Avian flu- Why false “assumptions” cover up wildlife crime

I could not give a shit as whoever  I might offend with this post. 

It has been a very dark time for wildfowl and those who care about them over the last 5 months. The unnatural illness and series of deaths have been attempted to be explained by the authorities into some yarn of natural “unprecedented” events, but these I will argue are highly questionable, when most people who have dealt with wild birds for many years know that  what we have been seeing here is a manmade creation and the explanations  from the so called “experts” do not add up.

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I will look at the manner in which DEFRA, the Animal Plant Health Agency and others have “dealt with” this issue incompetently in another post, but this one is about investigating  their fake narrative that appears to imply that all of a sudden, ALL deaths of wildfowl over a period of five months are being attributed to this one cause, when as we shall see with direct evidence, there is no evidence to support this claim. It is important to realise that DEFRA have been the controllers of this “avian flu” throughout, with their so called “guidance”, rules and regulations and authoritarian diktats. They are a shameless fraud of an organisation, shills of the agricultural industry and in bed with wildlife criminal pursuits such as gamekeeping and all forms of hunting. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT WILDLIFE OR ITS FATE IF IT STANDS IN THE WAY OF ECONOMIC ISSUES. 

As with other matters, “avian flu” appears to magically have variants, but incredibly does not appear to affect all birds, or even passerine species to the level of wildfowl. How do they explain this exactly? The answer is, they have not. 

I do not believe DEFRA, their narrative or explanations or whatever suggestions they have tried to create about this situation, and firmly believe that  there has been deliberate poisoning of wildfowl by some means not yet explained to the public and which they are going to desperate lengths to cover up- such as the creation of “avian flu”. 


The fact that birds are both lethargic but also showing signs of rigidness and nervous distress such as those ingesting cholinesterase inhibitors would appear to suggest two separate circumstances to me and not one catch all “disease”. I have seen chemical poisoning first hand in birds, and things I have seen or been described as “avian flu” are not dissimilar.  Like “covid-19” , the means of achieving “assumption” of a positive case are therefore increased by broadening the range of described symptoms which do not suggest one stand alone thing. “Assumption” is therefore a very dangerous thing indeed.


Such methods do not appear to me to be those of scientists attempting to examine pathological cause of death, except it appears to be what DEFRA are purely interested in finding.

I had put in a request to the APHA about “avian flu” and the fact that some of the reported symptoms being attributed to this illness were in fact very similar to Virulent Newcastle disease– almost entirely associated with captive birds and the genocidal egg production/food industry, where birds are kept in cramped and unnatural conditions, murdered for profit and where disease is easily spread. Salmonella in chocolate, sandwiches and other convenience foods  is just the latest of many incidents where this industry is causing serious harm to human health, as well as the birds, but the economics of this ensure that the liars of Government and the media cover it up. The industry is not safe to human health and is poisoning people. 

For comparison, here are the official symptoms of VND as described by the UK government on their website.


“This year has seen an unprecedented outbreaks attributed to “highly pathogenic avian flu” in wild birds.
Could I ask if virulent Newcastle disease has been tested for in wild birds as a matter of routine recovered by DEFRA , when the clinical signs attributed to such “avian flu” cases in the wild appear to be more accurate to this disease spread by the chicken farming industry.

“How to spot Newcastle disease
As the disease develops affected birds may show some of the following signs:

respiratory distress such as gaping beak, coughing, sneezing, gurgling, rattling
nervous signs characterised by tremors and paralysis and twisting of the neck
unusually watery faeces (diarrhoea) that are yellowish-green in colour
lack of appetite”

Are you covering up a disease spread by the chicken production industry which has escaped into the wild?”

The APHA responded with a series of links, which you can read for yourself at your leisure.

“APHA currently provide diagnostic services for surveillance of Avian Influenza in wild birds, details can be found at the link below:

Avian influenza in wild birds – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

These are findings of avian influenza from our ongoing routine surveillance for avian influenza in wild birds. This surveillance is made up of patrols by wild bird reserve wardens and collections of found-dead wild birds reported to us by members of the public. This data only represents cases where birds have tested positive for avian influenza.

Other disease surveilance (sic) and emerging threats can be found published here:

Avian: GB disease surveillance and emerging threats reports – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Specific information on Newcastles disease can be found at the link below:

Newcastle disease: how to spot and report it – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

The disease was last confirmed in Great Britain in 2006.

APHA monitor any major, notifiable or new and emerging animal disease outbreaks worldwide. When we become aware of a new animal disease outbreak in the UK or another country, we may carry out a preliminary outbreak assessment. The last major outbreak in Europe is detailed below:

Newcastle disease in Sweden – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Our contingency plans for a confirmed outbreak of AI, FMD and Newcastles disease can be found here:

Contingency plan for exotic notifiable diseases of animals in England – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

The latest situation on notifiable Avian outbreaks in the UK can be found here:

Avian influenza (bird flu) – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk”

The majority of this stuff is a diversionary tactic to broadly fit all diseases together in one large DEFRA managed pot. Of course DEFRA themselves were created out of MAFF, disbanded for the utter catastrophic Governmental and civil service failure to control Foot and Mouth disease in 2001. Amongst those advocating the mass slaughter of animals, to which farmers were compensated and the general public inconvenienced through closures of public rights of way near farms was the adulterer hypocrite and the Covid 19 lockdown liar fascist “Dr” Neil Fergusson. It still appears that theoretical opinion like that of this fake scientist, and the communist fucking scum at SAGE and even crazier “Independent SAGE” is largely apparent in the response of this organisation to animal disease outbreaks rather than actual evidence, and a kill it first policy is in existence.

In this regard, I firmly believe that it is this quangos intention, DEFRA, of shutting down the rehabilitation of wildlife, which of course would make it easier for the countryside rural scum to badger bait, fox hunt, shoot whatever they like and poison whatever they like with impunity. What methods they use to achieve this will probably be done in a series of incremental steps, including of course introducing the concept of a fake animal illness which is linked to human health, though the risk always “low” because it does not really exist, and which requires everything to be killed to prevent that fake scenario being created “under licence”, and then under no licence at all.

In terms of Newcastle Disease and the Swedish study, it is noted that this was linked to a disease in pigeons, rather than the issue of why so many birds were housed together providing the opportunity for transmission. The idea that the last confirmed case in the UK occurred in 2006, where it appears that cases in Belgium occurred in 2017 and 2018 is belied by the fact that the UK Government cannot even stop humans reaching this country illegally every day on boats from France bringing any and every disease into the country, so what hope that infected birds are stopped by an invisible border; is this not facile?


Let it also be said that I have found many instances of illegally dumped drugs by junkies , as well as pesticides and metaldehydes  in the environment which is highly suspicious in its own right, potentially evidentially suggestive of wildlife crime and which would produce symptoms very similar to the range that have been reported for “avian flu”. Stuff like risperidone and venlafaxine and other big pharma junk from the bloated moneymaking NHS “mental health” industry should also not be being handed out to funny farm nutters like sweeties to then liberally dump them in the environment.

This crap is also going down the shitter daily and ending up in the water cycle. It is an oral happy pill addiction that will harm us all, as well as the environment, and that is probably the intention by those prescribing them , whores of big pharma that they are in the medical “doctor” impersonation school of psychiatry.


Found dumped in the environment



A full pack!

And why would anyone dump warfarin heart tablets like that we found below. It would be nice to think that the aforementioned organisations we reported this to would be interested, but sadly not. No investigation, not interested- probably because they do not want any investigation into alternative theories.


I have also made two upheld complaints previously to the HSE about Sandwell council’s misuse of poisons by its environmental health department, and in this regard I keep an open mind as to the potential of certain individuals sowing seeds of destruction whilst promoting some fantasy narrative about migrating birds.  Poisons are not being adequately controlled, and I certainly do not trust “pest controllers” or “game keepers” to do so when they are so frequently, but seldomly caught out.  “Avian flu” has just made this matter near impossible all because of DEFRA.


In the West Midlands, the first apparent confirmed cases of bird flu were at Chasewater Country Park in swans.


Not much wildlife left there to enjoy

Chasewater is one of the largest areas of open water in the area, and attracts a large population of swans and wildfowl, as well as gulls. It is however a site that has seen large numbers of these birds die every year from lead poisoning as well as botulism, and certainly in the late 1990’s when I first started to go there regularly, every summer there were many gulls lying around with suspected botulism. No one appeared to give two hoots about this from a public health perspective at this time, and the rangers who were then in charge of the site from Lichfield Council used to take them in to try to help them. There was therefore direct contact with ill and dying and dead birds. I’m sure that precautions were taken, but no one died or became ill, remember that! 

Today, it is a very different picture with Staffordshire County Council who took over in 2014, and I have looked at the lead poisoning issue, and their lack of any attempt to tackle this issue in this post. Note, they are fully aware of the location and the issue with this and have done fuck all over the last decade, hiding behind some bullshit yarn about a historic firing range. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING IN 2022 AND THE STUFF CONTINUING TO STILL BE THERE ALL THIS TIME?

This site is therefore known to be a death trap to birds already before “avian flu” took centre stage as a convenient scapegoat for absolving this shite and uncaring council from responsibility. Indeed, it probably came as a relief to them that they could blame it on something “natural”. There is of course, nothing natural about the lead dumped in this pool by some wankers from a land tipping/restoration scheme gone wrong which is the real source of the lead at this site, and not some spent bullets. They know it, and they know I know it. Those who were involved in this in the 1960’s are unfortunately probably still alive, but hopefully it won’t be that long, and if they are suffering from industrial related disease, it is what they deserve.

They had already put up notices about not feeding birds in the area concerned a few years ago, thus appearing to blame the public if birds still became ill and absolve themselves from doing anything constructive or spending any money- like removing or covering over the fucking lead. They lied about filling in a duck pond for a good period of time, and I looked at this in this post. 

SCC, like DEFRA, only appear to “care” about the “management” and “control” of wildlife and not the survival of individuals. You get the impression that all they want to survive at this site are destructive water sports and anabolic steroid users who pay money ,because that is what makes them the money and in that regard, clearing the pool of pesky birds, which do not, would probably be welcomed.

I put in an FOI request to this council for figures of dead birds in the “bird flu” period and also about the continued posting of signs , long after the deaths appear to have gone down at this site to levels associated with the normal lead poisoning/botulism cases, and also the disappearance altogether in other areas. It should be noted that there have been  some attempts to treat lead poisoned birds from this site in the past; I have caught many myself, but of course now, nothing is treated at all, as it is rounded up and killed by the RSPCA or left to die without inquiry.

I worded this request to make them squirm deliberately in answering it and to catch them out.

“(i) Please provide numbers of birds and their species confirmed to have died from avian flu at Chasewater Country Park between October 2021 and March 10th 2022. By “Chasewater” I mean all the pools within the site including Jeffrey’s swag. Please disclose the last confirmed case by date of death.
By “confirmation” I mean those birds which tested positive for HPAI or LPAI and not those presumed to have died or been euthanised exhibiting certain symptoms that have been claimed to be associated with this illness,( noting that these within themselves are similar to other diseases like Newcastle Disease or even organo-phosphorus poisoning).

7 swans, 3 Canada geese and 3 gulls have been confirmed with avian flu by Defra. Defra only test a number of samples, once the disease is confirmed in a number of samples they do not continue so the assumption is that other deaths are also avian flu. NB If different symptoms were identified then further tests would be undertaken but in this case birds were assumed to have died of avian flu once the condition was confirmed.

In total, including the above, numbers were:

Swans – 44
Canada geese – 15
Gulls – 34
Buzzard – 1
Duck – 3

(ii) Please disclose any communications between officers, rangers and councillors including emails and attachments regards criteria as to when members of the public can resume feeding birds at the site. By this I am inferring as to what criteria or circumstances you are setting for this to resume? e.g how long a period of time no birds are found dead or are confirmed to have tested positive for HPAI. Who is to make this decision and under what circumstances within the council?

Note though that there are no defined criteria on this, and in effect decisions about bird feeding in an avian flu outbreak are made operationally based on discussion with technical experts. We discussed the approach we were taking with our own Animal Health experts and with input from colleagues at Defra / APHA. There was a link up via the various health bodies involved sharing information on how things were being managed elsewhere as there were a number of avian flu outbreaks around the country. At the end of the day it is a judgement call. Generally while we are still finding even low cases of dead / sick birds we would not want to recommence feeding birds on site, and we would want a few weeks clear so as to avoid the risk of infection being carried and transferred to other places.

(iii) If it is the case that you intend to stop members of the public from resuming feeding forever, by the means of using “avian flu” as an excuse – a seasonal and this year supposed “unprecedented” event, then please reveal what legal basis you have to enforce this, again referring to communications as stipulated in part(ii) of this request? It is noted that where other local authorities advised on not feeding birds, after a period of time of no deaths, any such notices have now been removed. When do you intend to remove yours?

Our approach is consistent with other authorities – there is no intention to stop people feeding the birds permanently. We will wait until we have a few clear weeks and then notices will come down. We had cases on 31 March / 1st April so are still being cautious but hopefully we will soon be able to remove AI information from the site.

We do have concerns about feeding birds in some areas of Chasewater as it can attract the birds to areas where they can be exposed to lead poisoning, among other issues, so we would not actively encourage feeding. This is however a separate issue and will be communicated as such.


In the first question it is revealed that out of  44 confirmed swan deaths, only 7 were  confirmed as avian flu. It is not clear how many of the dead were even tested, or less clear as to how many did not die from this claimed cause, and therefore the question should be asked , “what did they die from?”  A similar situation is apparent with the geese and gulls. This is one of the main criticisms with DEFRA, in that they appear to not give a shit about bird fatality numbers once their magic disease has been “confirmed”. These birds could all have been fed rat poison for all they cared, and the investigation into such as a wildlife crime would be non existent.

The “assumption” mentioned here for cause of death is a green light for wildlife criminals, as well as authorities which could not give a shit- including all the aforementioned Governmental quangos.

The issue of suspicious deaths then spread to sites in Walsall in an apparent “transmission”, though this too is pure speculation, as opposed to some cunt turning up committing a wildlife crime elsewhere. I am aware that the death toll in this borough for wildfowl was well above 100, many rounded up and euthanised again by the RSPCA without enquiry or investigation. By investigation, I do not just mean ferrying them off to the same laboratory who are only looking for the one thing that I have already alluded to.

As we know, it then reached parts of Sandwell in unexplained circumstances, and I  certainly know it did not just reach there from Chasewater. Sandwell council did absolutely nothing to control or prevent the spread of this alleged illness , including allowing people to still swim in open water supposedly “contaminated” with the droppings they were advising people to avoid. Thus we see here the doolally mentality of those advocating the “human health” risk in this borough and elsewhere of “avian flu”, and especially the useless UKHSA.

SMBC have to date refused to give me information as to the meetings they held with these agencies, (what are they bed wetting for and what do they fear being exposed?), and have cited nonsense excuses for withholding this information, as they did originally when they sat on the first confirmed bird in Tipton for nearly two weeks before informing the public of the, er, “public health risk.” We shall see what the ICO makes of this, who has now taken on my complaint.

As I did not believe that this council would give me the figures for the murdered birds, sorry, I slipped there, I asked the APHA for information regards the dead birds that had been associated with this “outbreak” in the borough.

As a comparison, I first submitted a request for last year

“Please provide all test results and their locations for birds submitted as part of the wild bird monitoring scheme for avian influenza within the borough of Sandwell , West Midlands. I include sites owned by Sandwell council, and those privately owned or owned by CRT.
I am aware that the APHA compile an online list, but this does not state the geographic location on a site by site basis, which is what I am asking for, as well as the date of test result and positive AND negative tests for all birds submitted.

To clarify, I am seeking results tested between November 1st 2020- January 9th 2021.”

The APHA responded with the following table, and as can be seen, all were negative for AI, though it does not state where the birds were found or if they were confirmed to have died from anything else.

smbc fig2020

Two swans from West Bromwich and a goose from the Great Barr area make up the three results as revealed by the postcodes.

I then submitted the same worded request for this years figures, in light of the “confirmed” cases that had been publicised.

“Please provide all test results and their locations for birds submitted as part of the wild bird monitoring scheme for avian influenza within the borough of Sandwell , West Midlands. I include sites owned by Sandwell council, and those privately owned or owned by CRT. I am aware that the APHA compile an online list, but this does not state the geographic location on a site by site basis, which is what I am asking for, as well as the date of test result and positive AND negative tests for all birds submitted. To clarify, I am seeking results tested between November 1st 2021- January 20th 2022”

The APHA responded with the following table, which shows that ONLY 13 birds were even tested for this alleged disease. The first one from DY4, on 22/11/22 is the goose from Victoria park Tipton, the one that SMBC kept quiet about claiming that DEFRA needed to give them the green light to make it public, according to Matthew Huggins from SMBC. He said that after the case had been publicised on the APHA website, the council said they would no longer keep it quiet, and so issued a press release. in reality, I had contacted SMBC including Huggins to tell them of this fact, and so forced their hand in going public.

Before this, four unspecified birds from West Bromwich had been submitted on 2/11.21. I believe the location of these to be Dartmouth Park. There is no explanation as to the cause of death which is in itself concerning.

Further birds were then submitted on 17/12/21 from Oldbury and West Bromwich. This could well have been the Serco establishment, where by now the dead birds being found were being taken for disposal- without investigation as to the cause of their demise. There were several dozen geese dying and dead at Tipton in this timeframe, and yet no investigation was being made to establish what the fuck was going on- all based on the single “confirmed” case.

The RSPCA were also rounding up anything which could not outrun their boat, and in this regard , and with only one confirmed case, I find this a shocking practice, and they need to search themselves long and hard as an organisation as to what their role really is in this matter and generally , and that of apparent lack of evidence of natural circumstances. I have not been happy about their euthanasia of birds for some time, particularly involving botulism which can be treated, but following the orders of DEFRA and not being able to has given them reasonable excuse to wield the needle to unprecedented levels.  Symptoms, in themselves are not indicators evidentially of proof, and the symptoms themselves could be poisoning. They may call it “ending suffering”, I would call it an assisted cull. 

Three more birds were submitted on 2/1/22, which I believe may have been from Sheepwash Nature Reserve. In this regard, I would state that extreme measures were taken , not  by the council but by ourselves to “stop the spread”, and the DEFRA/council diktats and coercive messaging totally ignored. FUCK YOU DEFRA! Three were positive cases, and one negative. A further bird from Great Barr tested positive on 17/1/22.


This therefore means that despite dozens of deaths, only 6 out of 13 birds tested positive for AI in Sandwell during this period. The rest were just fucked off without a care by SERCO et al and DEFRA did not care either. THIS IS NOT “CONFIRMATION” IT IS AN ENGINEERED COVER STORY BULLSHIT EXERCISE INVOLVING MULTIPLE ORGANISATIONS WHICH ONLY KNOWN TO THEMSELVES ARE HIDING INFORMATION FROM THE PUBLIC AS TO WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON HERE. 

This does not appear to be the work of scientists to me but rather those seeking to find something once and then using confirmation bias to promote a theory that all the other birds have died from the same thing. Such bullshit would not be given any currency in a wildlife crime investigation where direct evidence beyond reasonable doubt would be required, FOR EVERY SINGLE BIRD/ANIMAL HARMED ,and in the cases I have raised here, there is a large proportion of doubt that these birds died from the illness when several of them were never tested, and of those that were, many were negative, which asks the question, “what did they really die from?”

These organisations as far as I am concerned appear to have stopped investigating wildlife crime or its potential to exist in clandestine form.

 By that I mean an investigation beyond one test for one disease they appear obsessed with finding or not finding, and then nothing further after that or looking for anything concurrent.

But I will not stop asking questions about these matters to find out the truth they are all covering up, and what they appear to be introducing with a series of sinister incremental steps. 

TELL US THE TRUTH ABOUT “AVIAN FLU”, WHERE IT CAME FROM AND WHY THE MESSAGING HAS BEEN NONSENSICAL THROUGHOUT? Treat the public with contempt, dismiss them as “conspiracy theorists” and the public will eventually catch you out and destroy you. 


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