The Cruelest Council in Britain- A National competition

The decision to kill many geese in Sandwell in two parks appears to have been suggested by John Satchwell, Senior Parks Manager who in his so called joke of an “options” report gave only one- a final solution resulting in death. This same individual has replied to one of our active campaigners and the reply is just as cold and heartless as the man himself. There’s no need to refute the points, as its just rehashing his old lies and prejudices. Some of it is also nonsense English.

As just one of many local authorities in the country, Sandwell have now received the public views talked of. in the form of over 4000 people who have signed our petitions. But are they the worst?– Do you know better? Are the socialists of Oldbury the crème of the culling crop? Do other local authority officers deliberately lie to people who they have sometimes called on to do their jobs of saving wildlife? PLEASE TELL US VIA OUR FACEBOOK PAGE IF YOU KNOW OF WORSE.








A prize of the Golden turd awaits……..







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