get more research funding. The risk to humans , as stated at the end of the article is very low. 

Brown is not the only author of this study from the APHA, there are two others. Marek Slomka, is listed in the study as Funding acquisitionProject administrationResourcesSupervisionValidationVisualizationWriting – review & editing. “

His Linked In profile reveal that he is the “Avian influenza research leader at the APHA” where he has been for the last 19 years. I would like to know more about “Disease control & mangement  (sic) policies centred on (i) research interests in avian host responses to infections & (ii) development, optimisation & validation of novel disease testing strategies, together with epidemiological understanding “ has panned out? Maybe like a turkey voting for Christmas? Oh, and look where he studied for his PHD…..





AI vaccine take up be like……


Samuaya Thomas of the APHA is listed in the study as contributing  Data curationInvestigationResourcesValidationVisualizationWriting – review & editing”. and linked in profile lists her as  “Research Scientist/ Molecular Virologist at APHA, Weybridge”


Both Slomka and Thomas were also authors along with several other APHA staff on another paper called ” Avian influenza: a veterinary pathogen with zoonotic potential.” which is worth reading as it also states that Newcastle disease symptoms are very similar to those cited for AIV’s but only distinguishable because of the laboratory tests. In terms of human zoonotic potential

“AIVs are host- adapted, hence human cases are infrequent and transmission between human hosts is very rarely observed. To date, the H5Nx HPAIV goose Guangdong (GsGd) lineage  and the China- origin H7N9 LP and HPAIVs represent strains responsible for the majority of human AIV infections within the past two decades. However, other subtypes have been linked to human infection (e.g. H9N2, H5N6).”
In other words these diseases were found in backward Asian countries with poor bio- security in their commercial bird farming practices. Why are scientists looking to find something which is just not there and the obsession with trying to turn animal diseases into human ones? It’s almost as though they want this to happen and bring this unnaturally about so they can show how clever they are and develop their coveted vaccines. 

The APHA’s PCR testing method can be read in the PDF below.


“1.2 Background information 1.2.1 The N1 RRT-PCR described by Payungporn et al (J Virol Methods (2006) 131;143-147) has been adapted to work in RRT-PCR chemistry (Slomka et al, Avian Pathology (2012); 41:177-193) . It is a rapid, sensitive and specific method for the detection of N1 AIV viruses. “

N.B this refers to the other Thailand study mentioned in the request and also shows that Slomka and Brown were involved with another study in 2012 concerning AI in Vietnam, so this has been a pipeline continuation until it arrives in the UK.

The main others including Nagy are from the Czech Republic and Slovakia and their equivalent of the APHA.

There are three Hungarians who complete the team, with all of them having links to private pharma companies from this country, stated as “commercial affiliation” in the study. Don’t worry however as it states “The funders provided support in the form of salaries for authors [ÁD, TV, MM] but did not have any additional role in the study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.”– yeah sure

Firstly Adam Dan Formal analysisInvestigation, Methodology, SupervisionValidation” , has an interesting record. Let’s take a peek, it would be rude not to wouldn’t it.  😆 

pcr fake2

As can be seen here, funding for this study was partially direct from this man’s own business!



On leaving that job, he got a new one at another of the studies funders SCG Diagnosztika KFT, who also includes another study author molecular biologist Tünde Varga. Here he is below on their website where they describe their business, translated from the Hungarian as 

“Our company offers modern and affordable animal health diagnostic services primarily for farm animal owners, but we also perform post-mortem and additional diagnostic examinations of pets.” 

So no wild birds there then, but would you Adam and Eve it, the molecular biologist has been looking for links between all manner of animal to human virus transmission for some time.





The final private foreign company funder from Hungary is Prophyl Animal Health Ltd.

It appears that their services are largely related to providing eggs to test viruses and vaccines.

“Our activities now comprise mainly the production of SPF eggs and RDI services in the field of veterinary medicine. All areas are closely linked to animal health and human and veterinary vaccine production.”


But not only that they also admit to playing with viruses themselves. “Uniquely in Hungary, we also have biosecurity level 3 animal houses, where we can work with pathogens of high pathogenicity, such as avian influenza, poultry plague or the African swine fever virus.”

I do hope that that their biosecurity is er …safe! (and not on any migration routes)  😮


Disgusting chambers of death! 



“The BSL-3 animal house was established in 2011 to enable us to perform tests involving BSL-3 priority pathogens or other test material requiring BSL-3 isolation. The facility has four fully segregated animal enclosures for the housing of animals, each equipped with a vestibule and a handling area. Each unit has a floor area of 16 m2 dedicated to animal housing, either in a deep-litter, grid floor, battery or cage housing system, depending on the requirements of the test and the breed.” 

Most people would regard looking for something harmful or creating something harmful which was not there by artificial means “bio-terrorism”. But it seems that if it is a State Government funded “research project” under some  cumbrella like “one health” then that term does not apply at all. 


Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens and “terrorism” 

The final part of my FOI request related to the APHA role of testing and factors preventing them from undertaking further tests – which may have been the real cause of death and not “avian flu”, as I looked at in a previous post. A number of links are made in the request , but they basically claim the Health and Safety Executive are making the call concerning failing to look for any other cause of death under the tool of the Specified Animal Pathogens Order (SAPO).

“SAPO prohibits any person from having in their possession:

  • any specified animal pathogen listed in Part 1 of Schedule 1 of SAPO; or
  • any carrier in which they know such a pathogen is present.

Similarly, in the absence of a licence, it also prohibits the introduction into any animal or bird of any pathogen listed in Parts 1 and 2 of Schedule 1 of SAPO.”

But basically the likes of Pirbright get licences from the HSE to potentially fuck us all over with their experimenting with such.

“What is the purpose of SAPO?

The purpose of the Order is to prevent the introduction and spread into Great Britain of specified animal pathogens which are not endemic and which, if introduced, would cause serious disease and economic loss to the livestock industry.”

We see here the real reasons for the APHA surveillance and how they are only ever interested about farming and the vile industry of animal torture and murder for gain. SAPO is another gaslighting technique of government into shutting down any investigations into animal deaths by claiming a “positive test”. No examination of manmade chemicals, harmful biocides or anything else that might cause economic loss to those industries.

The documents links the APHA gave include the “Management and operation of microbiological containment laboratories” written in 2018 by the Advisory committee on dangerous pathogens. It defines a hazard group in the following way.

“▪ HG1: unlikely to cause human disease,

▪ HG2: can cause human disease and may be a hazard to employees; it is unlikely to spread to the community and there is usually effective prophylaxis or treatment available;

▪ HG3: can cause severe human disease and may be a serious hazard to employees; it may spread to the community, but there is usually effective prophylaxis or treatment available; and

▪ HG4: causes severe human disease and is a serious hazard to employees; it is likely to spread to the community and there is usually no effective prophylaxis or treatment available.”

Therefore “Avian flu” according to them is category 3, and yet this document does not mention avian flu once!

The APHA also referred me to The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens and that High Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) virus is also classified as an Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act (ATCSA) Schedule 5 agent.”

The terms of reference for this committee are

“To provide as requested independent scientific advice to HSE, and to ministers through DHSCDefra, and their counterparts under devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, on all aspects of hazards and risks to workers and others from exposure to pathogens.

In addition, to provide as requested independent scientific risk assessment advice on transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) to ministers through DHSCDefra, and their counterparts under devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and to the Food Standards Agency.”

The term “independent advice” is of course an utter load of bollocks when you see the line up of big pharma shills on this committee, a cabal of academia all advocating pumping us and our animals full of laboratory produced devil semen shite.

Here are the official register of members interests (February 2022), and surprise surprise who do we find near the top of this list- the charlatan shagger Neil Fergusson! The lockdown willy bonker lists three big pharma companies. He should not have been allowed to remain on this committee. 

acdp-members-interests-declaration-updated-february-2022-accessible (1)


Fergusson’s links with big pharma have already been exposed , as are his ludicrous previous fake “pandemic” predictions with the WHO backed  swine flu fraud. His stated links in this table are at odds with that which he stated in the Express article dated earlier. Clearly, academic research and commercial interests may be good “for science” and for those few it pays, but not the general public when their freedom is taken away from them with wildly incorrect white coated divination. Worst of all is the scenario where “the only way out” of lockdowns are their vaccines. A clear gaslighting fraud and extortion racket of death. 

Then there is the current chair of this committee Tom Evans of The University of Glasgow‘s school of infection & immunity.


One can see from the list of grants that no less than 4 were provided by The Wellcome Trust, so this man and his place of work owe a debt to this insidious organisation. As far as I am concerned, any funding by this “charity” is a direct conflict of interest, but he declares no interests.






The other similar connections involve those connected to The University College London, just continuing the London centric clique. These are Peter Chiodini and Simon Mead. According to his CV, Chiodini

“is consultant parasitologist at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, honorary professor at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and director of the Public Health England (PHE) Malaria Reference Laboratory and the PHE National Parasitology Reference Laboratory.” His wife has a website and some apparent commercial interest in similar travel medical advice work.

But just look where he gained his PHD, yes, another “Wellcome ” man on the committee.

“gained his PhD in parasitology at the Wellcome Research Laboratories.” 


From UCL London hospitals we have Dr Gee Yen Shin. From University of Liverpool we have Tom Solomon. 


But from where did he get direct funding for his career development…well, you don’t need me to tell you do I  😥


But the worst link of all with the University College London is its list of partners, a subdivision of its reach. We see here the absolutely detestable creature Susan Michie, the zero covid zealot who dispensed advise from the SAGE and Independent Sage platform. She has no medical qualifications and is not a doctor of medicine, but of mind bending. Her wikipedia page reveals quite a bit more. 

“In 2002, Michie joined the Psychology Department of University College London (UCL), where she is Professor of Health Psychology. She is director of UCL’s Centre for Behaviour Change and of its Health Psychology Research Group

“She leads the Human Behaviour-Change Project funded by the Wellcome Trust.”

“In July 2022, Michie was appointed chair of the WHO’s Behavioural Advisory Group. She will advise the WHO on how to increase adherence to vaccination campaigns and other initiatives that influence national health policy. Some social media users expressed concern over her hiring due to Michie’s stances during the COVID epidemic.”

No shit. This vile communist witch was largely responsible along with others in shutting down our entire lives with absolute lies and a psychological warfare operation against the British people with Fergusson’s debunked figures of death doom which never materialised, and clearly now invented garbage about the spread of this so called “animal disease”. She can fuck off with her vaccination behaviour change, mask mandates and covid passports, shove them right up her dried up soy sauce smelling CCP old Doris and take her rightful place squatting on the teeny weeny spike protein  of Xi Jinping.




We can therefore see that this Government committee is a confederacy of The Wellcome Trust and those who owe some form of debt to it. In addition we also have their connection to Imperial College London, another of the triumvirate whom the NHS gave away our personal details without consent to receive unsolicited vaccine propaganda.

Professor Robert Shorten

” I am Professor of Cyber-physical Systems at the Dyson School of Engineering Design at Imperial College London. I am also Deputy Head of Department. I am also affiliated with University College Dublin.”

Perhaps the only light relief in investigating these characters was when I saw the dead ringer for James McAvoy aka Kevin Wendell Crumb from the film Split. The Open University man appears to talk in circumlocutions where just a few words would have sufficed.  😆



At the last minuted meeting of this cabal in June last year, the following were recorded as present.


We also get an update on avian flu from yet another sub group acronym HAIRS.

This stands for “Human Animal Infections and Risk Surveillance group”, and not to be confused with the useless former body known as CHaIRS group, from which I concluded could not detect urine if they were standing in a bath full of their own piss. 

We see the main point at 6.2 in that the deadly future pandemic is nothing of the sort, and that situation has not changed, just the ramped up reporting from alarmists in the APHA et al have steered it that way.


In this case we can definitely conclude that the tortoise came before the HAIRS.

In conclusion, the PCR tests being used here are leading us down a certain path, an avenue that I would argue was not envisaged or certainly not welcomed by its talented inventor Kary Mullis who won The Nobel prize for such. Mullis was a maverick scientist who was totally anti-disestablishment, and I have read his book “Dancing Naked in The Mind Field” where his views are clearly evident about the way in which some scientists have jumped on a research funding bandwagon.

He was invited to speak at a GSK conference event for a fee but was famously uninvited   when he told them his topic of speech would be about the harms of the AIDS drug AZT which Glaxo had made – “I was thinking that this technique of killing people with a drug that was going to kill them in a way hardly distinguishable from the disease they were already dying from, just faster, was really out there on the edge of the frontiers of medicine.”  

He wanted to see DNA to “predict and avert” things which were real and there such as “children born with genetic defects”. He wanted PCR to “solve murders”, and also to reveal past migrations of early man and even, if man ever set foot on other planets, if he had been related to anything that had been there before.

“We have to be aware- when someone comes on the seven O’clock news with word that the global temperature is going up or that the oceans are turning into cesspools or that the matter is going backward- that the media are at the mercy of the scientists who have the ability to summon them and that the scientists who have such ability are not often minding the store. MORE LIKELY THEY ARE MINDING THEIR OWN LIVELIHOODS.” 

Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, that a bunch of latter day grifters are now using to sell us bad medicine. Never “trust the science” until you have followed the money that funded it. 

The Stone Roses – Fools Gold (Official Video) – YouTube

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